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SSTN # 106 - December 13, 2005

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Celebrate CHRISTmas ... the reason for the season!

1) Choir Names
2) OT Book Songs
3) Choir Names
4) Choir Names ... Jesus Jammers
5) Hidden Treasure Parable
6) Baby Shower
7) Good Samaritan VBS
8) Christmas Clinic Script?
9) Christmas Photo Ornament?

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Celebrate CHRISTmas...

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1) Choir Names

I do our preK - Kindergarten choir. We used to be called "preschool
choir", but several years ago, our worship pastor found "Petite Praisers"
(doesn't exclude the kindergarteners). I wrote a story about our group,
and explain both parts of the name : petite means small, you're growing
but still smaller than most adults, etc.   It might work for your younger
Our older group (grades 1-6) had a contest some years ago to name their
group, so they are the "Kingdom Kids".
Linda in Ohio

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2) OT Book Songs

Hello everyone.
This message is for Nancy in particular.  Nancy, a couple of months ago I
was also looking for songs to teach the New and Old Testaments.  What I am
using right now is from a cd called 'Wee Sing Bible Songs' by Pamela Conn
Beall and Susan Hagen Nipp.  This cd has has tons of songs for kids, but
it also has those two songs in particular.  So far it is working and
everyone seems to be enjoying the songs to help them learn.  I have also
heard that you can sing the Old Testament books to the tune of 'Ten Little
Hope that helps.

--from SSTN: you can find this in our Bookstore-Music section at:

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3) Choir Names

> I need suggestions for names for each of these choirs. Do
> other groups have robes or uniforms for their groups?

Dear Sherri

We have started a choir just is October and we have given the children a
chance to create a motto and name for the choir themselves
Here is what we gave them and they had two weeks to come up with

They then vote themselves which one they like
We then have planned to make t-shirts with their logo and motto
This will give them a sense of unity and belonging

Hope this helps 

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4) Choir Names...Jesus Jammers

Sherri, A few years ago we decided to give our
childrens choir a name.  We let each child that wanted to pick a name
"approprite for a Children's Choir" and then they took a vote on which
name they liked the best.  I can't remember the other names but the name
that won was "Jesus Jammers".  Kids can be quite creative when they feel
like they have some input.  As far as robe/uniforms.  The Choir Director
lets the parents know if they need to wear something special.  Like black
pants and a white shirt or for Christmas they use Dresses for the Girls
and pants and red shirt for the boys.  Good Luck, Beverley in Southern MD

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5) Hidden Treasure Parable

I don't know what age you are teaching, but you could easily adjust this
to any age group.    You could actually have two bowls or something like
that and put dirt and actually plant seeds and use plastic
fruits/vegetables and show them coming out of the dirt.  This will keep
them involved the entire time.  For the moral, I purchased two small
treasure boxes made of wood at Michael's.  I filled one with things of
this world-a matchbox car, penny, piece of candy, bracelet or ring,
anything that represents this world.  In the other, I put (mostly clipart)
a Bible, a cross, cloud for heaven, praying hands, anything that
represents our spiritual life.  Then talk about what is in each one and
how our spiritual treasure box should be the most important one we focus
on while we are living.  You can use your own words, but you get the
message of the lesson.
Lisa-San Diego

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6) Baby Shower

Last week I told the kids the story of the angel Gabriel visiting Mary to
tell her she was going to have Baby Jesus. Then we had a baby shower for
Mary.  We just played a bunch of baby shower games.  The kids loved it.

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7) Good Samaritan VBS

Congratulations I really applaud your effort
you will be so blessed because you will be researching the bible stories
in a new and different way.
For the Good Samaritan for my little people we have told the story and
made doctor kits.
Because this lesson was alittle later in the week the children were
invited to bring a favorite stuffed animal (we needed a patient) earlier
in the week.
-a white lunch bag with a red cross on the side to house all of the
-a small pencil is a must (for notes)
-a note pad (a group of small papers stapled together with a red cross on
the front)
-a straw cut to about 3-4" long makes a good pretend thermometer
 a 1 1/2" band of tag board to go around their heads with a 3-4" circle
covered with   aluminum foil braded to the head band - to replicate the
reflector some doctors wear.
-a toilet tissue tube cut to a 1 1/2" band to make a blood pressure cuff -
the bulb is made up of a partially inflated baloon attached to the cuff
with a length of yarn
-bandaids are a MUST a character bandaid will make you really a hit with
the kids
a small flashlight would be a real hit also 
Some of this stuff sounds HOKEY and will not look that great to a
discerning adult but when class is in session you will have their
undivided attention.
We have also make peanut butter pine cones rolled in bird seed as we seek
to be good samaritans to the hungry bird population but this was not a VBS
activity it was done in mid winter so it may not apply well to your
One year I dressed the kids up in bible garb and we reinacted the story
and video taped it.  They really liked watching it with a popcorn snack. 
I had always been told tell the story three ways to get it into their
heads.  They heard the story, they lived and acted out the story and then
they reviewed the story 
Good luck to you
Marilyn Tyler
from Peace Mennonite Church

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8) Christmas Clinic Script?

I am hoping to be able to get the script for the Christmas Clinic.  Is
that available from anyone?  Thanks for your wonderful site. 

3nails + 1cross = 4given
Butch & Paula

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9) Christmas Photo Ornament?

Does anyone have a pattern or idea for making a Christmas ornament that
includes the child's photo? I treasure the ones my kids made in school and
would like to have my class do the same. (The ones my kids made just had a
picture glued to a construction-paper cut out shape. I'd like something a
little more sturdy.)

--from SSTN: check out the Photo Ornament in the Crafts-Christmas section
at:  http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com 

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