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SSTN # 101 - October 7, 2003

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Holiday FUN-draising

1) Temptation Game
2) Used Sunday school lessons
3) Teaching boys   
4) Contemporary Worship Service   

Instant Christmas Plays

5) Used lesson packs   
6) Used lesson packs   
7) Used lesson packs   
8) Teaching boys

Kids Can @ Christmas Time

9) Teaching Boys   
10) Used Curriculum   
11) Recycling used curriculum   
12) Teaching boys

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Holiday FUN-draising

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1) Temptation Game

Our Sunday School lesson this past week was on the temptation of Christ.
I played a game with the kids they really enjoyed.

I put out LOTS of rocks and LOTS of tootsie rolls around our classroom. I
hid a few, but I mainly put them it plain sight.

I told the kids that the one who had the most rocks at the end of a song
was the winner.  Then the winner was given a bag and had one minute to go
get all the tootsie rolls he could find ( I played part of a song while he
was collecting).  Then the others went and got the rest of the tootsie

I told the kids that the temptation was strong to eat a tootsie roll while
they were suppose to be collecting the rocks to win the game (2 of the
girls had given in and ate one, which helped me explain how strong
temptation is!)  I explained that Jesus overcame temptation and we can

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2) Used sunday school lessons

i would  be very interested on the post about the church or person who has
all those old lessons boxed up. i have a lady who is going to arizonia to
the nahvo indian resvation to live. she will be helping run a church for
the indians. what great missinary work she could do with those old
lessons. please e-mail me back at kkristiean@aol.com.
God Bless,
kristie williams
p.s. i attend Cedar Grove Baptist

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3) Teaching boys   

Our Sunday School class is 99% boys, and most are ages 10-12. They can be
quite a challenge, but they are fun, too. We have the basic rules: don't
talk when the teacher is talking, raise your hand if you need to ask a
question, no name calling or hitting, obey the teacher when they say
something. If one gets out of line, we simply give them a warning. If they
continue acting up, we put them at the back of the class in "the chair."
If that doesn't work, we send them out to their parents, but I think we've
only had to do that once or twice. They rarely even get sent to "the
chair." I've found out that if you let them know what is expected of them,
and be consistent, they do very well.Our boys enjoy doing "sword drills"
(looking up Bible verses) and different review games. Most of our boys
have been in church for years, and the majority of the Bible stories are
very familiar. Simply telling the story does not hold their attention very
well, you have to find ways to include them in the story, asking them
questions and assigning them parts. They respond very well to skits. Hope
this helps!
1st UPC
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4) Contemporary Worship Service   

I would like to thank Angie in WV for her information on the service they
use.  Any other information would be greatly appreciated.  My e-mail
address is dburchill@av.eastlink.ca.

God Bless
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Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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5) Used lesson packs   

Hello, this message is in response to the information about used Sunday
school lesson packs. There are lots of things you can do with the used
ones once you are finished. One of the things you can do is save all of
the lessons and use them again in three years. A lot of churches rotate
curriculum every three years so that the children will get all the way
through the Bible multiple times throughout their Sunday school experience
and not hear the story of Jonah for instance every year from age 2 through
the sixth grade. Another idea is to donate them to a place such as Purple
Heart, or Saint V's, or another local charity. You can specify when you
donate them that you would like them to go to a church in need, they will
find a youth ministry who can turn your churches old curriculum into a
gold mine to develop and establish an awesome Sunday school ministry at
their church. Another thing you can do is pull out the local phone book
and look for Christian pre-schools and schools  in the directory. Many of
these places are privately owned and operated, and most of them are very
low budget and do not receive a lot of state funding. Any of these places
would gladly take donations of old curriculum and supplies. Lastly, you
can look for other churches in your area and start a curriculum swap or
exchange, you could switch curriculum every quarter or year, and that way
everyone has fresh material.  Hope this ideas are helpful!
Love in Christ,
Sarah in California

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6) Used lesson packs   

I am writing in reference to the post regarding what to do with the boxes
and boxes of used  quarterly Sunday School lesson packs that a woman has
and does not know what to do with them....I teach 2nd.-3rd. grades in an
Independence Baptist Church, and I would love to have some of the material
if it would be appropriate for my beliefs.  Can you put me in touch with
the woman that submitted to post?
Thank you,
Jody Nichols  

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7) Used lesson packs   

Our church has missionaries all around the world that would love to
receive used Sunday School material.  I suggest contacting some of them.
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8) Teaching boys

I have taught this age group (10 - 11 yrs old) and found them to be so
much fun and easy to understand.  I always have a bowl of hard candy for
them to help themselves.  Monitor this - if one or two get too candy
happy. Most of the guys will just appreciate a piece of candy they can
pick out and eat during the meeting time. My only rule has been - If I'm
Talking, You're Not.  Is is simple and it works.  And finally, I purchased
black sunglasses for each guy to have at church only.  It is the class's
trademark to have the (Blue's Brother's type) glasses on.  The younger
kids can't wait to be a member of this class so they can be C.O.O.L.
(Children Of Our Lord).  Be prepared to answer questions about salvation.
The guys in this age group will ask you great questions and you  will have
a tremendous opportunity to see lives changed.
Jane Carpenter
Calvary Baptist Church  Monroe, N. C.

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9) Teaching Boys   

Dear Teaching Boys,
Boys tend to have shorter attention spans, I've noticed.  Try shorter
lessons, maybe two different lessons, both using the same theme, per week.
Old S.S. curriculum will give you plenty of back ups.  Use lots of object
lessons that pertain to the lesson. You can find lots of object lesson
books at your local Christian book stores.  An example: In stead of
reading the lesson about the ark and how big it is....take them outside
with a measuring tape and let them actually measure it....it is unreal how
big it is and the boys will be thrilled. Dianne, AL
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10) Used Curriculum   

To the woman who wandered what to do with the used curriculum (Sunday
school packs).
Our church would love to have them!
We have had an explosion of children and young people in our church.
We are a little overwhelmed in the matter or curriculum.
If we could purchase these Sunday school packs or if you would like to
donate them please contact me at:
God Bless you for recycling and reusing!!
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11) Recycling used curriculum   

Hello everyone,
Is there a site that lists churches in need of gently used or never used
curriculum materials?  If not, what is the best way to find a church that
could use the materials.  I hate the thought of tossing it out when I know
that there is a Sunday School somewhere that could put it to good use.
Sarah, you are doing a great job with this site!  God has truly blessed
you with the talents to keep this site going.  What a great support for
all of us who work in children's ministry.
Your sister in Christ,
Sterling, VA

--from SSTN: yes, right here on SSTN. ;o) However, make sure you are not
breaking copyright laws when exchanging curriculum.

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12) Teaching boys

>i will be teaching 10 and 11 mostly boys in the class,,,,,,,any advice in
>making lessons interesting for them...any ideas for rules

My husband taught a class of boys and developed Bible Book Basketball.
Each boy had to name a book of the Bible, and say whether it was from the
old testament or the new. If he could do it, he got to shoot a basket
uncontested. If he couldn't name both the book and the testament the turn
moved to the next person. When everyone had gone, or all the books had
been named, everyone played a short game of basketball -- say 3 on 3 or 4
on 4, however many boys you have. Each person keeps track of their
baskets.  My husband didn't have any prizes, but you could if you wanted

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