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SSTN # 102 - October 10, 2003

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Holiday FUN-draising

1) T-shirt Object Lesson?
2) SS materials?   
3) Survivor-Temptation Island Costumes    
4) Solomon ideas?

Instant Christmas Plays

5) Noah's Ark / Aquarium - creation   
6) Sermons for Teens   
7) Candy land theme
8) Halloween Craft?

Kids Can @ Christmas Time

9) Lord's Prayer In Candles
10) Samaritan's Purse and Gifts of the Heart
11) Clown Play
12) Bored

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Holiday FUN-draising

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1) T-shirt Object Lesson?

Looking for anobject lesson involving oragami, foldiing paper first into a
boat, thien eding with the a t-shirt. The last part of the story is "and
all he had left was the shirt on his back" I have someone who knows the
foldng/tearing part but I have no story to go with it

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2) SS materials?   

please explain a litter better what you mean. I'm not understanding
exactly. Thanks Carolyn. Miss pinkoie _43 @yahoo.com

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3) Survivor-Temptation Island Costumes    

This is in response to trying to come up with costume ideas for the
Survivor-Temptation Island Theme. Right off hand I can think of leis
(which you can buy or let the kids make), grass or hula skirts (which you
can buy or make), swim wear, shorts, tank tops, sundresses, Hawaiian
shirts and dresses, sunglasses, straw hats, visors, sandals, flip flops,
the possibilities are endless.  To make your own leis print or cut out
flower shapes from construction paper or colored card stock, or use white
and let the kids color their own, have the kids string them onto
embroidery floss, one flower that has been hole punched in the center, a
cut up straw (striped or neon colored drinking straws work best don't use
the bended part), then a round bead, then a straw piece, then a flower,
repeat. The straw pieces hold the beads in place and keep them from
slipping in between the hole punched flowers. Tie the ends together or add
a necklace attachment (available at craft stores) for a more permanent
look. To make your own hula skirts, you can purchase inexpensive beach
mats (on sale just about everywhere right now), and cut them to size, or
you can buy green plastic table cloths and cut them to size, make sure to
slit both kinds to make them look like straw or grass. I used Velcro
strips to hold the grass skirts made from table cloths around the girls
waists at a Lilo and Stitch party, the kids loved them. What an awesome
theme, good luck!
Love in Christ,
Sarah in California

--from SSTN: for anyone else interested in this event, check out the
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4) Solomon ideas?

I'm working on writing a Sunday school curriculum on the wisdom of
Does anyone have any ideas for a game, craft or lesson plan related to
Solomon? Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Instant Christmas Plays

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5) Noah's Ark / Aquarium - creation   

In response to the construction paper ark  with animal cookies -- if you
put a spoonful of plain white frosting (from a plastic container)  on a
paper plate with the cookies as you are doing the project, just dip the
back of the cookie in frosting and place on construction paper ark.
Frosting will harden (as glue).  Less mess - use a treat - and little ones
can do this project as well.

If working on the creation theme - make an aquarium:  a Styrofoam meat
tray (preferable new-ask at your grocery store-maybe a minimal charge for
a large quantity) a 5" x 7" is a good size.  Small ones can use "fishy"
crackers - glue with white frosting. Use blue plastic wrap to cover - tape
on back.

As you progress in age - allow them to color background - using blue/green
crayons, green tissue for seagrass (glue pieces with just a dot at the
bottom of the strip giving a 3-D look), small or fine rocks for the "sandy
bottom" -  have them draw (color and cut-out)  "sea creatures" to glue on
Styrofoam and behind seagrass.  I always photocopied some creatures to
have on hand.

Make sure names are on the back first.  If using white glue - keep tray
flat until completely dry - this should be at least a two week craft,
especially if the older kids are really into the idea. Can add a "paper
clip" - bend as a fish hook.

When project is complete dry - use clear (have seen this done with the
blue as well) plastic wrap and cover entire tray, use clear tape to attach
on the back.  I would usually do this before the next class for the little
ones and help the older ones with this part.

Love doing crafts with kids in HIS name,
Mary Ferron in Aggieland Texas

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6) Sermons for Teens   

Praise the Lord!
As a Sunday school superintendant and former Sunday school teacher, I
would recommend things such as not giving in to peer pressure, being a
mature example and a light amonst teens/people their age at school etc.

Point out to them that it takes more backbone and maturity to be a leader
then a follower. These are just a couple of ideas that came to mine.

