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SSTN # 103 - November 28, 2005

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Give the gift of Christmas

1) B.A.D.
2) Christmas Party
3) Unruly boys
4) Supa Dupa Christmas
5) PenPals (5th / 6th)?

Kid's Game Book ... on  S-A-L-E  through Sat. Dec. 3.

6) Reducing Prayer Time
7) Supa Dupa Christmas
8) Reducing Prayer Time
9) Supa Dupa Christmas
10) Ideas for Class?
11) Reducing Prayer Time
12) Ten energetic boys

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Give the gift of Christmas

"Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments" is a beautiful and fun way to
share and celebrate the birth of our Savior. Find it at:


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1) B.A.D.

While shopping, I spotted a man with an acronym on his
shirt that had B.A.D. Me, being the person that I am (curious),
I stopped the man and asked, "What does B.A.D. stand for?"

And trust me, you'll be amazed at what his response was.
He replied, "B.A.D. stands for 'Blessed And Delivered'. "

That thought stuck with me as I finished doing my shopping that day.
So I came up with a little advice for you today.
When the enemy tries to attack you, be B.A.D.
When things don't seem to be going right on your job, be B.A.D.
When things are not looking good in your marriage, be B.A.D.
When folks scandalize your name, just be B.A.D.
Get with you somebody who you know that you can be B.A.D. with!!!
May God Bless You And Have A B.A.D.Day!!!

Romans 8:28 - "And we know that all things work together for good to them
that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose."

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2) Christmas Party

We put together a Christmas Party for families each year.  This year we
having square tables dotted around the edge of the church and  chairs
gathered round each.  As folks arrive they will have a toilet roll tube,
shiny paper, glitter, string, glue, scissors etc on the table and each
table has to make a table decoration with the things provided.  Once
everyone's arrived we are doing a number of things including:
a quiz - this will have straight forward questions,plus each table will at
some point have a Christmas song played to them, at a strategic point we
will dip the volume and the people at that table have to carry on singing,
then the volume will go up again and we'll see how close they are to the
- just for fun!
a drama and a dance - these will last 10 mins / 3 mins respectively and
have been put together and performed by the children and yp in our clubs
food - which the people at the party will have brought to contribute
a video clip - to do with Christmas
talk - 5 mins - lots of the folk will not be Christians
chocolate game - where you have to throw a 6, if you do you run into the
centre where you put on hat, gloves, scarf and using a knife and fork eat
chocolate, but as soon as someone else throws a 6 they come in and grab it
all off you - so you have to be quick.

This is planned to last 1.5 hours.  Hope it helps.
Helen Matcham, UK - helen.matcham@virgin.net

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3) Unruly boys

Response to #6 - discipline for unruly boys in Wednesday Night activity.
for our Wednesday evening God's Kids, we have each child receive a
"bracelet" (actually a pony tail holder, elastic band type of thing). We
explain the rules, explain that they get one warning on behavior after
that, then if the behavior continues to disobey the rules, any of the
adults present ask for the "bracelet" and at the end, the child does not
receive a Tootsie Roll candy (bite size) as they go home. Sounds like a
small thing, but they do not like losing their "bracelets".  One little
boy received his first bite size Tootsie Roll last evening, after losing
his for about 3 weeks in a row. He was so proud he had learned how to
behave and keep his "bracelet". So it does work.  We have children aged 3
to 11 in our weekly group.
Joys in Jesus

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4) Supa Dupa Christmas

Dear Karen,

I too am using the Super Duper Christmas song this year in my Christmas
play.  It is written and performed by Maranatha Music their website is
www.maranathamusic.com.  On a side not I was not able to find the lyrics
the song on-line, so I had to write it down word by word from the music

May God Bless your children's choir this year.
Jenny B.

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5) PenPals (5th / 6th)?

I was wanting to see if there were any Sunday School teachers that had 5th
and 6th grader children in their classroom that would like to become
PenPals with my children in my Sunday School Class.  I have between 6-7
children 2 girls, rest boys ages 10-12 at Lower Grassy Church of Christ in
Grayson, KY.  If anyone has would be interested please contact me at

Thank you

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Kid's Game Book 

"Chalk-It-Up" has easy-to-understand instructions for kids and whimsical

A perfect gift for the kids in your life!

Curriculum Creatives

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6) Reducing Prayer Time

>>>  Any suggestions on how we can have a purposeful joys
> and concerns time while reducing the amount of time it takes?
Make it like a game, with some action! Set a timer, giving each child an
equal amount of time. This could be changed each Sunday, using rather odd
increments of time, such as 53 seconds, etc.
Maybe do a theme each Sunday - let it reflect back to to the lesson for
the day. For instance, if you're talking about how Jesus is our Friend,
you could ask about joys and concerns for friends, etc.
Hope these ideas help!
1st PC
Trinidad, CO

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7) Supa Dupa Christmas

Hi!  This is one of my favorite up-beat childrens Christmas songs!  This
wonderful, bouncy song is from Maranatha Music, from many years ago.  I
haven't checked lately, but I've tried to get tapes in the past, and they
are out of "circulation".  I have the words and one well-used tape. 
Please contact me at ourchurch2742@sbcglobal.net !
Joyfully serving Him,

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8) Reducing Prayer Time

>>>  Any suggestions on how we can have a purposeful joys
>and concerns time while reducing the amount of time it takes?

