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SSTN # 104 - October 16, 2003

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--> Holiday FUN-draiser

1) Need Help?
2) Secret Santa or Secret Admirer
3) Horse and Rider song
4) Secret Admirer   

--> Kids Can @ Christmas Time

5) Graduation Sermon?
6) Bored   
7) Making lessons fun and exciting
8) Creation Activities?

--> Instant Christmas Plays

9) Songs For Jesus
10) Bored   
11) Christmas children service?   
12) OctoBEARfest?

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--> Holiday FUN-draiser

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1) Need Help?

I need some help. I am stuck in between my role as a youth leader and my
heart as a mother. One of the youth in our church came to the other youth
leader and ask for help. The problem was not pregancy, which at this point
we could have handled, but she thought she may have a STD. She explained
her problem and all things pointed that direction. Keep in mind that in
our state this child can seek medical help at the age of 16 without
anyones' permission. She didn't know what to do. The other leader happens
to be her older cousin so she went with her to the clinic and sure enough
it was aSTD. Since she was 16 the clinic treated her while she was there.
My problem is a youth leader I feel I can not lose her confidence in us.
But as a mother I would want to know. We can't go to our pastor because
this girls father is a deacon and we are a small group and even if we
don't mention names he would know who she was.

This Std will effect the girl forever. Not only did the clinic stress this
but we have also. We have talked about God's forgiving anything. And the
usually sex is ment for marriage. I really don't think that she gets it
yet because she believes that if she has sex one night and all she has to
do is ask God and he will keep forgiving her.
As for her boyfriend his father is a preacher also. And he believes that
God will heal him. Don't get me wrong I know God can heal but he has given
us other means of help also.
There is more but this is the main problem. I am finding it harder and
harder to sit an officers meeting with both of her parents there and even
go into the church and sit in the pew close to them.


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2) Secret Santa or Secret Admirer   

Lori, Monroe WI,
We do something similar to the secret Santa at my church here in Pa.  It
is somewhat different but maybe the idea will help you. Our theme is
Secret FROG (fully rely on God) Friend.  Each September during Rally Day
which occurs in early September we have our Sunday school classes (pre-K -
6th) fill out a questionaire which states the childs name, age,birthday,
favorite food, book, subject, things they like to do etc...then we take a
polaroid picture of them and attach it to their questionaire.  We ask for
adult volunteers to be the childs secret pal. We have a lot of older
members of the church and this has worked so well and gets the kids to
interact with the adults and then the adults feel like they have
contributed in such a special way it is really neat. Well to continue, the
adult picks from the pile and whomever they get (we usually do men with
the young boys and woman for the girls) it does not have to be this way
but it works well for us this way. and this is their secret pal for the
Sunday school year. A small gift of no more than $5.00 can be purchased by
the adult for Birthdays or Holidays or for whatever reason or little notes
of encouragement, just thinking of you etc.... whenever the adult has
something for their secret friend they give it to the Sunday School staff
and we make sure it goes to the child, so no addresses need to be given
out everything is done through the church. Then in May or early June we
have a picnic and everone gets to meet their secret friend on that day.
This is our 2nd year doing this and it has gone over very well. Especially
since most of our congregation is above 60, the kids get such a kick out
of receiving little notes and just the thrill of not knowing who it is, it
is just a wonderful thing. I hope this helps you and maybe this will work
for what you are thinking about. Good luck and God Bless. If you need any
help or more info please feel free to email me at slamato66@aol.com and I
will be happy to help you out.
Take Care..

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3) Horse and Rider song

The horse and the rider song can be found in numerous places with a Google
search - here is one of the addresses.  Hope you enjoy your music!


May the Lord continue to encourage and bless you and your work.

Lynn Saint

--from SSTN: Another GREAT resource. Thanks, Lynn!
ysic, sarah keith <><

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4) Secret Admirer   

We used to do something similar--Secret Pals.  Some of the fun things were
making little notes, leading to another  hidden in the church, until the
final one told where the gift or card was.  My pal did this for me and the
final note led to the church kitchen refrigerator where she had left a
delicious dessert for me.

Sometimes we would sneak a gift on their porch and hide.  Then watch when
she found the gift.  However, do not do this at night.  It backfired on a
woman because she called her friend and told her to look on her porch.
She turned on the light, saw that box and was afraid to open it.

And a small gift can be wrapped, then put in a little bigger box, wrapped,
and then another until there are several boxes one inside the other.

If this is for senior citizens, some gifts might be stamps, a good book, a
box of gift cards, fruit, or coupons.

Hope this helps.

Helen Setser

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5) Graduation Sermon?   

I have done children's time at my church for several years. My baby
daughter will be graduating next May. I would like to do a special sermon
on that Sunday for the seniors. Do you have anything specific in mind?

