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SSTN  # 107 - October 21, 2002

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--> Christ-filled Snowflakes!

1) Not Shut Out
2) Teen Transition Times
3) Craft for "Speak Up For Jesus"

--> Church Bazaar

4) Let the one of you without sin...
5) Potato lesson?
6) Job Descriptions?   

--> God's Top 10

7) Praise Shaker   
8) Used/old materials?
9) Helpers in Sunday School
10) Shoes for the Armor of God
11) Shoes for the Armor of God
12) Shoes for the Armor of God

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Christ-filled Snowflakes!

Do you remember the fun of making paper-cut snowflakes as a child?
This holiday season relive the nostalgia with friends and family by making
my Christ-filled, Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments. To see a video of the
Angel Snowflake being cut, go to:


Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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1) Not Shut Out

It is my strong and honest opinion that God does not "shut out" certain
people from His Kingdom simply because they are not baptized, dedicated,
or saved.  I have to believe that everyone has the opportunity to know and
accept God at the time of their death, whether they were Christian, Jew,
Muslim, agnostic, atheistic, or just plain ignorant here on earth.
Millions of people, through no fault of their own, never get to hear the
Good News about our Lord and Savior before they die.  Does this mean that
they are not allowed into His Kingdom?  Did they not spring from His
loving and merciful grasp in the first place?  Why would He create them,
but not love them and welcome them back?  Because they never had the
opportunity to get to know Him here on earth?  I think not!  We are ALL
saved through the awesome power of His unfailing mercy, love and grace.
God Bless, Heidi/NY  <(((><

--from SSTN: Hi Heidi, You are right that God gives EVERYONE the
opportunity to respond to his love and grace. But if God does not require
one to be saved, than didn't Jesus die in vain? To be saved means we are
saved from something. What is it that we are saved from? We are saved from
the punishment for our sins. (See Romans 5:8 and Romans 6:23) Sin
separates us from Holy God. God cannot allow sin into his presence. The
Bible tells us that God will by no means allow sin to go unpunished.
(Exodus 34:7) Our sin demands a sacrifice. The Bible tells us that it is
the sacrifice which makes atonement for our sins. (Leviticus 17:11)
Therefore, to say that someone is allowed into the Kingdom even though
they aren't saved would mean that sin is allowed into the Kingdom. Jesus
willingly died to take the punishment for our sins, so that we can live
eternally with God in his Kingdom, sin-free.

That being said, it is not up to me or to anyone else to determine who God
allows into his Kingdom and who IS or IS NOT saved before he or she dies.
But God will never contradict what he says in Scripture to accomplish his
plan. God reveals truth about himself in many ways. Read Romans 1:18-24.
This is an interesting passage which tells us we are all given a knowledge
of God, and that ultimately we are without excuse. I once heard a
missionary's story about a girl who lived in a jungle, faraway from
civilization. One night the girl looked up into the night sky and cried
out to the "One who had made the stars". She asked that "the Creator"
would reveal himself to her. Shortly after that a hostile tribe invaded
her tribe and she ran for safety. She ended up running to a missionary
camp where she found refuge, eventually heard the Gospel, and was saved!
God had heard her prayer, responded to her cry, and had made truth known
to her. God has given us a very important mandate: "Go into all the world
and preach the Gospel..." So that all may have the opportunity to be
saved. Also see Romans 10:14-17. God bless you in your ministry to kids!
Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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2) Teen Transition Times

I attend a youth ministry in the Cincinnati area (I'm 16), and it has a
very unique way of making transition time clear. This ministry, called
Elevate, has a building of its own. The building opens an hour before the
service begins. That hour is totally for hanging out, playing pool,
playing video games, etc. When the "hang-out" time is over, the worship
band starts to play.(Worship comes first, then the message. You may have
to modify your class to make this work, but I think you would find it
worth your time) They do a song while everyone is making their way to
their seats. The band is rockin' and very loud, so all of us students love
it! You definitely can't "not hear" it! It's way easier to do it this way,
than to have a youth leader yelling for everyone to get seated. Everyone
quickly picks up on the fact that the music started means  to grab a seat,
and get ready to sing. -Nora

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3) Craft for "Speak Up For Jesus"

>I am needing ideas or suggestions for a lesson that is "Speak Up For
>Jesus" It is taken from 2 Kings 5 and is about the little maid who spoke
>up and got Naaman sent to Elisha and then dipped in the Jordan 7 times.

