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SSTN  # 108 - October 23, 2002

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1) Bee-Attitudes
2) Easy Epistle Lesson
3) October Bulletin Board   

--> Church Bazaar

4) Ideas for baby gift
5) Christmas Plays
6) COOL: Children of our Lord
7) Simple Craft for Ladies Christmas Party?
8) Psalm craft   
9) Fundraisers
10) Mission Projects
11) T-Shirt Transfer Medium   
12) Lessons on Missionaries?

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1) Bee-Attitudes

Dear Kristi,
I was able develop a wonderful unit on the "Bee-Attitudes" for our Kid's
Club (age 4-5th graders) using the book, Joy Builders  by Susan Lingo.  It
is part of the Power Builders curriculum series published by Standard
Publishing.  It is also available at www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html .
Kim Holbrook
First Baptist Church of Alliance, Ohio

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2) Easy Epistle Lesson

To Sally in Wichita - Thanks for the great idea on teaching an epistle
lesson with letter on encouragement from other areas of the country! How
unigue to place that Bible example so current in 2002!

Taking it one step further, I plan on having several friends send
encouragement in different ways. Besides the letter as you suggested, we
will recieve emails from missionaries from around the world, an audio tape
from a Pastor friend in another state, and individual notes for our kids
from another church's children's church. I plan on implementing this as a
4 week series.

Each child will decorate a folder with the Epistle theme and be given
copies of each of the letters we receive, a copy of the audio tape and of
course their personal letter from the other kid's church's program. They
will end up with their own Epistle of encouragement from other Christians
to keep.

Hopefully this will be the encouragement they can put to work themselves
as we return the favor to those that help us with the lesson - as well as
within their daily lives.

The excitement from hearing from others and making their own collection
should be intriguing to keep the kids coming regularly.

Thanks again for the GREAT idea!!!

Joyfully Serving HIM,
Emmalea Butler
Trafalgar, IN

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3) October Bulletin Board   

I know October is almost over, but I have always had a difficult time
finding a good bullitin board for this month that would reflect the
season, at yet not be halloween oriented. THis year I bought a large
bullitin board pumpkin and made a face for it using "tap lights" for the
eyes and black paper for the nose and mouth.  I surrounded it with the
verse: Matthew 5:16 "Let your light shine before men that they may see
your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."  On Sunday morning, I
just tap the lights on and it catches everyone's attention! You might want
to put this idea on file for next year, or use it as a display during any
Harvest festivals or Farm fairs that may take place instead of Halloween.
God Bless!Jennie Coleman

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Church Bazaar

Holding a Church Bazaar this holiday season? Sell our popular,
Christ-filled, "Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments" books and earn extra money!
There is NO financial risk. Learn how on this page:


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4) Ideas for baby gift

I remember making a baby foot on steamy windows as a child - it still

Before starting any of the projects, for practice, make a fist and dampen
the fleshy part of your hand (this is the "side" of the heal of your palm
and the curled up little finger) with water. Press the dampened fist onto
piece of paper and you will see a perfect imprint pad of a baby's foot.
Then dampen your thumb and a finger with water as well. Touch your thumb
(for the big toe) at the proper point on the foot (above the pad of the
foot imprint). Next touch a wet finger lightly to form the imprint of the
other 4 toes. After you have practiced this a few times, there are many
things you can do for baby with this idea.

Using fabric paint - imprint a tiny tee shirt with baby feet. Keep in mind
that you want the "wrinkles" to show - so after you dip in paint - do one
imprint on a scrap before doing your project print. You will understand
after you do the prints a few times.You can add a favorite scripture -
Proverbs 22:6, by fabric paint or by doing the scripture with computer
and following the directions that come with T-shirt transfer paper.
your shirt by ironing on the text.

If you are doing a class or church project, (even little kids can do this
with supervision), use one big piece of fabric and each person can make
imprint or 2. It will be cute to see the different sizes of baby feet.
the fabric paint has dried, complete the comforter by placing fiber-fill
batting between the completed top and a contrasting backing. Stitch the
and back together. Add satin binding around the edges and tack the sides
together by "single stitch and tie knotted" yarn throughout the quilt to
keep the fiber-fill in place.

For a cute bank for baby, decorate an empty jar with the footprint created
by using enamel paint. Paint the lid in the same color or a contrasting
one. Top the lid with by hot-gluing a children's block or cute squeaky toy
in the center. You could also make different sizes of the jars to make
nursery decanters for cotton balls, Q-Tips, etc.

