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SSTN # 108 - October 24, 2003

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--> Hands On Lessons of the Bible

1) Pockets the Kangaroo?
2) Know God Like A Fish
3) Jesus Picture?   
4) T-Shirt story   

--> Kids Can @ Christmas Time

5) Baptism, Reconciliation Book?
6) Ten Commandments Idea
7) Solomon Lessons   
8) T-shirt object lesson

--> Dry Bones Skit

9) Penpal Friends In Turkey
10) Three Wise Men & A Baby?
11) Oat boxes?
12) Creative ways to learn the books of the Bible?   

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--> Hands On Lessons of the Bible

KID-tested and teacher approved! Can be used with rotation-type programs!
Learn more at: 


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1) Pockets the Kangaroo?   

Bette mentions using "Pockets the Kangaroo" for children..  I've searched
your web site and find no mention in the archives..  I'd like to know what
she is referring to and where it can be purchased or pattern be found..


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2) Know God Like A Fish

The following poem was written by Kyle Fredrik Schuemann before his death.
Kyle was a 22 year old University of Florida senior who died suddenly on
October 7th.


"Know God Like A Fish"

- when you catch fish,
You can't see the fish or hear the fish, but you feel fish tugging
- felt God tugging on my heart.


Kyle is the son of Bob and Margaret Schuemann. Bob is the director of
"The Gathering of Men", a men's ministry in Palm Beach County, FL. Check
out his website at:  http://www.GatheringPB.com 

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3) Jesus Picture?

I am a preschool teacher at my church and I am in need of a face picture
of Jesus.  A black and white picture so I can reproduce it.  I need this
picture to be a very friendly picture of Jesus.  Nothing on the cross.  I
really just need a sweet Jesus face picture.

If you can help I thank you very much.

Sheri Shelnutt
Parkway Baptist Church Preschool

--from SSTN: do a search using the word "coloring" in the archives:
You'll find a bunch of pages!

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4) T-Shirt story   

A young man set sail on his little sail boat (as you are making the boat
itself)He sailed and sailed
A large Ocean liner came by and did not see the little vessell and  a
crash occured   (a front or back corner of the boat is removed)
He sailed and sailed
A large storm came raging in and took off the main mast and  sails (
remove the top)
He now drifted and drifted
A fierce shark came up and attacked the back of the boat
(remove the back)
But the little sailor hung on for his life...and as you find out
(while unfolding the remainder)  that all he had left was his shirt. 
I learned this story in a secular area without any moral attached.  I
remind the children that through all the trials God remains constant and
that as the shirt was used for a signal for help... our Bible scripture,
our prayers all are tools to be used to let God know we want his help

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An Advent celebration of 31 crafts and recipes. Some of the projects
include: Epiphany Ornaments (a six-sided three dimensional ornament
inspired from the Orient), Ribbon Stars, a Paper Lace Angel, Paper Lace
Luminaries, a Nativity Windsock, a Chrismon Snowflake Butterfly (new
design), an Edible Nativity, Church Window Cookies, and the Jesus in the
Manger cupcake, to name just a few! To learn more, click the link or copy
and paste it to your browser:


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5) Baptism, Reconciliation Book?

Question for Sarah in California:
Issue #95 had the following information about baptism, reconciliation:

>> Baptism, Reconciliation...
>communion lessons to prepare children for baptism and communion. A woman
>the name of Laura Kalmer has an amazing communion and baptism curriculum
>that is inexpensive.

I am interested in this information, but my local Bible bookstore cannot
find anything under any of the ISBN numbers or by the author's name.  I'm
writing to ask if I can get some help in locating these materials.  Thank

Cathy Bodell
Benzie Area Church of Christ, Frankfort, Michigan

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6) Ten Commandments Idea

Hi Sarah and all,
I am responding to the teacher who was looking for the 10 commandment
I recently made a game , my kids really liked and I have children from
up to 14.  Taking 2 milk cartons, cutting the top off about 2 inches.
just the rim , one red and one blue. Then using clothespins, color only
"heads", 10 blue and 10 red, then number each set 1-10.  Using the relay
format for teams have them divide into two color teams.  First person in
each line picks a clothespin, he recites the corresponding commandment
the # on the pin. He then must drop it into the milk jug from at least as
high as his own waist.  If he is unable to recite the commandment he puts
the pin back in the pile and goes to the end of the line. The game is
complete when all ten colored pins are in the milkjug.  My kids really
learned the commandments and had a great time doing it. We also made a set
of Commandments by using the shape of the stone  and cutting it out of
light sandpaper. Glue a copy of the commandments  in a dark grey paper on
the face of the sandpaper, then rub a crayon lightly over the paper to get
the rough used look. Punch a hole in the top and insert string for
hanging. The kids really liked the effect of a real stone tablet. I hope
these ideas help.
Linda, from Olive Hill Ky. May God bless you.

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7) Solomon Lessons   

There is an excellent web site with several lesson plans on Solomon and
other Bible persons. It is www.Calvarychapel.com childrens site. I pray
that this site will suite some of  your needs. Your sister in Christ  (
Martha )

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8) T-shirt object lesson

I never heard it told in a lesson format although it would be very easy
to apply it as such.  The Basic story I learned was about a child bored
with nothing to play with but a sheet of paper and then going through a
series of objects w/play activities such as:
The plain hat - simply wore it   The kite - flew it
The firefighter's hat - played firefighter
The "Robin Hood" hat - played "Robin Hood"
The boat - played "Huck Finn"
going down the river, hit a rock that broke off the front end,
began going backwards to avoid sinking, only to hit the same rock -
breaking off the rear, flip over and off with the top also.
With nothing else left to do, the child climbs upon the bottom side to
float ashore.
Expurgated, wet, with his/her clothing torn to shreds; what remains of
that sheet of paper comes undone to become a long, warm shirt.

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--> Dry Bones Skit

Check out this great new puppet skit in the Skits section at:


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9) Penpal Friends in Turkey

The land of Turkey has a population of 70 million, and 99% are Muslim.
Open missionary activity is not allowed and most Turks have never
received a Christian witness.

Our "Pen Friends" program offers you and your Christian friends the
opportunity to have one or more pen friends in Turkey and to share the
Gospel with them.

Addresses of Turkish pen friends are obtained from English teachers and
others in Turkey.  All correspondence is done in English.  Most Pen
Friends are ages 13 - 19, though some adults are included.  We try to
match persons by age group and common interests.

God bless you!

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10) Three Wise Men & A Baby?

I am in search of book for the christmas musical Three
Wise Men and a Baby. Our church wants to do this for
our christmas program however we have found that it is
out of print. I am also in search of a video of
someone doing this program. Thank you. Robin Blain

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11) Oat Boxes?

I would like some help finding things to do with Oats Boxes for our
Children's Church. Maybe Some craft ideas.

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12) Creative ways to learn the books of the Bible?   

I teach a small primary Sunday school class and we are taking the Great
Book Challenge.  I would like some interesting activities to go along with
learning the books of the Bible, we’re already doing the Lured to Learn
activity.  I would appreciate any ideas you have. Debbie

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