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<>< <>< SSTN-Volume 1-Number 104 <>< <><
October 9, 2000
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1) 'BEE' ideas?
2) Carvings on pumpkins
3) Fund raising ideas
For Lori in Palm Harbor
5) New Life Lesson
Apostles Curriculum?
Fun second class activity?
9) Youth Fellowship?

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1) 'BEE' ideas?

I am wondering if you have any ideas reagarding bees. In Kids Praise, our theme
for the week is "Bee Kind" 1 Thes 5:15. But, I was wondering if their were more
that I could use. For instance, "Bee a good Follower of Jesus" or maybe even
"Bee Obedient". I'm not really too sure. I only have ideas but I don't know of
anything to go along with it.

--From ChristianCrafters.Com: Here's one, "BEE-lieve in God and you will BEE saved." (Romans 10:9-10). If everyone sends in enough of these 'BEE' ideas, along with their Scripture references, I'll put them all on the Sermons page with a few craft ideas to go with it. OK? God's best,
Sarah Keith-Your Moderator <><

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2) Carvings on pumpkins

Hi All,
Halloween will soon be here so now's the time to prepare to take it away
from Satan with Biblical/Christian/Jewish carvings on pumpkins, little
gifts, etc. Last year we found Biblical sayings on cards at the local
Christian Book Store. We also found glow in the dark plastic crosses. All
were reasonably priced so we put a card and cross in each sandwich bag along
with a treat. We carved 3 crosses on the largest pumpkin we could find. We
also carved a tropical scene on another pumpkin.

Several adults offered positive comments on our efforts. All wished they
had done as we had. So, perhaps the world is ready and waiting for a return
to Godly values. Let's all put our thoughts to action for Him.

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3) Fund raising ideas for our Senior and Middle High Youth

A great fund raiser if your community approves - you would have to check with the local police department - is to do a house number painting service. It's very cheap and a very easy sell because most people really want it. You use stencils, and black and white spray paints. Spray paint a white rectangle in front of a person's house. Then, using number stencils and black paint, paint their house number on the curb in front of their house. It is a wonderful service to help people's guests find their home and also emergency vehicles. Our high school band does it every year. They charge a $5.00 fee to every homeowner who wants this service. The spray paint and stencil kit costs $20.00. You can do a lot of houses with one kit!
Linda Lawler Pittsburgh, PA

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Sarah Keith-Your Moderator <><

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4) For Lori in Palm Harbor

Saw your request and a mirror came to mind. You could make up a card with a
"mirror" inside and the bible verse. Smooth tin foil works not too badly.
My children attended a VBS this summer with a Moses theme and they did a tea
light holder with the "burning bush" in front. Someone cut them out of wood
and drilled holes in it. It stood up in front of the tea light on a base.
When the tea light was lit the lights shown through the holes and voila -- a
burning bush. Might take some work ahead of time or maybe you can adapt it.
for a game / activity could be hide and seek type game.

Chilliwack, Bc

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New Life Lesson

I am looking for a pre-existing childrens sermon/object lesson of the Christian
significance of new life. Can you help? Thank you in advance.
In His love and service, Deborah Baleston

--From ChristianCrafters.Com: On the home page is a new Featured Resource entitled: New Life Butterflies. Also, remember to check the SSTN-Archives.

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6) Apostles Curriculum?

I help teach Sunday School for our 2nd grade class. We want to do a unit on the Apostles. I would appreciate any information on curriculum, crafts, projects, reference materials, etc. Thanks, Toni in MD

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My name is Melissa I am new to this Board! I just started teaching 4th grade Sunday School, I am a preschool teacher and do not have much experience with the children! Could someone please help me with some ideas, such as a fun second class activity! Thank you, chipsterraz

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8) Buzzers?

Please help! I am planning on doing a Bible trivia or Bible Millionaire game as a review at the end of the semester. Does anyone know where to get buzzers to make the game show more realistic?
Tamara Lipinski
First Presbyterian-Waterloo, Iowa

--From ChristianCrafters.Com: I use the little dinger bells which are used in stores to get the clerks attention. I purchased them at an office supply store. ;o) The kids love it! -Sarah K.

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Youth Fellowship?

There have been requests that our church have a 5th grade Youth Fellowship. We have a Junior High for grades 6-8 and a Senior High for grades 9-12. The plan I have so far is to introduce it gradually by having it twice a year - mostly because of my schedule and also I don't feel great about adding another activity to everyone's hectic lives. We will get together the first time on Oct 15 after church at 11:30a. We will make cards for our homebound, have lunch, go apple picking, come back to church, put our cards with bags of apples to be delivered later in the week by the kids. My question is what kind of spirituality activity/bible study should I include if any? I see it ending between 1- 2pm. I would love to hear anyone's suggestions or experiences with this age group. This newsletter has been a great help to me, Sarah. I appreciate your efforts and hard work. Thank you.
Karen Moulton

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