In response to the above "Craft for - Speak up for Jesus", I am also
preparing for take home truths items for a Kids' EE training coming up in
Nov and I have this idea, which I hope you may find useful.  Your "Washed
and be cleaned" memory verse reminds me of the scouring sponge or fibre
cloth we use for cleaning in the kitchen.  I managed to find some
colourful sponge pads - the pack I got came in 10 pcs of green, pink,
yellow, blue and red.  Cut heart shapes out them and attach them to
keychains.  Kids can attach these keychains or keyrings to their bags or
pencil cases and remind them of their hearts been washed and cleaned by
the precious blood of Jesus and now they are living a new life for Jesus.

If you can find the gospel colors (yellow-HEAVEN; black-SIN; red-JESUS
also teach the kids to share the gospel with their friends with their

I hope this helps if not to you, maybe some others out there who may
looking for some craft of some kind.

By the way, I am looking for this song "God created the twinkling stars".
I need the tune for the training I mentioned.  Is there anyone out there
who may have this song and if possible, to send the file to me? My ICQ #
89556055 or teochai@pc.jaring.my

And thanks alot to all who shared here, you are God's channels of
blessings.  God bless all of you.

In Christ from Malaysia,

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Church Bazaar

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4) Let the one of you without sin throw the first stone

This is in reply to Nancy who wrote about Sunday School helpers. I am
sitting at my computer praying that God give me the strength to finish
this because I am angry. I agree that we should be careful who we have
teach our kids but, why not teach our kids that it is not our place to
judge people only God has that right. And what ever happened before we
were saved is all gone away. Jesus took away those sins on a cross. Least
we forget. The last thing I remember on judging is judge not least you be
judged yourself. We are all born into sin. As for the remark about the man
who bought beer before he was saved, I know several very good pastor,
deacon and other church workers who were seen in several places like this.
But the important part was before they were saved. Been saved does not
mean you will never sin again. It means that you are willing to try harder
then you have ever tried before not to sin. But if you fell Jesus Christ
is their to catch you. Just as he is catching me now for all the anger
that I am feeling . Sister please forgive the anger and try to get the
message. I do recall a certain woman in the Bible named Mary Magdline who
walked with Jesus.

In Christian Love

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5) Potato lesson?

Hello. I am wondering if anyone has heard of a lesson where potatoes are
used?  It was potatoes dressed up as different characters ~ example :
hesitate,  irritate.....And then positive potatoes also, appreciate...
I would really like some help with this.
Thank you and great blessings,

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6) Job Descriptions?   

I am looking for some job descriptions for Sunday School Teachers. Got any
ideas or job descriptions?  If so please reply to this e-mail
address.Thank youRuth

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God's Top 10 - Understanding God's Love In The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments contain many "Do Nots". They teach us God’s holy
standard and show us how far we fall short of his perfection. But they are
more than this; in these "Do Nots", one can find a positive message: a
message of God’s love. (Developed by Sarah Keith for Kindergarten to 5th
grade) Click below to learn more:


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7) Praise Shaker   

Colorful and Super-Easy-To-Make Praise Shaker with Streamer

Items Needed:
KoolAid Burst Bottle (about 6 for $1.29 - usually located by Gatorade in
grocery stores)Pony Beads in assorted bright colors - about 30 (or more)
per kid Small Paper Clip 15 inches each of 3 different brightly colored
narrow (1/4") ribbons

These are great bottles because they are soft, see-through, one piece (no
lids), and the right size for smaller hands.  Serve the KoolAid Bursts a
week ahead of time for snack.  Rinse, drain and air dry the bottle for
next week, making sure you have extras in case you have more kids the next
week. Have the kids push all the pony beads through the hole at the top of
the bottle.  Tie the 3 strands of ribbon into a knot around the paper
clip.  You will now have 6 streamers hanging from the paper clip.  Now tie
all 6 streamers into a thick knot right against the paperclip.  Slightly
spread the paperclip apart (not all the way, just pull it out a little).
Push the paperclip into the hole at the top of the bottle, but do not push
the ribbon knot into the hole. You now have a colorful and fun praise
shaker.  The paperclip keeps the streamers attached to the bottle and
keeps the pony beads inside.  The knot keeps the ribbon streamers from
falling into the bottle.