God bless you in your teaching,
Cathy Potter

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7) Candy land theme   

Thank you for everyone who contributed ideas for the candy land theme.
Here is what I did and it was a success.  One week before our kickoff I
handed out invitations to everyone in church.  I used snack size kit kat
candy bars, took the orange wrapper off (left the silver wrapper).  I
replaced the orange wrapper with a wrapper (made from the computer) that
said. Sunday School Kick off, date, time, then put "How sweet are your
promises" from Psalms on the back.  Then on the sunday of the kickoff, I
had a table set up in our entry hall.  People made name tags (using three
different colors of markers, orange, red, green) then I had people choose
a piece of candy out of a basket.  It was a basket of Jolly ranchers - all
different flavors.  When everyone was in, I did a object lesson.  I looked
in my basket of jolly ranchers and found that the only flavor that was
left was lemon.  My lesson was how candy can get really picked over and
usually the yucky ones are left, just how sometimes people can get picked
over (I used several examples, how you could be picked last to be on a
team, etc), but how God loves everyone. We then discussed our mission
project for the year of sending christmas packages overseas.  Everyone
then got a brown paper lunch bag (very inexpensive) and put their name tag
on the bag.  We split into 3 groups.  The orange team, red team, green
team.  We rotated through 3 games . . . life size game board of candy land
(made with just colored construction paper taped to the floor), a
scavenger hunt, and mixed up bible verse game.  Of course, at the end of
each game everyone was a winner and received lots of candy to put in their
sacks.  At the end I announced that now that everyone had lots of candy
they could choose to give their candy away or part of it to our new
mission project.  It was a really big success.  Thanks to everyone and
their ideas.  Erika

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8) Halloween Craft?

I am looking for a craft for my Sunday school class of 4 yr olds.  Any
suggestions? I'm also looking for craft ideas for teaching the 10
commandments to the same class.


--from SSTN: check out the crafts page at:
AND the Archives: http://christiancrafters.com/archives.html 

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An Advent celebration of 31 crafts and recipes. Some of the projects
include: Epiphany Ornaments (a six-sided three dimensional ornament
inspired from the Orient), Ribbon Stars, a Paper Lace Angel, Paper Lace
Luminaries, a Nativity Windsock, a Chrismon Snowflake Butterfly (new
design), an Edible Nativity, Church Window Cookies, and the Jesus in the
Manger cupcake, to name just a few! To learn more, click the link or copy
and paste it to your browser:


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9) Lord's Prayer In Candles

If possible could you please sent me the entire breakdown , along with
the complete lesson. I tried to contact Sarah BUT my mail come back
undeliverable. Could you please assist me in this regard.

God Bless !
Mrs. S. Didloff
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10) Samaritan's Purse and Gifts of the Heart

Our church worked on Operation Christmas Child for a number of years, with
good response. Wanted to share a few notes:
We asked the congregation to bring shoe boxes in ahead of time. A little
late for this year, but if you decide to do the project in future, you can
collect shoe boxes year-round. We also found that the collection center
too far from us also had a supply of shoe boxes that could be picked up if
a group was having trouble finding enough.

Our middle school fellowship group sponge-painted the boxes (in lieu of
wrapping paper) at meetings earlier in the fall so people could take
decorated boxes home to fill. The middle schoolers also had the
responsibility to do a "Minute for Mission," pass out flyers promoting the
project, collecting the boxes, and preparing them for delivery. This was a
great project for them to "run."

That final preparation of the boxes is important to note. We found that
of the boxes were filled to overflowing while others were half-empty. Of
course, box sizes vary, too. Fortunately, we had some people bring in
without boxes, so we could fill up those boxes. This was a concern of
ours--though children who have so little appreciate receiving whatever is
inside that pretty box, we didn't want one child to receive just a couple
of items while the next child found a huge assortment inside.

For the past two years, we've done a different project, Gifts of the
which was also well received (and promoted by our middle school group).
This is a Church World Service project that collects "health," "school"
and "baby" kits. CWS provides a list of items that should be
included--exactly, so that each kit is the same, including how it is
packed. These are distributed worldwide to those in need because of
hurricane, earthquake, etc.--or war, as well as in developing countries.
Our students and families were happy to know that their gifts would help a
neighbor in need any time of year, not just at Christmas.  Here's the web
site:  http://www.churchworldservice.org/kits/
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11) Clown Play

Please be more specific. There are MANY clown plays.

La Marque, TX

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12) Bored

Please try to attend a workshop near you. There are lots across the
country and you will learn new ways to teach the old, old story.

La Marque, TX

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