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Descriptive Text:  Christian education for K-5th grade. Teacher-friendly for Sunday school, midweek classes, Bible clubs, and children's church. Covers twenty, one-hour class sessions. 

Keywords: Ten Commandments, 10 commands, Bible curriculum, teaching children, rules to live by, children's ministry, faith-building, Moses, stone tablets, God rules.


Can you say the Ten Commandments in order? 
Our e-book lessons make it easy to learn them and never forget them! 
Twenty, one-hour class sessions, for teachers of K-5th grade.

The Ten Commandments are the foundation of western civilized society. They contain many “Do Nots” and teach us God’s holy standard; they show us how far we fall short. Since humankind is unable to perfectly follow the commandments, they make us realize our need of a Savior. But they are much more than a bunch of do-not-rules! They are a positive message: a message of God’s love! People need to know that God loves them. His rules are not meant to harm, but to protect. 

Good parents tell their children, "Don't do this or that." Why? Because they love them and want to protect them! Likewise, consider the eighth commandment, "Do not steal." Why shouldn't we steal? Because our loving God promises to supply all our needs. Therefore, we don't need to steal! Or the second commandment, "Don't worship idols." Why? Because the One True God created us, loves us, and is powerful enough to help us. He is the only God we will ever need. Therefore, why would we want any other “gods?” 

Each lesson in “God’s Top 10”  introduces one of the commandments, along with its positive message of God’s love. The lessons are then reinforced with coordinating songs, Bible crafts, and games. 

God's Top Ten is for K-5th grade and can be used in various venues of Christian education, such as Sunday school, midweek classes, Bible clubs, and children's church. The lessons are teacher-friendly and cover twenty, one-hour class sessions. (Please note, the order of the commandments is listed according to the traditional Hebrew Bible.) 



"We are using your God's Top Ten lessons in our children's church. We could not be more pleased. The first week the kids knew the hand signs for all ten commandments. The material is well prepared." 





Look at the first three commandments on the left. Say and imitate the action using your fingers. You'll have them memorized in seconds!

The commandment # corresponds to the # of fingers: 
#1 Have no other gods. (God is #1. Hold up one finger.) 
#2 Don't worship idols. (Two fingers "bow down".)
#3 Don't misuse God's name. (Three fingers held over mouth.)

Repeat three times. Now do it on your own without looking!



"I recently purchased God's Top Ten, and wanted to let you know how much I love it. The format is perfect for what I need to run our weekly children's church. I simply needed a lesson, a craft, and a game which would be suitable for multiple-aged children. I had tried for years to find a program without all the complexities of a quarterly curriculum...Your book truly was an answer to prayer. Many thanks for making my life easier. What a joy each week to hear our students eagerly recite the commandments." 

Debbie M.



"I  ordered God's Top Ten for VBS and I just want to thank you for the material. It is truly from the Lord. Very easy to teach and easy for the children to understand. Praise the Lord for your ability to listen to the Lord and share with others. It would also be very good for youth and adults. The games the children really liked, they didn't want to quit. The refreshments very very good also. The teachers and myself are truly thankful. We are a Spanish mission and the name is El Mensajero De Vida. In English, Messenger of Life." 

May God bless you in your mission to others. 

Nancy - Franklin, NC



"I am a pastor’s wife, and I purchased your Top 10 book a few years ago, and used it with our church kids. They LOVED it. I also showed it to my 4-year-old granddaughter who came to visit, and she could recite the Commandments back to me after going through it ONCE with her. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Of course, I think she’s brilliant. When we went out to eat a few days later, she went around from table to table and said, “Hi, My name is Abby, and I know the 10 Commandments. Would you like me to say them for you?” Needless to say, she was a big hit. And on #7, she said, “Do not dance with your boyfriend or girlfriend if you have a husband or a wife!!!!”

Again, thanks for an excellent product!"

Beth M. - Kentucky



We downloaded the Look n' Learn cards last semester and the kids learned the commandments quickly, and in order. But what was truly amazing, they remembered all of them in order the following semester, six months later! Wow! 

Sam - South Florida


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