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8) Used/old materials?

I would like to write and let all of you know that if you have any old
materials that you won't be using in the future, that I would like to be
able to receive them for my church, because we are short on funds at this
time and we will need somethings to replace what we won't be able to buy
for the next time we need materials. If anyone is interested in helping
us, please contact me at clownbootsie@aol.com
And I will try and get right back with you. Will be gone for three days,
but I will contact anyone that contacts me. ThaNK YOU Joelene from Mich.

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9) Helpers in Sunday School

Nancy, I agree that the only people who should be teaching and working
with our children in Sunday School are committed Christians who are a
living example of Jesus Christ.  I also know for a fact that we need to
be screening our workers to provide the best protection we can and
praying for our children and workers for God's perfect protection over

However, to think that I am never going to do something that may offend a
brother in Christ is beyond my ability.  Just today, as I was preparing
to teach, a father was checking on his daughter between services.  She
showed him a tower they had built during the first hour.  "We built this
tower", she said and my mind instantly went to the 80's Jefferson
Starship hit "We built this City on rock and roll" and I began singing
"We built this tower, we built this tower, we built this tower ....".
Some Christians would be offended that I was using Secular, Rock & Roll
tunes in the classroom.  I have had a parent mortified that we might be
watching a Barney tape during childcare (a time when we do childcare for
parents in studies and meetings).  Other parents have no problem with
Barney (besides irritation).  Some Christians hold that drinking is fine,
getting drunk is not.  Back to the point, every person in the teaching
classroom is a sinner.  I would hope in a church family that if a mom
professes Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, but her life was not
reflecting that, that a loving sister in Christ would come along side of
her to point out her error.  And, whatever reasons the mom had for
stripping would be dealt with by the church (financial, emotional,
addictive, etc).

A person trapped in sin should be precluded from teaching, not simply for
the sake of the children or because his or her message may  not be
theologically sound, not even because it might offend some legalistic
Christians.  They should be precluded in order for them to get the
healing and help they need.  They cannot serve from empty tanks.

As for the woman who bought beer for her husband, I hope she is still
teaching.  I don't want to be one who caused a brother in Christ to
stumble, but I don't want to be one who could not show the grace of God
to my brother.  Remember, the God of the Bible sent his Son through Mary,
the decendent of  an adulterer, a prostitute, and many other sinners to
reconcile the adulterers, prostitutes and all other sinners to Him.

I too am sorry if I am fussing. 

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10) Shoes for the Armor of God

Try using felt.  Trace the sole of a child's foot, cut out, then attach
felt around to fashion a 'shoe'. In my class, all of the armor for our
games is made from tag board and laminated. Each piece is 'put on' by the
use of elastic.  Many other options are available once you get started
thinking about it.

Always enjoy the newsletter..
Donna djones41@stis.net

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11) Shoes for the Armor of God

> I was wondering if anyone had an idea for a craft on how to make
> shoes for the armor of God.  We area trying to make each thing in Jr.

There's a pattern for making sandals in 'The Time of Jesus' by Lois
Rock, pub. Lion, ISBN: 0 7459 3881 7
It also has lots of other crafts & recipes based around the life of Jesus.

--from SSTN: you can find the book by typing the title into the Bookstore
search box:

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12) Shoes for the Armor of God

In response to the request for shoes in the armor of God, our Sunday
School class used extra large baggies.  The children put stickers on their
baggies first, then they slipped them on their feet (for little kids they
fit right over their shoes).  We tied them with yarn or ribbon.

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