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SSTN  # 106 - October 18, 2002

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1) Ideas for baby gift
2) A Helpful Website Resource   
3) Fall Festival Ideas   

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4) Grants for Non-Profits?
5) Pen Pals
6) People who were asking about computers   
7) Hidden Pictures Book?
8) Father Abraham Song
9) Communion Craft idea
10) Speak Up For Jesus
11) Speak Up For Jesus Craft
12) Unsaved children

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1) Ideas for baby gift

This may be a good idea for you & the children to do and my word, so easy
also. You will need a BIG pack of LARGE diapers (get the cheapest you can
find and may need two packs).          1.   Start by rolling one up then
unfold another leaving the taped ends down wrap that diaper around the
first one now place a piece of wide clear tape on that end and wrap
another diaper around the first two and tape that end when you Finnish.  
You're trying to make a three layer cake. The bottom layer will be the
biggest .    The more you put the bigger it is.   About 18 inches wide
across the top after you Finnish the bottom ! layer. 2.  Now the middle
layer about 12 inches wide across the top.     3.  Now the top layer is
only about 6 inches. Stack them all together and it looks like a 3 layer
cake.   4.  Now to decorate. Have each one of the kids to pick up   "1" 
baby item from the dollar store  and you will need pink & blue ribbon. 5.
Let one of the ribbon stream down the sides of the cake from the top.  6.
Now place the other BIG bow right on top of the cake  (for a topper) 7.
Now put baby wrapping  paper on a big piece of cardboard (taping it of
course) 8.   Now place all the gifts the kids purchased around the cake.
Spoons and other pointy things look good pushed down between the diapers
or taped to the side of the cake.  I hope you get to try this please let
me know how it turns out Its always been a hit for me.

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2) A Helpful Website Resource   

Just wanted to share a website I recently found that had some helpful
Bible lesson ideas.  The lessons are well written on a child's level and,
at the end of each lesson, there are links to other sites that offer ideas
for crafts, music, activity pages, etc. that tie into the lesson.

The website is:  www.misslink.org/children/

I've found Christian Crafters extremely helpful in my lesson preparation
and appreciate Sarah Keith's ministry.
In Christ,
Cathy Bodell, Frankfort, Michigan

--from SSTN: thank you, Cathy. Please remember me in your prayers!
ysic, sarah <><

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3) Fall Festival Ideas   

This year we are having a Fall Festival on October 31st.  I thought I
would share with you what all we will be doing ... may help someone else
out (I know how others on this site have helped me).

5:30 - 7:00 pm:    We will be having refreshments.    Nachos, chili, and
cheese along with drinks.
6:00 - 7:00 pm:    Group and Individual Games.     Group games will be:
  Cake walk, beanie baby walk, and Adult Bible Bingo.      Individual
games will be:   Putt-putt, frog toss, racing game, fishing, pick up
ducks, mystery balls, pin the nose on the pumpkin, ring toss, and
7:00 - 7:30 pm:   Trunk or treat

I would like to thank whoever submitted the idea in for the PLINKO
board.   This is something that can be used over and over again with our
church.     With MYSTERY BALLS, you take a kiddy pool and fill it with
prizes on the bottom.   Then, cover it with those ball pit balls.    The
kids have to go in under the balls to get a prize.      The other games
are pretty self explanatory, but if you need more information, check the
SSTN Archives or email me.     Prizes that will be given out at each
group game will be like as follows:    Dollar Tree items ... pencils,
pencil sharpeners, gel pens, erasers, hairbows, individual snack size
bags of chips, sippy cups, baby spoons and forks, just to name a few.  
   Every child will win some type of prize.    PLEASE, do not forget
about prizes for the little ones.    They will want to play these games

Also, we are opening this up to the public.    It is a great opportunity
to do some outreach.     When people enter into our Fellowship Hall,
there will be a table with an Estimation Jar and a sign-in sheet.   On
the sheet, we will be asking for names, addresses, phone numbers, and
their estimate for the jar.     The estimation jar can be filled with
lollipops, smarties, tootsie rolls, or like us, we are using goldfish

Trunk or treat is where you decorate your trunks up in a Biblical
Story/Theme.    Our kids will have to guess the trunk in order to get
the treat (they will have plenty of help if they get stumped).

We are also trying to get our youth (grades 7 - 12) to participate in a
Pumpkin Decorating/Carving Contest.     At this time, we do not know if
they will be participating.

Also, you can advertise church news/information in your local newspaper
for free (in most cases).    We are going to start advertising next
week, and it will run for up to three weeks.    Take advantage of this
if you have it available.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me.

In Christ,
Trevia Roseberry/Linwood, N.C.

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--> Video Presentation!