For those who have computer skills, make your footprint on paper, scan it
as a graphic file for you computer. Use the footprint graphic for a
variety of coordinating projects like: Transfers for layette (shirts,
gowns, onesies, sheets. pillow case, etc) wall plaque with baby's birth
info, note paper for "Thank You" notes or announcements, etc.

Hope these ideas help. Why not do a few extra gift items while you are
creating "baby feet" and keep them on hand for the next celebration the
arrival of a new gift from God? :o)

Joyfully Serving HIM,
Emmalea Butler
Trafalgar, IN

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5) Christmas Plays   

That's modern technology for you...sorry for the confusion. The play my
church did last year was "This Man Jesus"  it can be for either Easter or
Christmas.  It goes through the lives of some of the bible characters and
tells what their relationship was after they met 'This Man Jesus.'

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6) COOL: Children of our Lord   

This past Sunday at Youth Sunday, I used the idea that someone admitted
about COOL - meaning Children of our Lord.
The children wore the Sunglasses during worship service and sang a cool
bible school song while wearing their sunglasses.  They all had a good
time, and I even got alot of good comments from the congregation.

During the announcements before service.  The Sunday School Children sit
together on Youth Sunday and I asked them how come they had sunglasses on
because summer is over with and the sun is not shinning outside.  They
kept replying "We're COOL".  Then I had one of the children explain to the
congregation what COOL really standings for.


Dillsboro, Indiana

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7) Simple Craft for Ladies Christmas Party?   

My mother has to make something for a Ladies Christmas Party/Supper for
each person.  Does anybody know of a simple/cute take home craft or would
know of a web site that would be good.

Last year someone made the snowmen from socks. 
Year before that - Angel Christmas Ornament.

My mom and I would appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks.
RS- Dillsboro, Indiana

--from SSTN: yes, check out the Christmas Crafts section on the Crafts
Most specifically: the Chrismon Star, and the Clay Nativity set.

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8) Psalm craft   

We are using the Psalm series for JR Church. Here is a craft idea we are
using for Psalm 51:10. Thought I would share it with you.

Cut black hearts from ½ sheets of construction paper.   
With a “warm” glue gun – attach a bar of soap to the center of the heart.
Place the sticker label that has the verse Psalm 51:10 below the soap on
the heart.

--from SSTN: for those interested, the Psalm Series is found in the
Sermons section of the website:

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9) Fundraisers   

For the group needing fundraisers:Our youth group took orders for homemade
pizzas. We bought foil pizza pans, made the pizzas, and delivered them on
a specified night. Be sure to figure the cost of your ingredients, then
double it to get the cost of each pizza. It worked great. Ask church
members, family and friends.Another fundraiser that does well is a raffle.
If someone from the church could donate a quilt, a woodworking project,
any large craft project, this could be the main prize. Smaller craft
projects could also be included for smaller prizes. Tickets can be sold to
friends, family, church members. I don't know the guildelines your church
has for fundraisers, but if it is allowed, you could set up a table with
the prizes at a Wal-Mart or grocery store and sell tickets there.Hope this
helps. Denise

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10) Mission Projects   

My Sunday School class makes cards, table tents and seasonal door hangers
for the nursing home and for the Veterans hospital.  Check with your local
hospital also.
For Rally Sunday we individually wrapped homemade cookies and made thank
you cards for the staff at the nursing home.  We plan on making thank you
treats for the police, EMTs, fire department and hospital.
We are also a small church in a small town.
Of course there is always the area food bank. 
God bless.  Jane

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11) T-Shirt Transfer Medium   

>A number of years ago I saw a TV programme which gave details of a liquid
>you could make which would allow photocopied pictures to be transferred
>onto fabric.

Hi,   I believe what you are looking for is called "Picture This" it is a
liquid that you can use on photocopies- B&W and color to transfer the
picture to fabric.  I have used this and it works wonderfully ... you can
purchase it at Michaels and I also believe at Wal-Mart. Hope this
helps.Lisa in WA state

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12) Lessons on Missionaries?

Our church celebrates "Christmas in October" each year.  During the month
we raise money for missionaries and one Sunday during the month our
women's group performs the duties necessary for the worship service.  Our
children have been making cards to send to the missionaries.  However, we
now have two Sundays in which I need to come up with ideas for Junior
Church.  I would like to continue on the missionary theme.  Does anyone
have any ideas?  Thanks, Shannon

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