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SSTN # 109 - December 20, 2004

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Noel Christmas Photo Frame

1) Bible, the Best source
2) Bible Character Pillows?
3) January craft ideas?

Curriculum For The New Year

4) Scarecrow lollipops
5) Craft Books
6) Craft Book
7) Recycled strawberry baskets
8) Bulletin boards for 05'?
9) Christmas Under Attack...the irony

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1) Bible the Best source

I'm not sure what it means when you talk about confirmation class.  I
suppose that is something in the denomination of which you belong.
I do know that no book you can buy in the bookstore can teach your child
more than she will gain from the Bible.  While there are others who can
help teach your child, you are the best teacher for her.  Maybe you feel
that you don't know enough.  Study together.  2 Timothy 2:15 says, "Study
to show thyself approved to God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed
rightly dividing the Word of God." Have a friend study with both of you. 
The New Testament christians followed the example of Jesus, and so should
we. The New Testament church is, or should be, the church of our Lord
Jesus Christ.  We should follow his doctrine and creed, straight from
God's Word, not man-made doctrines and creeds.  Romans 6:17 says, "But God
be thanked that though you were slaves of sin, yet you obeyed from the
heart that form of doctrine to which you were delivered."   Romans 16:17
says, "Now I urge you, brethren, note those who cause divisions and
offenses, contrary to the doctrine which you learned, and avoid them."

God also does not want you to be confused.  He wants to help you.  We may
not always understand all that we read, but with prayer and study, we can
be confident in our walk as baptized believers.
It is sad that your church "council" is not taking care of a problem.  It
is more sad if your "pastor" is teaching that which is not right.  Mark
7:7 says, "But, in vain do they worship me, teaching [for] doctrines the
commandments of men."  Matthew 7:15 says, "Beware of false prophets, which
come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."
I will be praying for you and this situation, that you may find what you
are searching for in God's Word.
In Him,
Lori in Oklahoma

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2) Bible Character Pillows?

I am looking for fabric panels to purchase of various Bible characters
(Jesus, Adam & Eve, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Ruth, Esther, Mary, etc.) that
you cut out, sew and stuff to make a pillow (approx. 12” tall or larger)
.  These can be used for small children to hug and love, to teach Bible
class lessons, to give as a gift to a sick child and even adults.  Does
anyone know of any sources for this?  I’ve searched the internet without
much success.  Blessings to all,

Rene’ T.
Houston, TX

--from SSTN: You can purchase iron-on transfer paper from an office supply
store and print out designs from your computer. Designs can be scanned
into your computer from copyright free coloring books and colorized in a
paint program.

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3) January craft ideas?

      Do you have any good craft ideas for January? I do crafts for
pioneer club. Ages 2 thru 18. Ant ideas would be helpful. Happy Holidays!

In Christ,

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Curriculum For The New Year

"Hands On Lessons of the Bible" are easy-to-implement and can be incorporated
into rotation-type programs! One book is all you need for an entire
classroom. Complimentary USA shipping too!

Available at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/curriculum.html   

All sales help support SSTN and ChristianCrafters.Com.

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4) Scarecrow lollipops

The scarecrow lollipops make very good witness tools. I used them with
ages 6 to 10. The kids liked them. The story that goes with the scarecrow
was a very good one. The kids seemed to really enjoy it. Thanks keep up
the good work.

--from SSTN: I'm glad you liked them! For anyone else that's interested,
you may find them in the Crafts-Yummy Devotions section at:
Sarah Keith <><

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5) Craft books
* "Crafts from your favorite Bible Stories" by Kathy Ross.  There are 27
creative crafts representing stories from the Bible with Bible chapters
listed for each.  All crafts are shown in colorful illustrations with
clear step by step directions.  Crafts include: Creation Wheel, The Tree
of Knowledge, Noah's Ark, Sarah and Baby Isaac Puppet, Jacob's Ladder,
Joseph Magnet, Moses in the Bulrushes Glove Puppet, The Parting of the Red
Sea, Ram Horn Trumpet, Hair-Gowing Samson, Hand Lamb, Elijah and the
Ravens Puppets, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the Fiery Furnace, The
Handwriting Appears on the Wall, Jonah in the Big Fish Puppet, Cardboard
Tube Manger, Three Kings Hats, Turning Water Into Wine, Stand Up and Walk,
A Basket With Five Loaves and Two Fishes, Jairus's Daughter Puppet, Jesus
Walks on Water, A Story About Gratitude, Waving Palms, The Empty Tomb,
Jesus Ascends, and Paul Over the Wall.  I love Kathy Ross' craft books and
her craft ideas are always the best.  Each craft is thoroughly thought out
and made from inexpensive materials and paper that emphasize Bible
stories.  Her crafts make the Bible stories more concrete and easier for
the students to understand and also a lot of fun.  I do wish that the book
contained patterns for the crafts, but I still think this is a fantastic
Bible craft book and a must to have!

