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SSTN  # 109 - October 25, 2002

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1) Pastor Leaving?
2) Shoes for the Armor of God
3) Computers in classroom

--> Church Bazaar

4) Lost Friend?
5) Teaching Senior High
6) Children's Activities during Church

--> God's Top 10

7) Circle of pen pals   
8) Christian Pen Pal Circle
9) Bible Olympics?
10) Born Again Idea   
11) Christmas Program - International
12) Puppet Ministry?   

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1) Pastor Leaving?

I am in charge of the Children’s ministry at my church.  Our Pastor will
be laving to go to another church, he has resigned his position.  I would
like to do something for him from the kids.  Does anyone have any ideas?
Laura Watson

--from SSTN: You might try the Archives List for "appreciation ideas":
Also, I've just added a new Pastor Appreciation skit to the Skits page:

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2) Shoes for the Armor of God      

> Hi,  I was wondering if anyone had an idea for a craft on how to
> make shoes for the armor of God.  We area trying to make each thing in

I recently saw a cute craftbook idea for sandals - trace the children's
feet on heavy paper or poster board, and let them cut out the feet.  Then
punch 2 holes on each side near the toes and 2 holes on each side near
the heel. Thread heavy string or leather thongs through the holes, and
tie over the toes and around the ankle. I think this idea was in a Group
Publishing book on Bible Time crafts.  Blessings,
Kit MacLeod, North Palm Beach

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3) Computers in classroom

>Does anyone use computers in their Sunday School classes?
>Does anyone with the rotation model use them? 

We have been doing rotation for over two years at our church and we have a
computer lab.  I don’t want to put a damper on your enthusiasm, but I
would caution you that you need to be careful if you solicit donated
computers.  We began with 5 donated computers from our congregation.  One
was great.  One was ok and the others were dinosaurs!  We limped along for
about 10 months with them — they required countless hours of our computer
techie’s time AND the kids immediately knew which machine was the best, so
they fought over the good computer!  The good news about this is that
someone anonymously donated $5000 to our Sunday school for the purchase of
computers!  We now have six state-of-the-art new computers and it is
wonderful!  Computer labs are wonderful, but even new machines need lots
of TLC and pampering...make sure you have someone who is willing to do
that for you if you  aren’t real tech-oriented.  Anyway, I’m not saying
that used computers should never be considered, only that you should be
pretty picky  and if you do decide to accept donations, make sure you are
very specific about what you need.

I’d be happy to talk with you more about computers or rotation model
Sunday school.  We LOVE it and have spent a lot of time sharing with other
churches in our region, putting on workshops, etc.  E-mail me at
jderden@chartertn.net or check out our church website:
www.state-street.org We have lots of pictures of our rooms on the church
site (navigate to the G.R.E.A.T. Adventure)

Blessings as you begin this new adventure!

Jaymie Derden

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Church Bazaar

Holding a Church Bazaar this holiday season? Sell our popular,
Christ-filled, "Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments" books to earn extra money!
There is NO financial risk. Learn how on this page:


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4) Lost Friend?

I don't know if I am writing to the right place or not, but I need your
help.  I made a new friend through this newsletter but I seem to have lost
her.  My computer needed to be reformated but I forgot to save my address
book so I don't have her email.  It was my turn to write her so she is
probably waiting for me.  Her name is Sophie ( I won't put her last name)
If anyone knows who I'm talking about or Sophie if you read this please
email me.
Lori Attack  matak@cuic.ca

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5) Teaching Senior High

Here is a website that might help: www.ninetyandnine.com

Also - have you checked around for curriculum?  You can download a sample
lesson form this site: www.upci.org/wap
This curriculum deals with teen issues and is very good -- not repetitive.
There is so much good stuff out there that it really does not make sense
for people to try to write their own.  Hours and hours are spent putting
together one lesson for curriculum, and there are very few people who are
willing to spend that much time on one lesson.
Hope this helps.

