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October 2, 2000
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Didn't Go As Planned
2) Iron Ons
3) Disabled Adults
T-Shirt Transfer paper
5) Didn't go as planned
6) Didn't go as planned
Iron Ons
8) Appreciation Day for our pastors?
9) Iron Ons

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Didn't Go As Planned

I just had my first class but it didn't go as I had planned. I am completely new at this > Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have been working with this age group for many years. The best advice I can offer is to keep moving! Their attention spans are 10 minutes tops. Start with an activity that "gets the wiggles out" and follow it with songs or a game that gradually winds down to where they are sitting in a circle ready for a short story and/or lesson. Act out the story after hearing it. Children love this kind of play-acting. Use puppets if applicable. Then do arts and crafts while asking questions about the story/lesson and applying it to the craft. Make sure the craft takes only 5-8 minutes to do. then have another wiggle session followed by a snack time.

the most important thing is to go with the flow. If something isn't working, stop it and try something else. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Keep your sense of humor and work out 'signals' that mean "calm down" or "quiet". (lights turned off for a second or a large stop sign that signifies they are too noisy.) Don't be afraid to use "time out" for unruly children. have a helper sit with them outside the room or to the back of the room until they are ready to join in and not disrupt. No talking or playing while in Time Out.

You will be fine!!! Keep at it and you will find that these little ones keep you on your toes AND on your knees! In Christ, K.

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2) Iron ons

Just replying on the iron ons. There is a fusable web at fabric stores to use if you find something that you really like in or on fabric. It then can be ironed on too. Joelene from Jackson,Mich.

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3) Disabled Adults

I love this web site. My mother recently became a Sunday School teacher for Disabled adults. They can do very limited things about equal to a 5yr old.
Does anyone know where she could get lesson material? Preschool material isn't working. Father doesn't want it to be craft night. Can anyone help.
Thanks, Deb

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4) T-Shirt Transfer paper

you can buy T-shirt Transfer sheets (iron-on paper) for your printer or copier from
> Office Depot.

We tried the Avery brand of T-Shirt Transfer sheets for our church kids and were NOT at all pleased with the results. The iron-on cracked quickly and did not launder well.
jfast - Bakersfield

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Didn't go as planned

Little ones love puppets and are immediately drawn in. It doesn't have to be big or fancy and you don't need to be a ventriloquist. Just put on a puppet and let the puppet tell the story. Also, the words "I like the way... (Joe is sitting or Betty is listening)" has a great impact. They reinforce the positive behavior in a child and it shows what behavior is desired. The others will quickly follow suit to get some attention also. Ninety percent of the time it is much more difficult to work with your own child. Try your best to treat him like the others and not expect more.

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Didn't Go As Planned

> I just had my first class but it didn't go as I had planned

You can always count on the first day of something like this to not go as
planned. But, it will get better. The kids will settle into the routine,
just be patient. This is as new to them as it is to you.

As for your own kids, this situation probably seems really weird to
them--having to share you with all those other kids, and to follow the same
rules; the classroom is so different from home. I was in the same situation
as you when my daughter was this age. Time, patience and a lot of
reassurance will help. Barb Day daybarb@hotmail.com

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7) Iron Ons

I would like to find some Christ-centered Christmas
> iron-ons that the kids could use to make T-shirts for the musical.

Teresa, Here in MI we can take a picture of anything we like and go to the office supply store and they will copy it onto a sheet of paper that you then iron on your T-shirt. It costs about $1.25 a page. You can even have the kids draw a picture or saying and have them do that too. Just make sure that you use a white paper.
Sharon , Fulton, MI
Peace, Joy and Laughter

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Appreciation Day for our pastors?

I am new to your newsletter. Do you have any resources that have writings/poems/readings that could be used for an Appreciation Day for our pastors?
Where would I go to find something like that?
Thank you for your help. Sharon

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Do you have a computer? You can create a design or use a pre-made design and run transfers right through your printer! There are also special crayons designed for iron ons. Check at your local craft store. For our musical this year, we are having a local T-shirt print shop print the play name in black letters on white shirts, then we are going to tie dye them. It's going to cost about $7 or $8 dollars per shirt. We ordered shirts for VBS this way. The shirts were stamped with the VBS design in two or three bright colors and only cost $8 complete.
YSIC, Diane Bracher

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