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<>< <>< SSTN-Volume 1-Number 107 <>< <><
October 16, 2000
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1) Play Suggestion
2) Jesus praying craft
3) God's Promises
4) Memorization Reward
5) Praying hand craft
6) Memorization class prize
7) Christmas play ideas?
8) Christmas play
Stop Giggling Kids??

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1) Play Suggestion

To the lady would wanted a play for Chirstmas , how
about The Best Little Christmas Pageant Ever story. You
can find a copy of it in your local library.

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Jesus praying craft

I would like a neat craft idea to go with a lesson about Jesus praying in the morning
> and at night.

I have a wonderful resource called, Praise God with a Paper Plate by Anita Reith Stohs. In it I have found and used for my Pre-school kids a craft that uses a plain paper plates that you can color half yellow and half black. Before class I put numbers (like a clock) around the plate. Have children use trace their little hands -- fingers together (may need help doing this) and make the wrist a little longer . Punch a hole in the wrist and fasten it to the middle of the paper plate with a paper fastener (after the kids put fingernails and whatever on their hands) We wrote at the bottom of the plate---Take Time to Pray or write it on their hands. As you move the hands around their clock, talk about the different kinds of prayers said at different times of the day and night. I used it when talking about the Lord's Prayer (Matthew 10). Hope this helps! Kathleen from DeWitt

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3) God's Promises

I have to do a presentation to teachers mtg. on GOD'S promises to King David and I could use some different teaching techniques. Prayerfully, Butterfly

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Memorization Reward

have you tried a video party? Serve popcorn and other snacks while the "winners" watch a fun video. Kathleen from DeWitt

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Praying hand craft

1. take two paper plates, on the first one color half with clouds a
bright sky and a sun (add stickers if you want of birds etc. the other
half color a dark sky and paste on foil stars and color a moon. (use gold
a silver crayons for extra fun)
2. the second paper plate cut in half. . . but leave a tab of some sort
exactly in the middle- (save the other half minus the tab for another
craft) you should precut this part ahead of time.
3. find a clip of praying hands and blow the pattern up about 4x6 inches-
have them color. (for a time saver have these precut too) I strongly
suggest copying these on card stock or stiff construction paper so they
are not so floppy!
4. now attach the half paper plate to the bottom full paper plate with a
paper fastener- right through the tab and into the middle of bottom paper
plate- notice how it will now spin around to the day and the night scene.
5. now glue only the bottom half of the praying hand to the half a paper
plate on top. it will now spin around the to the day and night freely as
long as you don't glue the top of the hands down!
6. after the kids have prayed in the morning have them advance the hands
to the night and put on their pillow to remind them to pray before bed,
and then change back to the morning and lay on the floor and put back on
pillow for night when they get up and so on!

Enjoy from Mary from Michigan- crafts are my life . . .my brain works
overtime. I'm in children's ministry, this is the fun part of my job!

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Memorization class prize

Theresa, A great memorization Sunday School class prize is the "World's Largest Shake" What you do is buy a brand new huge garbage can and make a humongous shake in it. The garbage can is as big as the preschoolers so they think it's exceptionally cool. The class that wins gets a large cup full of the shake and then the other classes who participated in it gets medium size shakes. Actually we had so much that we let the adult Sunday School Class join us also! You can buy different colors or shaped straws to add to the fun! Enjoy! We had chocolate!
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Christmas play ideas?

I am looking for christmas play ideas. Any suggestion would be great.
Thanks, Amber Twin lakes Wi

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8) Christmas Play

I attend a small church and sometimes the Christmas plays are too difficult for smaller children. I know at my church the smaller children are much more eager to participate than the older ones so it is a shame to leave them out because of their age. Last year we had two programs, one for ages 2-1st grade and the other 2nd grade and up. The program for the younger children was based on the story, "The Crippled Lamb" by Max Lucado. We had an adult narrate the story and the older children had about five or six small speaking parts. The 2 year olds dressed up as lambs and jumped around which was great because that's what they were supposed to do. Also most 2s and 3s already know how to Baa!!! We had a few extra children to pop in at the last minute so we dressed them as shepherds. The children sang two or three traditional Christmas songs and had the congregation join in. This program turned out wonderful and the children and the adults got a blessing from it. We plan to use another Christmas themed storybook for the program this year as well. I hope this idea helps some of the smaller churches. Donna-Pamplico, SC

(The Crippled Lamb is available in the bookstore at ChristianCrafters.Com!)

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9) Stop Giggling Kids??

My name is Irene and I co-lead a Sunday School leader's training course as
well as a small children's housegroup in my own home. I am always glad for
new ideas to pass along to other Sunday School leaders.

Do you have any ideas how to stop under 11s from giggling during the prayer

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