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SSTN # 107 - December 15, 2005

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1) Books of the Bible Song?
2) Children's Choir Names
3) Ten energetic boys
4) Choir Names
5) Christmas Photo Ornament

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6) Christmas Photo Ornament
7) Hanging of the greens?
8) Christmas Photo Ornament
9) Baby Shower
10) Christmas Photo Ornament

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1) Books of the Bible Song?

I am looking for the tune and/or music to a song that teaches children all
the books of the bible. I used to know it but have gotten the tune and
rhythm muddled in my head. I'd like something memorable for kids ages 5 to
18. I work with an afterschool program at my church and we reach kids from
all kinds of homes. They love to sing and I'm hoping this song would be a
good way to get them acquainted with using the bible.

--from SSTN: there are many responses to this in the Archives at:

Also, check the Music section of the Bookstore at:

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2) Children's Choir Names

Like Beth, in Seattle, our children's choirs are very similar.  The
youngest ones...like 3 year olds are the Cherubs, and then we have Sounds
of Joy and Alleluia Singers.
Joni in California

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3) Ten energetic boys

>From Archive #100
>We have on Wednesday nights 10 boys in our 9 - 12 year olds.  They are
>loud, disrespectful and have an attention span of about 5 minutes or
>less.  We would like some lesson ideas or any advice you could give to

    I teach Sunday School and also have a large group of teenagers... 7
boys and 5 girls, ages 11 - 15.  The first thing that I found was that
these kids crave attention and that is why they act out.  Also that the
one acting out ususally has some underlying things going on in their life.
I make a point of speaking to each one for a minute to let them know that
I notice them as they come in. If they were absent the prior week I let
them know they were missed.
    We start our morning with all our classes(ages 3-15) coming together
greet them and sing a couple songs (about 5-10 minutes).  Then everyone
goes to their classrooms.  In class I start with a lesson...I hand out
Bibles and they each take turns reading a verse of our lesson until it is
complete.  We then have a discussion on the lesson...they respond when I
can relate what they read to their life today.(This takes about 10-15
minutes)  Next we have a craft time.  I try to keep costs to $1 or less
per person.  I look online for ideas.  Craft time usually lasts 10-15
minutes.  If I still have time left in our class, we play hangman or some
other paper game/puzzle that I
can use to review the lesson from the day.  They love the challenge of a
timed race to complete papers during this time.  I will also use this time
for a simple treat - piece of candy - pretzels - carrots.  Then all of the
classes come together for closing.  They sing a couple more songs and then
we call for "SERIOUS TIME".  When everyone is totally quiet and standing
all say "The Lords Prayer" together.  Even parents who have come to pick
the kids do this. In total, our time together is one hour.
    I have learned that with this age group you have to be flexible.  Some
we mix up the order of activities in class.  If they have done
well for a few weeks, I will have a fun day where we have drinks, donuts
just play games (all related to church lessons)...A reward day.  I have
done a day where I asked each one in turn what they specifically wanted to
learn.  Then we took two days (large class) to cover what interested each
one of them.  Sometimes they even have questions about problems in their
life and don't know how to ask for help.  I pick up on those things and
lessons around them.  I have also had a review day and had each one take a
turn telling us about a Bible lesson they remember.  You should have seen
their faces when they realized that they could remember specific lessons
parables from the Bible.  Help them if they only remember small parts and
the rest will come.
    I can't stress enough that they all crave your attention and respect.
I do
not receive financial help from the church for my crafts or snacks.  I do
this because it is what I am called to do...and the kids keep coming back
for more.  I hope that these kids will continue in their religious
and become future leaders of our congregation and community.  I promise
the respect will come to you, just pray and have patience...

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4) Choir Names

Our youngest group (age 2 -4) is the Cherub Choir, our age 5 - 1st grade
group is the Halo Choir, and our 2nd - 6th grade group is Jr. Joys.  We
also have a Rainbow Bell choir and a Jr/Sr High Praise Band called Joyful


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5) Christmas Photo Ornament

There's one in the craft's section at:

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6) Christmas Photo Ornament

We have done this project at a couple of Advent Event's and they are
always popular, but might be a bit pricey depending how many children you
have.  We took Polaroid pictures (do they still have those?) of the
children, wrapped them around a pencil and then put them inside a clear
ornament.  Top it off with a bow and you have a lovely ornament.  Another
time we had the children bring pictures of themselves (or again you can
take them there)and put their pictures inside a felt frame of red and
green that resembled a wreath.  This can also be topped off with a bow.
God bless,
Joni- in San Diego

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7) Hanging of the greens?

Years ago our church had a hanging of the greens ceremony.  It explained
what each symbol of Christmas stood for in Christ: the tree, wreath,
holly, candles etc.  The person who put this together is now dead and it
is lost.  We now have a young, new preacher and he would love to know the
meanings. Does anyone know them?

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8) Christmas Photo Ornament

A canning jar lid (ring and middle piece) works great.  I have one on my
tree that was made about 23 years ago by my son who is now 30 yrs. old.
Cover the back of the middle piece with fabric or felt -- attach picture
to the other side, then glue the middle piece inside the ring (the ring
makes a frame).  Drill or round-out a hole in the top of the ring, put a
ribbon or pipe cleaner thru and tie a knot for hanging.  You can also
decorate the ring part with glitter/glitter glue.

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9) Baby Shower

I love this idea, this is a great project for our Little Christian
Soldiers Children's Ministry, we will be having an actual baby shower at
our Christmas Eve service.  Invitations will be sent out inviting folks to
come to the service and bring a baby gift, all presents will them be
given to infants in the community that are less fortunate. A wonderful
idea for a service project.

Carla Brotherton, Ebenezer Lutheran Church, Catawba, NC

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10) Christmas Photo Ornament

> Does anyone have a pattern or idea for making a
> Christmas ornament that the includes child's photo?

Take sheets of craft foam (or construction paper, or cardboard, etc.) and
cut them into small squares or circles, maybe 3-4' wide.  Place a picture
(or leave room for one) in the middle of the shape.  Take small puzzle
pieces, from a puzzle you don't want anymore, and glue them around the
edges.  The best puzzle pieces are for a brightly colored picture.  You
can use the front of the pieces, or turn them over and decorate, and then
glue them on as a frame.  I found the dollars stores in our area had
Hallmark 1000 piece puzzles this year, and the pieces are tiny--just the
right size.  You can glue a loop of yarn or twine on the back, or stick a
hook through them, to hang.  Our homeschool group did this last week and
it turned out really well.

This is not an original idea, I found it on a website a while ago, but the
kids love it.  Good luck, and Merry Christmas!


--from SSTN: it's in the crafts section at:

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