La Marque. TX

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6) Children's Activities during Church-ATTN Carol      

>Carrie I finally got the exact wording on the box at my mom's
>Church for the cloth bags the kids can use during
>worship: "Please feel free to use the fun supplies...

Carol, I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of items your mom's
church provides in the bags?  What items are the "fun supplies".  If
anyone else can give some input on this topic, I would sure appreciate it.
This past Sunday during the Lord's Supper Celebration, I passed out the
activity bags to our children.  I got a good response from the children
but I need more ideas for items to include in the bags.  I sure could use
any ideas out there.
In His Service,
Gracie  (Christian & Missionary Alliance Church)

--from SSTN: You might want to check the Archives List to follow the
previous discussion: http://christiancrafters.com/archives.html 

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God's Top 10 - Understanding God's Love In The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments contain many "Do Nots". They teach us God’s holy
standard and show us how far we fall short of his perfection. But they are
more than this; in these "Do Nots", one can find a positive message: a
message of God’s love. (Developed by Sarah Keith for Kindergarten to 5th
grade) Click the following link to learn more:


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7) Circle of pen pals   

Hi Sarah, I have gotten some great responses in regards to setting up a
circle of pen pals.  It seems our children are hungry to connect with each
other. How wonderful!  I'm not sure how to go about this though.  I'm
looking into setting up a website for this purpose but I was wondering if
you would have any ideas?  Is there some way we could link with your
website?  thanks, Penny

--from SSTN: see the next posting. ;o))

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8) Christian Pen Pal Circle

Dear Sarah Keith,
You have allowed for something very wonderful to begin. Because of SSTN, a
program called Christian Pen Pal Circle (CPPC) has been started and
already has several inquiries from people who are interested. I am
including a flyer that I have made for CPPC in hopes that you, too, will
spread the word in your community and on your website. Any information you
need on this, I would be glad to provide.
Thank you again for everything!!!
God bless you,
YSIC Christine Watson

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9) Bible Olympics?

We are using the Olympic theme for a crusade we are having in November. 
Does anyone have any ideas?  We would also love to receive any material
from when your organization might have used this theme.  Please contact me
at sophiabryan@hotmail.com

--from SSTN: I know there are tons of ideas in the Archives List:

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10) Born Again Idea   

To Pat who is looking for Born Again Ideas:
I go this idea from a rotation workshop. The theme they were focusing on
was Resurrection, but you may be able to adapt it to your needs. Have the
children make their own paper. Paper making recipes can be found in craft
books or on the web. Some are elaborate and some are as easy as mixing
toilet paper and water in a blender then pressing through a screen. While
the mixture is still in the blender, add some flower seeds. Give it a
quick blend, then press the mixture through a screen. Blot it with a
sponge, and it will be dry before the end of the hour. The kids can take
it home, lay it on top of some dirt in a plant pot, or soak it in a small
amount of water in a margarine tub lid, and it will sprout in a just a few
days. The destruction and rebirth is evident for the Resurrection theme.
For you, this might give the kids a concrete sense of Jesus planting
"seeds" in our hearts. Hope this sparks some lesson ideas!
Karen, WI

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11) Christmas Program - International   

Hello-  We have hopes of doing an international Christmas program.  Each
Sunday School class would represent the Christmas traditions of another
country and sing a Christmas song from their assigned country.  does
anyone know of any Christmas pageant/play that incorporates world
traditions and music?
Thank you.

Karen D. Moulton
Director of Christian Education
Second Congregational Church, UCC
35 Conant St.
Beverly, MA 01915

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12) Puppet Ministry?   

Hello- I have never posted on here before, so I hope I do everything
correctly. We are wanting to start a puppet ministry
at our church, and I wondered if any of you have puppet ministries or
could give me any hints regarding the proper handling, that type of
thing.  We have our puppets, full bodied 28in puppets, Grandma, Dad,
Mom, little boy and dog. Thank you in advance for any help. 
I appreciate it.
Evelyn H.

Jesus is Lord

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