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SSTN  # 101 - October 7, 2002

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1) Backwards Bibleman Bash-Oct.31st   
2) Christian pen pals reply to Vicky
3) Pen Pals reply to Jen

--> The UN-Halloween Book

4) Children's Activities during Church - ATTN: Carrie
5) Pen Pal Program Huge Response   
6) Senior high class?


7) Ladies meetings
8) Mission Concern...please pray!
9)  Children Church Names

--> Holiday FUN-draising

10) Donated Computers
11) Ladies Meetings
12) Donated Computers

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1) Backwards Bibleman Bash-Oct.31st   

I wanted to contribute an idea for Oct.31st outreach. We have been holding
a movie night on the last wednesday of the month for our mid-week
outreach. The kids love Bibleman(K-4thgrade). We also have a backwards
night once in awhile. The whole service is done backwards. (use your
imaginations). Anyway, Why not combine the two ideas and have Backwards
Bibleman Bash on Oct.31st to reach out to the community. Dress up as
Bibleman characters or wear your clothes backwards. Say good-bye when
greeting kids, have treats 1st. There is alot of room for fun ideas here.
I'm excited just thinking about it.
Serving Him till He comes.
Lois Tracy

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2) Christian pen pals reply to Vicky

>If you feel your sunday school would like to embark on this opportunity
>then email me. Vicky - Full Gospel Benoni South Africa,

Hello Vicky!
Our "Bravehearts for Jesus"  kids program is also interested in
corresponding with your kids.  They finished up last year learning about
Paul's missionary journeys, and we have encouraged them to stay in
touch/get in contact with missions around the world.  We want them to
shine their lights for others to see, and what better way than to minister
to other kids.  I think it would be  a good learning opportunity for them
as well, to see firsthand (so to speak) the hardships other kids face, but
the richness they  can find in Christ.  Email me at drkatz@telus.net to
get in touch (your email doesn't seem to be working!)
In Christ's love, Kristine Bell <><

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3) Pen Pals    

>I teach our church's Wed night kids program, which is "traveling" around
>the world by earning miles. I'd like to have some people from other
>countries write to our class & tell a little about where you live, your

We are a small church with about 10 jr. high students.  We would love to
join a circle of pen pals from all over the world. My students have
expressed interest in this for some time. Please respond if you are
interested in joining the circle.  my e-mail is ouibfools@cs.com

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4) Children's Activities during Church - ATTN: Carrie

Sorry it took me so long to reply! The bags that my mom's church uses are
small kid-sized cloth tote bags. Someone made them for the church. The
bags are stored in a cardboard box outside the sanctuary. Actually, there
are two boxes with labels on them: one marked for bags that are ready to
be used and one marked with something like "return used bags here." I
can't recall the exact wording on either box, but I know the used bags box
is empty at the beginning of worship, so kids would automatically take a
bag from the full box.  The kids are supposed to put the used bags into
the correct box after worship. Inside each bag is a variety of things, and
you had asked how items are marked. Things that could be easily used
again, such as Bible story books and crayons, are to be returned
to the bag after use and are labeled as such. For example, a book to read
might be marked: Please put this book back in the bag after you read it. A
coloring sheet might be marked: You may take this home with you.  There
was something else marked for kids to take the day I looked at the bags,
but I can't remember what it was - maybe a Bible bookmark. I do remember
that it was in a Ziploc baggie with a label that said  something simple
like, "You may keep this." I think the children's coordinator puts
something different in the bags each week that the kids can keep. I'll ask
my mom to look at the bags again this Sunday and see if she can refresh my
memory on the exact wording so I that, hopefully, I can help you further.

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5) Pen Pal Program Huge Response   

Thanks to everyone who replied to my pen pal program request, I have had
an overwhelming response, so much so that I will have to extend the pen
pal program to our Christian schools, Sunday schools and other orphanages.
This information gathering will take some time, so please be patient with
me. In the meanwhile visit our ministry at http://go.to/gang.sa select
Orphanage and read all about this unique ministry, also visit the news
page from orphanage to view pictures of a christmas party we had.Regards
Vicky van Staden

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6) Senior high class?

