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SSTN # 105 - December 6, 2005

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Christ-filled Snowflake Ornaments

1) Simple and funny skits
2) Attendance survey? 
3) Three Strike Rule - Unruly Boys
4) Super Duper Christmas Lyrics
5) Christmas Activity

Nativity Windsock

6) Chalk Talk
7) Teachers' Christmas Presentation?
8) Happy, Happy Birthday Jesus song?
9) Christmas Games?
10) Energetic Boys
11) Choir and Class Names
12) Choir Names

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Christ-filled Snowflake Ornaments

Each ornament design displays the real reason for the season!

Learn more at:

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1) Simple and funny skits

>>I need simple and funny skits, which teach good thing , understand about
>>Bible and Lord Jesus Christ. If any body can help me.

I have a few that I have written.  Email me at:

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2) Attendance survey? 

Does anyone have a survey instrument that you may have used to assess
Sunday School attendance. I'm trying to find out why there is a lack of
attendance by church members.
reply to sejones@logic.bm

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3) Three Strike Rule - Unruly Boys

I started a 3 strike rule - and of course one of the boys said "Yes! 3
strikes and we're out of here!"  I told them "No, it means you take your
chair outside the door and you can't come back in until you've written
four letters of apology.  One to the teacher. One to your classmates. One
to your parents and one to the pastor."  You should have seen them wilt
down into their chairs at the thought of writing those letters!  Haven't
had a problem since..   Naomi

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4) Super Duper Christmas Lyrics

If anyone needs the lyrics, email: dacajungal@sbcglobal.net . I would
appreciate it if you would put "Super Duper Christmas" in the subject line
so I'll know not to delete it.  :)


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5) Christmas Activity

This is not exactly a craft idea, but you may want to consider creating a
play (or using one already created) about Christmas.  The kids could
either act it out themselves or use puppets.  If you don't have puppets,
maybe your group would like to make some.  The play then could be
performed for other Sunday school classes or for a special Christmas
event, devotional or sermon. 

Another option that you could do is to make toys or games for younger
kids.  This could include some type of board game that your students
design that deal with putting faith into action or Christian living. 
Another thing they could do would be to go to a Lowes Home Improvement
store (United States) or some other similar store and ask for a wood kit
for kids.  Many of these stores have free kits to give to non-profit
groups.  Some of the kits I have gotten in the past are cars, planes,
helicopters, boats, space shuttle, train, etc.    They also have kits
for bird and butterfly houses.  These would be good if you wanted to talk
about taking care of God's creation. Check in your town to see if this is
available to you. 

Take care, -Connie G.


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Nativity Windsock

A Nativity Windsock is one of the crafts you'll find in:

To learn more, click the link below or copy and paste it to your browser:


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6) Chalk Talk

> I am searching for a book to learn how to draw an object lesson with
> chalk.
A book I have used many times is
Gospel Light's BIG BOOK of Bible Story Fun
ISBN # 9 780830 730599
It contains many stories using simple add on drawing techniques that I
think are just what you are looking for.  IT was definately worth the $20
price.  We've had it since 2003 -- there may even be a newer version.
Good luck
-Jan Locascio <><

--from SSTN: you can find it in our bookstore by typing the title into the
search box: http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 

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7) Teachers' Christmas Presentation?
This Christmas, our Sunday School Teachers will be having a
presentation with Christmas as the theme. I am tasked to prepare one for
our group. Any ideas you may have, please email me at pam_osial@yahoo.com.

--from SSTN: please respond to SSTN as well so ALL may benefit.

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8) Happy, Happy Birthday Jesus song?

I am looking for the piano music for the song, Happy, Happy Birthday
Jesus.  The chorus and first verse goes like this:
Happy birthday, happy happy birthday!
Come along with us and sing!
Happy birthday, happy happy birthday!
Celebrate the birthday of the king!
He is the light of the world,
He is the Bread of Life.
He is the Salt of the earth,
He is our recipe for life!
This song is great for primary aged children.

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9) Christmas Games?

Our youth group is planning a Christmas get together and I would like to
play some games.  I would like the games to have something to do with the
Christmas Holiday.  Any suggestions?

you can e mail me @ rpena@texas-heart.net

--from SSTN: there are a number of Christmas games in the Game section at:
For those responding, please share your ideas with SSTN so all may

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10) Energetic Boys

I read about the ideas for "Ten Energetic Boys" and I had to add a comment
to the suggestions given, something that caught my attention. But first of
all, the majority of the suggestions given are appropriate; the order
might need to be refined. For exemple, since the attention span of the
boys are about 5 minutes, I would keep energic activities in the menu
(like suggested), but mixed in with the lesson. If you want to have a
quiet time for 20-30 minutes and you know that the kids can only sit down,
as a group, for 5 minutes, add the motor activities and reduce them
gradually as to end up, by the end of 2 months, for exemple, to 30 minutes
sitting down. This way, it is much more easier for them to respect and
attain the goal pursued. They will feel proud about themselves and will
want a little challenge the next week. The method used should be more
verbal encouragement, rather than a tangible one, considering their age
Now, what really bothered me was the definition given to "perfect". It was
said "We explain that we believe all the children are good ..." . This is
contrary to biblical teaching. According to Jeremiah 17:9, it is said that
"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can
know it?". Also, in Mark 7:20-23, it is said: "What comes out of a man is
what makes him 'unclean.' For from within, out of men's hearts, come evil
thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice,
deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly. All these evils come
from inside and make a man 'unclean.' " Since we are teaching children
God's Word, we have to be alert that what we are actually saying is
according to His teaching.
I do not want to "Bible thump" anyone, but I do want the Word of God to be
proclaimed truthfully in the wicked world we live in (2 Timothy 3:16).
With a sincere and loving heart, I send this e-mail to all.
In Yeshua Mashiach's name,
Rachel Bilodeau
Educational Advisor and servant of the Lord

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11) Choir and Class Names

To find a great list of names, type "Names from A-Z" into the archives
search box at:

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12) Choir Names

Our children's choir for 4-year-olds to kindergarten is called the
"Cherub Choir".  The 1st-6th grade choir is called "Joyful Sound".   Hope
that helps

Seattle, WA

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