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SSTN  # 102 - October 9, 2002

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--> Instant Christmas Plays

1) Youth fundraisers   
2) Fundraisers?
3) Need Donated Computers   

--> FUN-draising

4) Unique Fundraising Ideas   
5) Donated Computers
6) Craft idea

--> God's Top 10

7) Christmas Play Ideas?   
8) Van or bus ministry
9) Used materials
10) "Unsaved" children?
11) Craft for "Speak Up For Jesus"?
12)  Donated Computers

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Instant Christmas Plays

The following easy-to-produce, instant Christmas Plays are available
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1) Youth fundraisers   

Regarding youth fundraisers: We have done something in the past many times
that really brings in the funds fast.  We had "A Burger Bash".  We
purchased hotdog and hamburger buns at a bread-discount store, a variety
of big bags of chips and some "generic" cans of soda. The meat and all the
toppings also came from a discount grocery store (like Aldi's).  We had a
few volunteer parents cooking hotdogs, hamburgers, and cheeseburgers on
the grill during morning service.  The youth were busy chopping and
slicing onions, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. and set out buffet style on a
table so the people could help themselves.  We had this all prepared
downstairs for a meal and fellowship directly following the morning
service.  The smell of the grill during service made people hungry, giving
them that extra incentive to stick around after church.  We charged $1.00
per plate and they got their choice of meat, a can of soda, and a handful
of their choice of chips.  (a youth group member was in charge of handing
out the chips)  You could even go a step further, and ask for people in
the church to donate items, like a head of letuce or two tomatoes, etc.
Cleanup is quick and easy.  Another good thing is, whatever items you have
leftover from the first one like ketchup, mustard, pickles, mayo, etc. can
be stored in the fridge until the next Burger Bash.  And chances are the
people will leave asking "When will the next one be?"    God Bless!

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2) Fundraisers?

I need help in coming up with a really great fall fundraiser for our youth
group. Please let me know if anyone has had any really good results and
what you did,
Blessings, Jeannine

--from SSTN: check the Archives List for a goldmine of ideas:

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3) Need Donated Computers   

>Has anybody been able to have their computers donated?

A:  Try contacting local businesses or colleges that might be upgrading
their systems....  Or contact a local computer repair or office supply
business, they might also have resources of companies or private
individuals who are.  I've heard of donations or extreme discounts this
~~Vicki Logan

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This holiday season raise funds for your youth group or school,
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4) Unique Fundraising Ideas   

One year our small group of youth (about 7 or 8) had a Rocking all Night
marathon.  However, it only went from 6:00 pm until midnight.   A few
weeks before the all- nighter we passed out sponsor sheets to each youth.
They got friends and relatives to sponsor an amount of money per hour they
would rock.   Most sponsored  about 25 cents per hour. Some sponsored much
more.  We got the puppet team prepared to do a couple of 10 minute shows,
had a couple of video movies, several guests set up to come in at set
times, such as: a fireman in full suit, a Christian clown act, our pastor
in his scuba gear, etc.   We obtained a rocking chair for each youth. 
Pizza was ordered and we also had several snacks available.  We began our
marathon at 6:00 pm and they rocked their hearts out.    We earned about
$200.00 after all expenses were removed. We had a wonderful time..  
Imagine how much could be earned with a larger group and longer period of

We did the same general thing with  WHO COULD FLY a small balsa airplane
the farthest.  This was a VBS theme; each child  got a sponsor sheet at
the beginning of VBS and was given a small balsa airplane package (the
kind you can get in little plastic packages usually under a dollar) during
the VBS program.  We marked the parking lot by linear feet and had each
child, teen, and even some adults see who could fly their plane the
farthest.  The sponsors paid per foot flown.   One little girl, with a
mental disorder, had several people put $1.00 per foot on her sponsor
sheet, thinking she would not be able to fly her plane very
far.........boy did she fool them......... She flew her plane over 40
feet!!!!!!!    What a wonderful time and laugh we had!      The money was
used to help purchase an airplane that would be used in Africa to take
missionaries and supplies deep into the jungle.....   Hope these ideas
help you.     We had a blast. Dianne Richards, Somerville, AL

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5) Donated Computers

Betty, in the area around Kingsport, TN, one of the local radio stations
asked for used computers to go to missions over-seas and they gathered an
entire container load.  Hope this helps.

Linda Rife <')))><

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6) Craft idea

My Sunday School Class done a craft last week,I thought was pretty cool, I
thought it may give someone else an idea. I bought wooden door hangers at
Wal-mart for .57 cents each, I let the kids choose the color they wanted
to paint their hangers, then I cut little doors for them to glue onto
their hangers,they each got a wooden heart to glue on their doors,and then
put a dot of puff paint for the door knob(I pre- painted the hearts so
they would be able to pick them up to glue) Then I wrote this Bible verse
Behold,I stand at the door,and knock:if any man hear my voice,and open the
door,I will come in to him  Rev 3:20 ( I know there's alittle more to that
verse but the hanger only had so much room,and that was the part I was
really trying to get them to understand) Just thought I'd share that with
you all. Yours in Christ, Mitzi

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God's Top 10 - Understanding God's Love In The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments contain many "Do Nots". They teach us God’s holy
standard and show us how far we fall short of his perfection. But they are
more than this; in these "Do Nots", I believe one can find a positive
message: a message of God’s love. (For Kindergarten to 5th grade)
Click below to learn more:


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7) Christmas Play Ideas?   