--from SSTN: check the Archives too:

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6) Bored   

In response to the being bored, one method of telling the story is acting
it out.  I have even done this with preschoolers and they loved it.  For
example, when Jesus calmed the storm, have one person be jesus, a few be
the disciples, one person have a squirt bottle for the rain, one person is
by the light switch for lighting (turning the lights on and off), etc.  As
you read the story they are suppose to act it out.  Another example I used
is when Jesus turned water into wine, we actually did it.  All the kids
were speechless and haven't forgotten it. (by secretly putting powder
koolaid in the bottom of a pitcher and then pouring water into), Some
other ideas are having key words in your story.  For example whenever you
say the word "Jesus" they have to say "amen", or if they hear the word
sheep they have to say Baa, or just clap their hands.  This way the kids
have to listen.  Another easy idea is just changing where you listen to
the story, if you normally sit around a table, try laying on the floor or
sitting under the table, try to whisper the story, etc.  Hope this helps.

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7) Making lessons fun and exciting

We must make our lessons fun and exciting, otherwise many of the children
will simply "turn off." Fortunately, there are many ways we can do this.
Here are a few suggestions. I hope they help.

a.Tell familiar stories from unusual angles, to keep the children
guessing. e.g. The Good Samaritan from the point of view of the donkey,
Daniel, from a lion's viewpoint, Jonah, as seen by the large fish, David
and Goliath from the Giant's perspective, etc.

b. If your class is well behaved, use skits involving the children
themselves - most Bible stories can be adapted to be told in this way. If
your class cannot be trusted to do this properly, use puppet skits. I
record the skit beforehand, and get children to operate the puppets. Check
out www.puppetresources.com for an extensive array of skits.

c. Use ventriloquism. You don't need a special dummy. A hand puppet will
do. And you don't have to be an expert. If you use good material, the
children will love it, and won't mind if they see your mouth moving a

d. Teach memory verses in lots of different ways. The number is only
limited by your own imagination.

e. Review your teaching with quizzes. Noughts and crosses (tic tac toe) is
a popular way to do this.

f. Dress up as a Bible character, and tell his/her story as a monologue.
Nebuchadnezzar, telling about the three Hebrews in the fiery furnace, and
the Cripple who was brought to Jesus by his four friends, have worked well
for me.

g. Use lots of object lessons to illustrate your teaching points. Better
still, use illusions, which are essentially object lessons with "special
effects." Many illusions are very easy to do, but will still baffle your
class. An excellent source of illusions ( and ventriloquism routines) is
www.onewaystreet.com  Many illusions, especially those involving paper or
rope, can be done at no cost to yourself.

I have been sending out free regular (usually monthly) Newsletters to
children's workers who request them for 18 months. These have mainly been
to share object lessons. My future Newsletters will be more about sharing
"Teaching tips," i.e. the very things we need to enliven our lessons and
make them more effective. If anyone wishes to receive copies of the 38
object lessons I have already published and/or subscribe to my future
Newsletters, you can contact me at  mnmsweetsur@xtra.co.nz

Maurice Sweetsur.

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8) Creation Activities?

Hi -
I am new to this board and am glad that I found it:-)  I have always
taught 3 yr olds in Sunday school but this year I have been called to
teach 1st graders and am struggling to find activities to implement into
our curriculum.  Our first topic is Genesis, the creation, and ideas for
fun crafts or activities with this theme??

Thanks Anne

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9) Songs For Jesus

Re. Horse & Rider Song
I found the words at www.songsforjesus.net
Janice Fast
Wichita KS

--from SSTN: Janice, this site is fantastic...so many songs!
Thanks for sharing it! ysic, sarah keith <><
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10) Bored

Dear Bored - When I teach my Sunday school class they love to play
"Pictionary" on the white board on the wall.  I divide the teams into two.
Write down on paper slips the themes of the days lessons, characters we
have studies, refresher of last weeks lesson and toss them in a brown bag.
Then as each team selects someone to draw the words on the paper they
pull out of the bag.  They love it!  Gets everyone involved, reinforces
the lesson, they have fun and it cost nothing to play.  The kids really
look forward to it each week.  If you don't make it part of your regular
teaching, it can come in handy as a time filler if your lesson runs short.

Jodi - Bainbridge Island, WA

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11) Christmas children service?   

does anyone have a short Christmas program for multiple age levels.
Should be no more than 15 minutes. from Barb

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12) OctoBEARfest?

   My name is Donna Downin from East Canton Church of God in East Canton,
OH.  I am doing the next couple of weeks in our children's program as an
"OctoBEARfest".    Do you have any kind of ideas on this theme you could
share with me...... "bear one another's burdens".......

Thank You.

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