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SSTN # 10 - February 2, 2005

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1) Creative challenge: Paper Plates
2) Twelve days song
3) Lent ideas for junior high?
4) Bible Books song / rhyme?
Egg-Shaped Easter Story Cards / Booklet

5) Valentine Banquet
6) "Survivor" Youth Summer Retreat?
7) Valentine Banquet
8) Kids Sing Praise 3?
9) Sermon on the Mount?

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1) Creative challenge: Paper Plates

Check it out at:

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2) Twelve days song

This is for the person who wanted the words to the twelve days of
Go to christmas eternal.com

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3) Lent ideas for junior high?

I am looking for suggestions for books that would be helpful to me with
junior high students.  I am especially looking for some Lent related ideas
at this time.  Thank you for any help.

--from SSTN: check out: "Destination Easter! / Lenten Programs and
Practices for Youth" You'll find it in our Holidays & Holy Days section of
our Bookstore at:

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4) Bible Books song / rhyme?

I'm looking for a method to teach my kids the books of the Bible -  a song
or a rhyme that will stick in their minds..... any help appreciated, audio
would be fantastic!
Thank you
Sarah Smithard,
North Wales, Great Britain

--from SSTN: check out our Archives and Links pages for many resources on
this subject.  http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com 

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Egg-Shaped Easter Story Cards / Booklet

When the cards are cut, colored and assembled, players can play Easter Egg
Scramble and discover a secret Easter message! With two black and white
"cross" and "resurrection" drawings to color! Reproducible so your whole
class can make a set!

Find them in the Curriculum section at: http://www.christiancrafters.com/curriculum.html   

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5) Valentine Banquet

Last year we held a banquet for all members of our church.. We played a
game the whole time. I cut hearts out and put them on safety pins. The
object was not to cross your arms. legs or fingers. If you did someone
could come up and get your heart. I know it is kinda like a baby shower
game but everyone had a lot of fun. (It has been requested to play again
this year.) At the end of the banquet the woman and the man with the most
hearts won a small gift..
God Bless

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6) "Survivor" Youth Summer Retreat?

My husband and I are planning a Youth Summer Retreat (grades 7-12) with
our Youth Group.  We want it to be a "Survivor" type of a weekend with
challenges - but no "voting out"!  Can anyone give us any ideas you may
have???  We have four camping sites - no cabins, but tents. 
Thank you,

--from SSTN: have you checked out the Survivor -Temptation Island lessons
at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/sermons.html 

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7) Valentine Banquet

At one banquet we did a version of the Newlywed Game, only our couples
were married any where from 1- 40 years (there were dating couples at the
dinner but we had prepicked 4 married couples). We made sure that we
picked couples who we knew would be fun to watch. Everyone loved this and
we had a great time. We asked questions like - what make was his first
car? what color is her/ his toothbrush? what is her mother's maiden name,
etc. The fun thing about this is that the people at the tables who aren't
"official contestants" tend to answer the questions amongst themselves and
have their own laughs.

Have fun,
Linda in Edmonds

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8) Kids Sing Praise 3?

Hi, I'm trying to find a CD copy of Kids Sing Praise 3, mainly because it
has The Perfect 10 song.  I learned this song as a 3rd graded and since
then have taught it to my two small cousins.  It would be wonderful to
give them music to accompany the song.  Not to mention the other greats on
this CD. 
Thank you so much, Jessi

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9) Sermon on the Mount?

hello, i am putting together a series for 1st - 6th grades on the sermon
on the mount for spring. anyone have any suggestions for reference material,
crafts, snacks, and games that are related to beatitudes.

just a side note on less crafts, more bible. i say MORE crafts, games as
well as MORE bible.  i get the lesson into the kids any way i can. it is
very important for your tactile learners to be "doing" something, it HELPS
them learn. i try to have snacks that are related to the lesson (sarah
laughed outside the tent when the visitor told abraham his wife was going
to have a baby) we made "smiles" using apple slices, peanut butter, and
mini marshmallows for teeth, played a game where one team tried to make
the other team laugh. when i write a lesson, i try to include all the
senses. we hear it, feel it, smell it (a can of tuna is great when you
teach jonah) taste it, see it. consider all the learning styles. just
because the kids are sitting still, listening to the story, doesn't mean
they are hearing a word you say!! the ones falling out of their chairs or
rolling on the floor may be getting more than you realize!!

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