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SSTN # 107 - December 14, 2004

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Noel Christmas Photo Frame

1) Burned Out
2) Needs For The New Year?
3) Craft book?


4) Yard Nativity
5) Occult Gothic Craze
6) Burnt-out

"Chalk-It-Up"  22 Awesome Outdoor Games!

7) Used resources?
8) Strawberry Baskets?
9) SS Materials

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1) Burned Out (For Holly)

Our church has the same problem.  Not enough people willing
to get involved with the children.  We have a working solution for
now.  Another woman and I share the youngest children (preschool-
fourth grade) on an every other month basis.  That lets us be in the
sanctuary every other month.  We've been doing this for almost two
years now and the children have adjusted well to this concept.
They get to know two adults who love them very much and don't get
burned out trying too much.

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2) Needs For The New Year?
As I plan for 2005 I would like to know what your ministry needs are for
the New Year? What kinds of resources would you like to see at
I look forward to hearing your suggestions!
Your Webservant,
Sarah Keith <><
"Home of the Sunday School Network"

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3) Craft book?

Hi All!
  I used to have an awesome craft book, it just took ordinary junk you
found around the house.  It had a religious theme, and was older.  You
just used dish soap bottles, egg cartons, inexpensive items.  Had sections
for all ages. I used it tons but it got ruined in a flood in our
basement.  I need to find another craft book for Sunday school as I
usually purchase the supplies for my sunday school myself and we are on
such a budget! Anyone have any titles, etc for a good craft book?  I will
probably try to get it from the library or inter library loan then buy it
if it looks good. I have ages 4-9 in my class. Thanks for any help! God
Bless! Ann from KY

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An Advent celebration of 31 crafts and recipes. To learn more, go to:


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4) Yard Nativity

Check out the new "Yard Nativity" in the
"Crafts - Holy Days and Holidays" section at:


Your Webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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5) Occult Gothic Craze

I have three children, all very different..from two marriages.  I have a
daughter who went through all the normal "pi_ _ mom off"  stages who is 24
now and just a wonderful well rounded young adult.  I never stressed over
the clothes she wore or the color of her hair.  Believe me, there were
many shirts that didn't cover enough for my liking.  Her hair color
changed several times a year...starting at about 13 she experimented in
the bizarre when it came to hair color...bleached and colored purple,
green, blue, red and even rainbow one year. 

I felt that clothes and hair color were not the areas I would pick to
battle..."pick what areas that are important to you" and all the rest will
work itself out.  My son is 21 and has always been a delight.  My 7 year
old is going to be the true test, if I learned from what I preach.  So
far, so good.

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6) Burnt-out Holly

Dear Holly,
Yes, my dear, you are doing TOO MUCH! Anytime your relationship with God
suffers, you cannot be effective in your ministry. How can you fill these
children's cups full of the living water if you are spiritually dry? Don't
leave your church, work to fix the problem there.
I suggest you prioritize - which time is the most effective for reaching
the kids? and work there.

I, too am a volunteer Sunday School Director.  One month there was no
teacher for a class, but I would not teach, much to the surprize of the
whole congregation (and parent's consternation). I knew that God had a
teacher for that class and if I stepped in they would miss the blessing.
Plus, God had called me to be the director, not a teacher. After two
Sundays a person came to me and said, "God has been telling me to teach
that class, and I've been telling him no".

So my advice to you, after much prayer and consulting with your pastor, is
1.)Prioritize, then scale back some of your activities
2.)make sure you get spiritually fed during the week. You could attend a
small group Bible study, listen to sermons on tape, or on the radio, etc.
3.)ask God for a friend.  Even Jesus had friends. He doesn't expect us to
be Lone Rangers.

A final note: An elderly teacher told me when I took this position that
Satan seems to attack a lot. I found it to be true, which showed me just
how important children's ministry is - if it wasn't important, Satan
wouldn't be bothering you!  I can't stress enough to read the Bible and
pray every day to resist the fiery darts of the devil with your shield of
faith. Holly, you will have the victory in this situation, but only
through Christ.
God bless you, Karen Young

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7) Used Resources?

Awhile backsomeone asked if there was anyone who had Sunday School
material they would like to donate. Our church has Bible pictues and also
SS lesson for  primary and Kind/nursery. Is there anyway to find out who
that was so I can send it to them.

Also thank you so much for the ideas for the scarecrow lollipops. We used
them at our Fall festical and they were a big hit. What a great way to
share the message.

Garwood Presbyterian

--from SSTN: by posting to SSTN, you give readers the option to post their
email address. Also, you can search the archives and use keyword "used"
for previous postings.
Your webservant,
Sarah Keith
P.S. I'm glad the Scarecrow Treat worked for your ministry!

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8) Strawberry Baskets?
This month's Creative Craft Challenge is a "Strawberry Basket".
Have you used one in your ministry? If so, we'd love to hear your idea!
Log-on to the following web page to submit your idea: 

Your Webservant,
Sarah Keith <><
"Home of the Sunday School Network"

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9) SS Materials

Hi, Olga from Rochester, NH- what a great job and a servant's heart you
have! I have a few things that I could send you and I'll guess others do
too! If you would like to email me- rainbowniz@hotmail.com.
Blessings, Linda from Maryland

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