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SSTN # 102 - November 19, 2004

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--> Christ-Tree Pictures!

1) Western Themed VBS
2) Christian Radio Ministry
3) Compact Disks: Christmas Cards

--> Christmas FunPak

4) Western themed vbs
5) Halloween agreement
6) Occult Gothic Craze?


7) Trinity Sundae
8) Fall Pumpkin Craft
9) Nativity Scene?

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--> Christ-Tree Pictures!

You can now see two different Christ-trees at:


The reason for the season is Jesus!

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1) Western Themed VBS

Our church is a cowboy church and we are looking for a western or cowboy
themed VBS.  If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to contact me.
In His Name,
Kris Woodall
Cross Brand Cowboy Church
Tyler, Texas

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2) Christian Radio Ministry

>I went on the internet and finally found the site but then what do I do?
>How do I listen to the programs? do I listen to them throught the
>computer? am I suppose to listen to them on the radio?  Is it on 93.9
--from SSTN: When you open the radio page there are two "Listen Links" in
the upper right hand corner. Click on "JC Power & Light" for teaching
ministry and "93.9" for music. You will be able to choose an internet
connection (DSL/cable or dial up). A Media player will then open and you
can listen on your computer while you work. ;o) To access the "JC Power &
Light" radio link go to the home page at:
Your Webservant,
Sarah Keith <><
"Home of the Sunday School Teacher's Network"

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3) Compact Disks: Christmas Cards
a compact disk and decorative supplies of your choice
IF YOU WILL MAIL IT, save the original cardboard envelope it came in, make
one from posterboard, or purchase one in the stationary isle of the
store.  You may use any mailing envelope it might have come it, but the
postage will be higher.
B. PRINTED SIDE:  Cover with a circle of paper, decorative label printed
on your computer, or photo.
C. SHINEY SIDE:  decorate but be sure to leave some shiney surface to
reflect light on the tree.  Use t-shirt paints in pointed bottles,
stickers, permanent markers, a photo in the very center, or whatever you
have on hand.
D. HANGER HOLE:  Either make a hole with a drill or melt a hole by heating
a nail you are holding with pliers over a candle until it's hot enough.
E. TIE A PRETTY STRING through the hole before mailing.
F. POSTAGE should be added after weighing the envelope on a postal scale

--from SSTN: great idea! I'll add this to the Creative Challenge -
Recyclables section at:

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--> Christmas FunPak

Great for gift-giving or Christmas crafting fun. Click on the
"Christmas FunPak" link in the Christmas and Advent section at:


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4) Western themed vbs

You can order "Camp Harmony" a Kids POWer Hour book. It has 13 lessons,
craft ideas, decor ideas, etc. There are 2 mascots, Jake (the barefoot
cowboy) and Sheriff Text (a Bible toting sheriff).  Our kids LOVED it.
La Marque, TX

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5) Halloween agreement

I just want to say how much I enjoy this newsletter, it's a real blessing.
Also, I wanted to say that I agree with Joni when she writes that she is a
christian and still enjoys halloween!!  I feel the same way. It's sad to
see how this fun american tradition is changing.

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6) Occult Gothic Craze?

Hi, I have a very real concern around the "gothic craze" some teens are
into.  My teenage daughter Natasha, has begun wearing black and reading
"Edger Allan Poe".  I have never read his work, however, I've been told
that it's very depressing.  She doesn't see anything wrong with either
what she wears or reads.  God has blessed her with a beautiful soprano
voice and the gift, to draw.  Maybe I shouldn't worry about it, it could
be just a phase she's going through, but it doesn't sit well in my
spirit.  Any information you could give me on this subject would be
greatly appreciated.  If possible, could you please pray for Natasha, that
God will guide her.

Your Sister in Christ
Susan (Miramichi, NB)

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An Advent celebration of 31 crafts and recipes. To learn more, go to:


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7) Trinity Sundae

This is in response to the Trinity Sundae post, I am not sure if this is
what you are looking for or not (I am sure there are multiple versions of
this), but here is the one that I have seen used.
You need: Neapolitan Ice Cream.
Explain to children that you have one carton of ice cream with three
flavors. You have three different and distinct flavors and colors, and
even with their differences, they are all still ice cream. You cannot
separate the three flavors, without one flavor mixing with the rest, so
you should not even attempt to separate them. You have one carton of ice
cream that is known to us in three ways. The Son is the strawberry based
on the work of his blood for us (pink/red) being the blood. The Holy
Spirit is the vanilla based on the pure love, purity being the white.  And
you have the Father (the chocolate), because of His rich love for us, rich
being the chocolate.

Hope this helps!
Love in Christ,
Sarah in California

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8) Fall Pumpkin Craft

Materials: Roll of bathroom tissue, piece of orange tissue paper, green
construction paper and brown construction paper (or paper bag)
place roll of tissue upright on top of the orange tissue paper. Pull sides
of tissue paper up and stuff in hole of tissue roll. (to resemble a
pumpkin) Then cut a small piece of the brown paper out and roll it up to
resemble a stem. Stuff it into hole of roll. Then cut out "leaves" from
green paper and place those with the "stem". (you can make these leaves
 curly with a pencil like you do ribbon.)
God bless your AWESOME ministry.

--from SSTN: Hi Lori: this would work well with the Pumpkin Prayer:
Also, if you've got a picture, I'd love to place your idea in the site.
Sarah Keith <><

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9) Nativity Scene?

HELP!!!! Christmas is around the corner and I need to get my nativity
scene together.  Any ideas on how to make props for a nativity scene?  I
need to have them movable in order to change the scene as the story is
told.  penarosie@hotmail.com

--from SSTN: for those responding, please copy to SSTN so all may benefit
from your knowledge.

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