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SSTN # 10 - January  24, 2003

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--> Armor of God Game with Playing Cube

1) Ongoing Disruptive Child Saga
2) Three year old twin adoption
3) Diverse Ages and Involving Others?
4) Adopting 3 year old twins

--> Ten Commandments Series

5) Equipping Teachers?
6) Leaders in Training?
7) Idea for teen and preteen   
8) Easter Songs?   

--> Fun and Easy Easter Pageants

9) Adopting 3 year old twins
10) Blind Bartemaeus
11) Adopting 3 year old twins
12) Teen and preteen ideas   

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Armor of God Game with Playing Cube

Kids can make the Armor of God Playing Cube and take it home.
It's a great memory tool! Only $3.00 to download the pattern.
Print out as many copies as you need! Go to the following webpage
to get the free lesson and to learn more: 


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1) Ongoing Disruptive Child Saga   

I have found that when dealing with a disruptive child that praising the
children that are doing a good job will a lot of times make the disruptive
children want to do a good job for you also. A lot of times all the
disruptive child is looking foe is attention and they will get it one way
or the other. So when you can get them to wanting to got it in a good
manner you are benefiting the child in the best way.
Bridget Bradyville, TN

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2) Three year old twin adoption

This should be a time of celebration!  Have a "3 year old" shower and ask
the couple to register at a local store.  Ask everyone to bring a special
scripture for the girls and put them in a scrapbook. Make sure and
document the whole thing with pictures so that the girls can look back at
this time as a major milestone in their lives with a church accepting them
with open arms and love.  End the time with a big circle of prayer asking
God's wisdom and intervention and blessings on this new family unit as the
girls make adjustments from their previous situation to this home.

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3) Diverse Ages and Involving Others?

Our church is in the midst of getting a new pastor (our old one left
rather unexpectedly).  As a result, our attendance has become rather low and our
once-small sunday school group is now even smaller (7/8 children, with
usually on 3-4 of them there on any given Sunday.)  The children range in
age from 3-11 years old. We are looking for Sunday School ideas for this
diverse age group to get us 'over the hump' until we have guidance from a
new pastor. Also, since there are additionl children and youth in the
church we could use some ideas on how to get them involved in Sunday
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4) Adopting 3 year old twins

> We have a couple in our church adopting 3 year twin girls.  We would like
> to honor them somehow since it has been a 3 year battle.  Do you have any
> ideas?  Need ASAP.

Just offer your support and encouragement! I've adopted 3 year twin b/g
too (now they are almost 12)and it is very hard in the beginning: you have to
learn to dial with these two babies and their needs...They are still so
little...Unless they need "practice" stuff (clothes-shoes-beds-etc.) that
it is a big experience, just give them all your love...maybe have a "party"
with the congregation. I had to do all by myself and it was very stressful
sometime but i've never felt loved and completed like i'm now. God blessed
me with them.
Keep you in my prayers
Doris - Italy
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Ten Commandments Series

Does your church offer a midweek Bible class for Kindergarten - 6 grade?
Then consider teaching "God's Top Ten - Understanding God's Love In The
Ten Commandments". This series covers 10 two hour sessions, or 20 one hour
sessions. Get the first lesson free! Learn more on the following webpage:


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5) Equipping Teachers?

I have recently become a suprintendant of the Sunday School Department at
our Church in South Africa ( Durban). I am looking for information that I
could use to run a seminar or do a workshop with the techers in order to
better equip them to teach the
children. I would appreciate any advice or literautre or information the
may have.

Thank You
Yours in Christ.
Deon Mathew Chetty

--from SSTN: look at, "Children's Ministry That Works" in the Christian
education section of the bookstore:

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6) Leaders in Training?

Is anyone aware of resources to train teenagers to be leaders in
children's ministry?  We have teenagers who want to be in the children's ministry to
"help".  (Loosely translated that means some of them want to get out of
the adult service :) We do have youth service on alternating Sundays.)  Some
of these kids can be discipled to be great children's ministry leaders
(that's how I learned), but I need to channel their energies and interest.  After
they fill out an application and understand the expectations, I would like
to have them work through some course material on their level.

For example, I believe AWANA has an LIT program (?).  Can anyone recommend
what has worked for them--do you have a study through denominational
literature?  If possible, please also provide contact info.

Downingtown,  PA

--from SSTN: make sure you give product code: ISBN so I may locate any of
these resources for our Bookstore.

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7) Idea for teen and preteen   

Just a couple of suggestions. Let the preteens be helpers! Let one go to
each class to get the offering another to get attendance books. If you
have a time before classes let the teens do short skits, puppet shows,
devotional, reading. This kids love to help and they have great ideas.
Most are willing. Pray for each child, ask God how to proceed, I bet He
has all your answers already. Do any sing or play instruments?
This is an important time for them and they blossum when appreciated. I
hope this helps. Will pray about it too.

Praying 4 U

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8) Easter Songs?   

I have a small class with children aged 5-12. I am looking for a series
of Easter songs that go from Good Friday through Easter as a program for
the children on Easter morning. Any ideas or suggestions would be great!
May God bless,

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--> Fun and Easy Easter Pageants

Get "Fun and Easy Easter Pageants- with Soundtrack CD",
in the Games and Skits section of the Bookstore at:


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9) Adopting 3 year old twins

Why not throw a shower party for the family? That way the whole church
can celebrate.


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10) Blind Bartemaeus

>>Do you have anything on blind Bartemaeus? My next lesson is on "Faith
>>Cries Out". And I need some ideas really fast. Thanks. Linda.

Linda, I don't know what age level you work with, but I work with 3rd
grader and I just did a lesson on Jesus Heal us....This is a craft project
I did.

Making Mud
Took a container of  Jello istant pudding
crumbled oreo cookies mix 1tbs of pudding and 1tbs of pudding mix in a
ziplock sandwich bag. (Made this ahead of time) one per child. then let
each child mix 1/2 cup of COLD Choc. milk close zip lock and squish
together wait at least 5 min. and eat with a spoon.

Mud doesnt seem special yet Jesus used it to heal.
Let me tell you a story and every time i say "mud" squish your mud (don't
do it to hard or you will poke a whole in your bag) Then continue by
reading the story of John 9: 1-11 at the end is when I let them eat their
mud... jello mix and cookie = dirt and choc. milk = dirty water

Maybe you can use this for the readings of Luke 18:35-43 ?????

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11) Adopting 3 year old twins

Have a special dedication day for them.  Most
churches have baby dedication, if yours does you can do it similar to
that. Make sure someone takes pictures, than you or someone else can make a
scrapbook for the twins.
God Bless

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12) Teen and preteen ideas   

We are currently using the Box Office Bible Study
series in our high school class, and have seen
attendance improve.  We set the room up like a lounge
with sofas and coffe tables, beanbags and lots of
pillows.  The teacher selects (in advance) a lesson
and video to show, then they discuss the situation
with Biblical emphasis.  It has been quite sucessful.

Also, for during morning Worship, suggest that they
join in the music, many teens play an instrument at
school, they can use that talent for God's glory!
Suggest that they put together a skit or drama, or
form a vocal or instrumental ensemble. 

My church growing up also had a "youth counsel" that
was appointed by the leadership.  The counsel was
required to attend every service (or notify leadership
in advance of absence), arrive 30 minutes early for
prayer, take notes of the sermon or message (that were
turned in weekly for approval by the pastor/youth
pastor) and we all had to sit on the front row.  For
performance motivated youth (first-borns, high
achievers, those hungry for affirmation) this was
really great.

--from SSTN: the Box Office Bible Study may be found in our bookstore by
typing the title into the search box:

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