See a video of a Chrismon Snowflake Angel being cut, go to: 


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Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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4) Grants for Non-Profits?

We're a small, rural church in Northern Michigan with limited financial
resources.  I teach Children's Church on Sunday mornings which includes a
15 minute play time on our outside playground during warm weather.

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find resources and/or
information about applying for grants for non-profit organizations for
funds that could be used to improve our playground.

It needs to be enclosed in a fence, the surface material needs to be
improved or replaced, I'd like to add a small cement pad for basketball
and foursquare, etc., and other improvements and maybe some expansion.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Cathy Bodell
Frankfort, Michigan

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5) Pen Pals

Hello there everyone!! I have wanted to do something like this for such a
very, very long time. We have a small group of kids, only one of which
isn't old enough to write yet, so we would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to get involved
in a pen pal group that would include kids from all over the world, living
the Word, just as our kids are trying to do. To contact me directly with
information on what I need to do next, email me at jwatson@rcvideo.com
Thanks in advance for any help on this subject.
Christine, WV

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6) People who were asking about computers   

I just found this in my files.  www.teacherlaptop.org.  This is for
teachers and its not just for school teachers.  There is a website called
www.freecomputers.com and www.freekeyboards.com.   These might also be
good resources for othersites for your computers.  Good luck.
Nancy Kitts

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7) Hidden Pictures Book?

I am searching for a Christian-based Hidden Pictures book, particularly
with bible scenes (rather than ordinary pictures). Kids nowadays really
love the I-Spy books, so this will capture their attention for particular
lessons. I know there are some worship bulletins that include hidden
pictures in some of their issues, but not on a regular basis. Does anyone
know where I can buy a book that has something like this?I have checked at
our local Christian book store, and they have even tried contacting their
supplier. Unfortunately I haven't had any luck. Any help would be
Kim H.

--from SSTN: Kim, I have used a "Where's Waldo" type book called:
"The All-Time Awesome Bible Search". It is a lot of fun! I don't believe
it is being printed any longer. However, you can find it at a reduced rate
in our out-of-print book dealers.
Type the title into the Bookstore search box:

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8) Father Abraham Song

Hi, could someone please send the Father Abraham Song in English please,
Thanks A lot
Melissa Green

--from SSTN:
Father Abraham had many sons, many sons had Father Abraham.
I am one of them, and so are you, so let's just praise the LORD.
"Right arm" (begin swinging your right arm and continue swinging till the
Verse repeats, adding body parts as you go: left arm, right leg, left leg,
chin up, tongue out, turning around as you sing the last time, and
finally, sit down.

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9) Communion Craft idea

I also wanted to share an idea that we did last week.  The last three
weeks we have been talking about the parables that have happened in the
vineyards and it also happened to be World Wide Communion Day.  Our class
had so much fun!  First I bought about 4 pounds of grapes.  Then I handed
each of the children some grapes and had them pick them and throw them in
a large bin.  Next I had the children take off their shoes and socks and
you guessed it....I had them stomp the grapes.  There were so many squeals
of excitement. When they were ready to get out I handed them a diaper wipe
to clean off.  After this project we went inside and made grapes out of
egg cartons (painted them) and put them on the bulletin board and also
made leaves.  It turned out beautiful.  As they were leaving I paid each
of them a chocolate coin (that was wrapped in foil) for their labor. I am
sure it is a Sunday that none of the children or I will ever forget.
God bless,

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10) Speak Up For Jesus

I don't have a craft for this, but I do have a song you might use.  I
have not found it to be copyrighted.  Someone might know more about that
than me.  I have used this song several years and I have changed it along
the way as I used it at different places.

Tune:  This Old Man

This man Naaman, he was sick,
He needed help very quick.
Go to the Jordan, dip seven times,
He did this and he was fine.

Hope this helps.  PK

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11) Speak Up For Jesus Craft

Our Sunday School did this lesson just last week.  I came across a craft
that can be used as you tell the story.  You'll need a styrofoam cup,
craft stick, and a Naaman figure.  As a craft, you could make the Naaman
figure out of paper to be colored by the student.  The figure is glued to
the top of the craft stick.  The cup is colored blue with maybe some waves
drawn on the outside.  Insert the craft stick through the bottom of the
cup so that the Naaman figure is inside.  As you tell the story, you can
"dip" the Naaman figure in to the "water" 7 times.  You can even have the
figure two sided.  One side with him looking like a leper, and the other
side where he is healed and clean again.

Sherry Kosmalski
Livonia, MI

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12) Unsaved children

>>"What does everyone think about young children dying unsaved?"  

Laurie, check out Matthew 19:14 But Jesus said, "Let the children alone,
and do not hinder them from coming to me; for the kingdom of heaven
belongs to such as these." (NAS)

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