We use one of those ruler contraptions (I think it might actually be
a square) that folds closed, then you can open it up into the shape of a
square. It happens to be just the right size for a child to stand inside
the square. I call this our "Share Square." One child at a time gets to
stand inside the square and share a prayer request, a praise report, a
picture he/she drew, a poem he/she wrote, a memory verse he/she learned,
etc. If you don't have one of these, you could use a square piece of
cardboard or paper or a square made of masking tape or colored tape on the
floor! You could allow anyone who wants to share joys or concerns stand
inside the square and do so for "one square minute" or using "one square
sentence," etc. OR you could have one child be the "ShareSquareChair" (as
in chairperson) each week, taking turns. You might draw names each week or
just go in order on the roll. You might even give each day's special child
a square treat or prize (eraser, Starburst candy square, or other square
item) to take home.
It might even be nice to have a special square shaped necklace to wear
(just write "Share Square Chair" on a square of posterboard in glitter
glue or something and hang it with yarn) and a square chart to put
stickers on for attendance :o)


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9) Supa Dupa Christmas

"I am looking for the music to the song supadupa christmas with jesus this
year i dont know the writers name and i really wanted to use it."

I don't know if it's the same song, but the following website has a list
of songs with lyrics in powerpoint and "Super Duper Christmas" is one of the
songs listed. On the search results it said, "Super Duper Christmas with
Jesus this Year." I was unable to open the file because the computer I'm
using doesn't have powerpoint, but you might check it out:

www.toongabbieanglican.org/resources/ppt/Super_Duper_Christmas.ppt -


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10) Ideas for Class?

i need ideas for my sunday school. the ages are from 4-6,
and i need a game for them to play.

--from SSTN: Use a Curriculum which contains games.
Two pages to choose from are:

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11) Reducing Prayer Time

> We ask the kids to share their joys and concerns and they gladly do so, >to the point that it takes a big chunk of our time together.  Any
> suggestions on how we can have a purposeful joys and concerns time while >reducing the amount of time it takes?

One idea I have used in various classes is to have a Prayers and Praises
board.  As the children walk in the room, those who can write can put on a
dry erase board or a big piece of craft paper one praise and one prayer. 
Those who are too young can get help writing.  Then, choose a child or one
adult in the group to pray and give praise for the group.  It still takes
time, but the kids really have to think ahead of time, because they do it
when they walk in.  Also, I require a praise.  You don't always have a
problem to pray about, but you ALWAYS have something to be grateful for!

God Bless,


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12) Ten energetic boys

>We have on Wednesday nights 10 boys in our 9 - 12 year olds.  They are
>loud, disrespectful and have an attention span of about 5 minutes or
>less.  We would like some lesson ideas or any advice you could give to

In our group we deal with this by having lots of energetic activities
they CAN let off steam including songs with jumping about actions, running
around games etc.  We then have a time which we call our 'quiet seat'
This is when all the main teaching is done and lasts approx 20-30 mins.
Someone stands at the front and says that we have now come to our quiet
seat time.  Someone will be walking round (so that they are very visible,
as a reminder, to the children) and looking for 'perfect' children.  We
explain that we believe all the children are good and that we are only
looking for the perfect ones.  Then we tell them that by perfect we mean
children that sit perfectly still, not fiddling with anything, not
distracting their neighbour or being distracted by others, eyes front (not
watching quiet seat watcher).  If the watcher thinks they have found a
perfect child they put a lolly in front of them (they mustn't touch it).
If the child remains perfect it stays there and they can take it home with
them, however if they then do something they shouldn't do it gets taken
away and they can't win it back.

We also have a 'prize basket' which the children get their names put in
during the term for the following reasons - bringing back their sheet
coloured/completed, attending every week, superb behaviour, or one
particular thing which impressed a team member (such as sharing/tidying up
etc) and for bringing along a friend who has never been before.  Just
before each holiday (roughly every 6 weeks) we pick out 20 names - we tell
the children that the more their name has gone in, the more likely it is
come out (they can win up to 2 prizes - if their name comes out more than
once).  We buy 20 cheap prizes from local pound shops, nothing is more
£2 but still attractive to the children.  The prizes are displayed every
week which adds as incentive too.

Hope these suggestions are helpful.

Helen Matcham. UK 

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