I'd like to hear how other small churches are structuring their senior
high Sunday school class time.  We have at most 50 minutes before
worship.  Teens tend to drag in late, then want to visit for the first
10-15 minutes.  Any suggestions on a productive transition from this
meet-and-greet time to gettting down to the lesson at hand?  Thank you,
Mary Quick, CE Assistant
Round Grove United Church, UCC
Lewisville, TX

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7) Ladies meetings

>I am looking for ideas for women's fellowship with a game, favors, and
>decorations that all share a common Christian theme or Bible study. 

Hi Karen
I have been involved in the past with our ladies monthly meetings hope
some of these help. In Jan. we would celebrate everyone's birthday by
setting up 4 tables with 4 cakes to represent the seasons winter, spring,
summer and fall depending on when your b-day is that is the table you set
at, also small gifts were made by the board for each place setting and we
had a special speaker, Feb. we have an Agape lunch which is catered and
the men of the church also attend. In May we have a Spring Tea where we go
all out dressing up ourselves and our tables. Different ladies decorate
each table with their best China, or some do themes like patriotic,
garden, etc., we usually have a musical guest and/or speaker. June is a
white elephant party and is so much fun, it is my favorite event, if you
do not know the particulars of a white elephant e-mail me at
hdv123@aol.com. We try to get as many missionary speakers as we can, civic
groups in your area will often send someone to do a progra! m like Child
Evangelism Fellowship, Senior Citizen Groups, we once had a lady show us
how to save a ton of money at the grocerystore by using coupons, I know
this is long but one advice would be to network!! Don't try and plan each
meeting alone.
Sun City, Ca.

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8) Mission Concern...please pray!

As I write this, the Turkish Christian fellowship of Batikent-Ankara,
Turkey, is being closed down by local police who arrived a short time
ago during evening worship services.  This follows a television
broadcast a few days ago that made slanderous claims about the believers
and their motives. The program even accused the Christians of smashing
car windows in the neighborhood where the church is located!
Fortunately, the believers have been well-liked in the neighborhood,
except perhaps by leaders of a nearby mosque.

This is contrary to guarantees of religious freedom in the Turkish
constitution and is clearly illegal. Please pray!

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9) Children Church Names   

In our church we have the following class names:

Kindgom Kids
G.P.G (Girls Praising God)- Girls youth group
God's Basement Boys (obviously, the boys youth group has the basement!)

Have fun choosing a name!
Le Ann
New Life Community Church

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10) Donated Computers

At our chuch we are in the process of re-modeling to support our new
workshop rotation model.  We are VERY excited about this and I'm getting
really pumped about it.  I want to try to get computers for one of the
rotations.  Does anyone use computers in their Sunday School classes?
Does anyone with the rotation model use them?  Has anybody been able to
have their computers donated?  I've been tryint to find some computers to
be donated but it seems really hard to find a place that coordinates the
donations in the midwest.  If you can help, that'd be great!  Thanks and
God Bless :)-Betty McDermott, Affton Presbyterian Church, St.Louis, MO
I have just begun to use computers in our Sunday School.  We use workshop
rotation for grades  1-4, but are using the computers in 5th grade.  I had
six computers donated by members of the congregation.  Last spring I
announced to the congregation that I wanted to begin a computer lab.  I
then wrote an article for our newsletter.  It surprised me that a number
members were updating their systems, and gave the church their old ones.
It is really helpful to have someone with some technical expertise to help
you set them up.  I have several college-age kids who knew computers set
them up and delete any unneeded software to free up memory.  The 5th grade
SS class is a concentrated study on Jesus, so we are using the comuters to
help with our study.  You will want to check out Sundaysoftware.com for
some great software.  Hope this helps.

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11) Ladies Meetings

I wrote a book last year. email me for info.

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12) Donated Computers

>>I've been trying to find some computers to be donated but it seems

Check in your congregation to see if there is anyone who works for a large
corporation.  Some companies have to update their computer equipment often
and are looking for places to donate the replaced computers.  My church
got six computers all with Windows 98 and CD ROM drives from a water co.
It never hurts to ask!

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