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SSTN # 104 - December 2, 2005

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1) Live Nativity Scene
2) Patterns for Animals?
3) Live Nativity Scene
4) Old Testament song?
5) Planning Our Own VBS?

... Edible Nativity

6) Rewards in Sunday school
7) Rewards in Sunday School:
8) Chalk Talk
9) Light Party
10) Children's choir names?
11) Christmas Clinic Prescriptions
12) Thankful Musical Chairs

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1) Live Nativity Scene

We have had a live Nativity scene for about 10 years.  We build a simple
backdrop of old plyboard and place it near the highway, as it is a busy
one.  We dress in Biblical costumes and bring along live animals such as
goats, ponies, and even pets.  We build a bon fire to keep warm and
sometimes have an angel on top.  Of course, we have Mary and Joseph and
Baby Jesus, shepherds, wise men and others.  We wave as people go by and
some stop to see the baby and the animals.  Some people in our community
say it wouldn't be Christmas without the Live Nativity.  We do it usually
for three nights and it is often very cold so layers of clothing are
important.  I pray that your efforts bless many in your community.
In His Love,

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2) Patterns for Animals?

There was a lady from united methodist in burley, Idaho who talked of
patterns for animals in their Christmas program, but there was no email or
address.  Any way we could reach her to see if she'd share the costume
patterns?  Thanks
Paula Warren
Box 131
Bainville, MT 59212

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3) Live Nativity Scene

Our church did a beautiful Nativity Scene behind a screen.  The children
were on either side and each had a few lines of the Christmas story to
memorize.  Joseph, Mary and the manger were behind the screen with a light
shining through causing a silhouette effect.  Some children were shepherds
and wise men who also appeared behind the screen at their given "cue."   
We used PVC Pipe and a large white sheet.  The room was dimmed and the
spotlight was behind the children.

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4) Old Testament Song?

I recently taught the kids in our Kids Club a song that teaches the New
Testament. I am now trying to locate a song that teaches the Old
Testament. Our Pastor LOVED the song for the New and is now challenging me
to find the Old. Any songs or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Please
respond to either SSTN or feel free to email me at nfsheltie@comcast.net

Nancy F

--from SSTN: there are a number of ideas in the archives and a link to a
site in our links section: http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com 

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5) Planning Our Own VBS?

Hi, all--

We are hoping to do our own VBS this summer and not buy a "canned" one. 
Our these would be "God stretches us," and we would use stories showing
God helping see beyond their ordinary limits of loving and caring.  We
plan to do Jonah, the Good Samaritan, Peter and Cornelius, and St. Francis
and the wolf.

Do any of you know good crafts and/or activities to go with these stories?

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... Edible Nativity

An edible nativity is just one of the 31 crafts and activities you'll find

To learn more, click the link below or copy and paste it to your browser:


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6) Rewards in Sunday school

  What we are actually doing right now is we have a chart up with all the
kids names on it.  We divided them up into two teams.  If a new kid comes
we put him or her on a team.  They get a sticker every sudnay on the
chart, if they are there, if they bring a bible, if they know a memory
verse, and if they invited a friend.  At christmas time the team that wins
is going to get a small prize.  I don't know what the prize is cause I am
not the one doing that part, but I thought this may help you.  Also you
can probably buy pencils at a dollar store.  I know kids usually like
Kalie in New Jersey

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7) Rewards in Sunday School
The Bible says "I will make you fishers of men."  My view on this is kinda
like fihing, you have to have bait to catch fish. 

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8) Chalk Talk

I've never seen the use of light with chalk but two books that do
activities with drawing are:

Chalkboard Games for the Christian Classroom, by Anita Reith Stohs,
Concordia Publishing House, 1996, ISBN: 0570048370
Description: Interactive word and drawing games for the chalkboard. 40
Bible teaching ideas. Reproducible. Ages 6 to 10.

The Big Book of Bible Story Fun, by Gospel Light, 2002, ISBN: 0830730591
Description: Designed to give you creative ways to hold your students'
attention. They'll learn and understand Bible stories in a fresh way as
they become personally involved by using sign language, drawing sketches
and sculpting play dough. Step-by-step instructions, options for older
students and indexes for Scripture, storytelling techniques and topics are
included. With over 100 interactive Bible stories. Recommended for ages 6
to 12.

--from SSTN: you may find these books in our bookstore. Just type the
titles into our search box at:

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9) Light Party

>>I was wondering if anyone could explain what a light party is?
In New Zealand on Oct. 31st.many children go "trick or treating" or attend
Halloween parties. Thus an increasing number of churches run light parties
as a safe alternative to Halloween. These are proving very popular and
attract many unchurched children and their parents - local schools are
usually willing to advertise the event.
Light parties vary depending on resources and level of committment, but
usually include a fancy dress competition (no witch or ghost costumes
allowed), fun, games, food, entertainment, and a short Gospel message.
Maurice Sweetsur

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10) Children's choir names?

I have just jumped in to running our children's choir.  In January, we
will be splitting into two groups.  One age 4- Grade 2, and the other
grades 3-6.  I need suggestions for names for each of these choirs.  Do
other groups have robes or uniforms for their groups?  One suggestion for
the younger group was the M&M's (standing for music makers) but wasn't
sure of tradename infringement.  Can anyone help me out? 
Sherri in OH

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11) Christmas Clinic Prescriptions

I really loved the idea for using the medicine bottles/prescription for
everyday. Our Christmas Program this year is called "The Christmas Clinic"
and I got a hold of our local Jewel/Osco and they ordered new prescription
bottles for us! No worry of any medications inside the bottles! The
children will be passing out the "Prescriptions" to everyone who attends
the Christmas Program!

SKC Director

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12) Thankful Musical Chairs

One game we play in my 4-6 yr. old class is "Thankful Musical Chairs". It
is played like the traditional game, but no one is ever "out". You have
1-2 less chairs than kids & those who don't find a seat when the music
stops, tell us something they are thankful for. Then they get right back
in the game! Another option is to ask those children who haven't a seat
questions about the Bible lesson. Hope this helps! It's always a hit with
my kids!


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