Our Sunday school is trying to plan a new idea for our Christmas
Pageant. We have always done the same pageant every year, and it always
seems to be the same kids doing the same parts, so this year we would
like to try something new. I would appreciate any ideas for a Christmas
pageant involving all ages of Sunday school, as we would like to have
all our children participate this year. Thank you for your ideas and
guidance. God bless.

--from SSTN: you can find many free skits in our skits section. Also check
out our bookstore - skits page at:  http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com 

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8) Van or bus ministry

Make sure you check out insurance on vans if they are
15 passenger vans and the safety records, our associational office
informed us rates are increasing due to over 400 rollover accidents with this size.
also our state will require a CDL license for these in October.

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9) Used materials

I am looking for unused VBS materials to use for the mid-week class I am
teaching.  Our church is small, and I will only be having about 4
preschool/kindergarten age children, however, I need all the help I can
get.  I would like to use used VBS materials because they would be cheap
for me, plus, they are always packed full of wonderful ideas.  Any help I
could gain would be very much appreciated.  Thanks.

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10) "Unsaved" children?

Today I had the hard task of taking my 7 year old daughter to a friend of
hers funeral who died quite suddenly after a routine hospital stay for an
existing medical condition.  Apart from being terribly upset about the
personal loss of her friend she was also upset about the thought that
Jacinta mightn't have know God and been saved.  I told her that we didn't
know what had happened between Jacinta and God before she died.  It was
comforting  for her during the service to hear a Christian friend of the
family say he could look forward to the day when he would see Jacinta
again.  What does everyone think about young children dying unsaved?  Many
of the kids in my children's church class go the school that her friend
had gone to and there are bound to be natural questions.

I would be interested in hearing people's opinions.
Laurie Nash
Brisbane, Queensland

--from SSTN: Most major denominations refer to an "age of accountability"
which is a sort of grace period for being held accountable for your sins
until you are old enough to understand and respond to the Gospel message.
This "age of accountability" is never mentioned in Scripture, but I do
believe it is based on Scriptural truths. See Acts 2:38-39. Also, in the
Old Testament, circumcision was a covenant sign to associate that the boy
child was identified with the Household of Faith. As a boy child grew,
there did come a time that his own willpower and choices came into play
and he would be judged apart from his father's faith. (See Genesis ch. 17
regarding the Covenant of Circumcision and ch. 27-28 re. Jacob and Esau. )

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11) Craft for "Speak Up For Jesus"?

I am a Sunday School Teacher for 5,6 & 7 year olds.  We usually read the
lesson and then do a small craft for the children to take home with them.
I am needing ideas or suggestions for a lesson that is "Speak Up For
Jesus" It is taken from 2 Kings 5 and is about the little maid who spoke
up and got Naaman sent to Elisha and then dipped in the Jordan 7 times.
Our memory verse is "Wash and be Cleaned" 2 Kings 5:13.  If anyone has any
suggestions please e-mail me at Amygailmc@aol.com.Thanks so much. This
newsletter is a God send.  It has been very helpful in the past.  Keep up
the good work. Amy

--from SSTN: just a reminder, if you share ideas "off-network", the other
teachers will not be able to benefit from your knowledge. Thank you for
sharing through SSTN.
YSIC, sarah keith <><

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12) Donated Computers

We have used computers in the classroom with the rotation model, and it is
the kids favorite workshop format.  We have been able to get people who
own laptops to bring them in for church each week when we use them.  We
have four "walk-in" laptops, and a couple of older donated computers for
the classes.

Our best source for donated computers has been church members who either
are upgrading their own computers or who work at a place which is
upgrading their computers.  This means that the full-size, donated
computers are not as technolocigally advanced as the laptops, which tend
to be more "state-of-the-art."

You need to plan to use a variety of software, much of which will run on
the older computers.  You need someone "computer-savvy" enough to
capabilities of the computers as well as the requirements of the programs.

The program our kids like the best is a multiple-choice quiz generator.,
which even runs on something as old as Windows 3.1!  When they click on
the answer there is some sound or action generated from the picture.  We
tell them the story or watch a video segment or read it from the Bible
(depending on the age of the group)  We write multiple choice questions in
advance for every lesson.   The kids are excited to get to the computers
and answer all the questions.  I have been amazed by the interest the
computer animated quiz has gotten from children who previously were
uninterested in Bible Stories -- especially boys who have in the past been
unwilling participants.
www.sundaysoftware.com has some recommendations for older computers which
are good software to get.

Dorothy DeBisschop

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