* "Crafts to Celebrate God's Creation" by Kathy Ross.  This book is packed
with 28 creative crafts emphasizing God's creations.  These crafts and
activities make God’s creations come alive and are more rememberable for
the children.  All crafts are made from inexpensive materials that are
presented in colorful illustrations with easy step by step directions. 
Tons of super extraordinary and superb ideas for your class to enjoy and
do.  Not only will your class have fun doing these crafts, they are also
educational too.  Some notable crafts are: Glue and Tissue Earth, Night to
Day Wheel, Sunrise Cup Puppet, The Changing Moon, Water Covering the
Earth, Dry Land Appearing, Grass Hat, Tree With Squirrel Puppet, Growing
Plant, Growing Flower Puppet, Different People Envelopes Puzzle, Label
Necklace, etc.

* "Crafts and More for Children's Ministry" by Karen Henley & Lois
Keffer.  This book is packed with 86 fun things to do and make for Bible
stories.  41 Old and 45 New Testament Bible story lessons with questions
to ask the children, activities, and crafts.  Each imaginative lesson is
thoroughly thought out with what to say to the students, what to do, and
how to present it.   Every lesson is made from inexpensive materials and
illustrated with easy step by step directions, what you need, and
patterns.  There are even creative snacks that the students can make that
corresponds with the Bible story.  I don't have this book, but I'm
ordering it right now!  It really looks great!    
You can get this at: 


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6) Craft Book

I recently found a book from the "Highlights for Children" catalog that
has all kinds of crafts from paper plates, toilet paper rolls, etc.  It
is actually titled 'Look What You Can Make With Dozen's of Household
Items"  catchy, isn't it? 
Barbara in WA (the state that is)

--from SSTN: you can find this book in our bookstore. Just type the title
into the search box at:

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7) Recycled strawberry baskets

To see how one of our fellow SSTN members used recycled strawberry
baskets, check out our Creative Challenge page at:


Have any new recycle ideas? Share them at:

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8) Bulletin boards for 05'?

For 2005 I need ideas for bulletin boards at our church.

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9) Christmas Under Attack...the irony

As much as I think it's wonderful that the Christmas season allows more
open discussion of Jesus, I think that it's also rather interesting how
worked up we Christians get over defending Christmas.  It isn't Jesus'
birthday, it isn't mentioned in the bible, the apostles didn't celebrate
it, yet we fight for it tooth and nail...I think that Satan probably gets
a big kick out of the contortions people go through in the holidays
(cards, gifts, etc.) and the defending of CHRISTmas, since it isn't from
God in the first place.  Now I know much good is done in the "Christmas
Spirit", the needy are helped, it's a time for family etc.  but I think we
need to be careful to know what is really is that we're defending so
vehemently.  What would Jesus do at Christmas 2004?  Would he stage
protests of the commercialization of Christmas, or would he be found
quietly helping out in the local soup kitchen?  WWJD ><>?

--from SSTN: I think you missed the point of my editorial. I am not
concerned about saving or defending the retail industry. I do find it
ironic that the very thing, or One, that made the retail industry so
successful is now being removed from it. That being said, the systematic
removal of Jesus Christ from our culture throughout the year is occurring
and how we as Christians face this reality is of great importance to me.

I don't understand what you mean by Jesus' birthday not being mentioned in
the Bible. Matthew and Luke give vivid accounts of his birthday. The fact
that most Christians universally observe and celebrate it on Dec. 25th, as
opposed to the actual day he was born, which is unknown, is less important
than the fact that we set aside one "special day" to remember, "The Word
becoming flesh and living among us." (John 1:14) (We should celebrate this
event throughout the year as well.)

It has always been such a pleasure and a witness to hear the glorious
songs and wonderful displays of Christmas in the public square. It saddens
me greatly to see this forbidden.

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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