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SSTN  # 110 - October 28, 2002

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1) Trick-or-treat thank you notes
2) Bible Carnival Idea
3) Advent ideas
4) Grants for Non-Profits

--> FREE Advent Crafts

5) Crusade - Olympic Theme?
6) Hidden Pictures Books   
7) Jonah ideas
8) Born Again: Seed Lesson Idea

--> FREE Christmas Ornament!

9) Christmas with Santa Program?
10) Teaching Respect?   
11) Fiery Furnace Craft Ideas?
12) Age of Accountability?   

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1) Trick-or-treat thank you notes

Here's how we're doing it. Have the kids draw a picture/black and white.
Ours drew pumpkins/jack-o-laterns across the bottom it says thank you
from (their first name). I then took the picture shrank it down to fit
4 to a page and copied onto orange paper. On the back side, I included
the pumpkin story about being a christian. PLUS: invited them to attend
our church.

I know some object to trick-or-treating, but you can it to witness and
reach out to others in the community. Trick or treating is still very
much a part of our small, rural community.

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2) Bible Carnival Idea

Kids play games and win a colored index card with the name of a book of
the Bible on it. On the wall are headings: Books of Law, etc. Each
division a different color scheme. Plus to make it easier, I put the
names of the books of the Bible in order on a small strip of paper
(adding machine tape spaced out accordingly) After they play through
the old testament, we say all of them. Then play the new testament
books of the bible...the same way. Then we say all the books of the new

Have a nice day...audrey

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3) Advent ideas

Our church is planning an advent event/evening--the week prior to
advent. We will have stations set up to make advent wreaths, devotions
on what each part of the wreath means, etc. We will follow with songs,
cookies, cocoa etc.

Do you have any other thoughts, ideas that have worked well for such an
event? Do you know of any materials on Advent that you like that we can
distribute to each family to do their advent devotions at home each

Thanks for your insights...bonnie  

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4) Grants for Non-Profits

GO to the library and ask to look at the Grant Book. It is usually in the
reference section and cannot be checked out. It lists all the grants

For most grants you have to prove you are providing a service to the
community. Sunday school is not considered a service: but afterschool
programs, mother's day out, etc., are.  I understand there is a lot of
funding for afterschool. Also check the Faith Based initiative program
that the president started.  I do not know how to get info, but your
senator should. Email him or her.


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--> FREE Advent Crafts

Celebrate this coming Advent season with family and friends.
Get "Kids Can @ Christmas Time", "Chrismon-Kids", and
"Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments". Follow the links to download
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5) Crusade - Olympic Theme?

I am preparing a Crusade for about a 100 kids in November.  We will be
using the Olympics theme.  Does anyone have any suggestions regarding
bible stories, arts and crafts and a format?

--from SSTN: check the Archives too. There are lots of olympic ideas in

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6) Hidden Pictures Books   

There are a couple of books here in the UK.  They are called Spot the
Spinks.  One book is based on the OT, the other is entitled Spot the
Spinks 2 - Back to the time of Jesus.  In each book you have to spot Sam
and Sue within the pictures which are accompanied by the appropriate
Biblical passage.

The books are obtained here in the UK from

CPO, (Christian Publicity Organisation)
Canterbury Road,
West Sussex. BN13 1BW

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7) Jonah ideas

Here are 3 web sites that I use every week.  You can
find activities for your Bible scholars and artists.

Bible Activity Work Sheets:

Calvary Chapel Children's Ministry:

MSSS Crafts and Resources for Bible study:

These web sites should be useful for anyone planing
a children's Bible Study.

In His Service in Little Rock,

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8) Born Again: Seed Lesson Idea

> I have to give a lesson on being "Born Again" for 7 year olds. I was
> thinking about the seed that Jesus plants in our hearts and I am trying
> find a lesson that will tie in with it. Any suggestions will be a

I got white film canisters ( any place that developes film will give you
the empty canisters).  I filled them with damp cottonballs.  I slid a seed
(sunflower or bean works well) between the cotton and the canister wall.
The children can watch the seed grow in a few days.  When the plant gets
bigger plant it in soil.  The seed is a person.  Christ is the mositure
"water of life."  As the new Christian grow the seed splits in two.  The
mature plant grows toward God and matures to produce more seeds.


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FREE Christmas Ornament!

Do you remember the fun of making paper-cut snowflakes as a child?
This holiday season relive the nostalgia with friends and family by making
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Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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9) Christmas with Santa Program?

I read a Christmas play that involved 2 characters, Santa and a mother who
is dozing on Christmas Eve.  Santa comes in and tells the mother that
someone has to teach the children what the meaning is behind so much of
our Christmas celebrations.  As he pulls things out of his bag he tells
the meaning.

Does anyone have access to this play or know where I can find a copy?
Thank you,

--from SSTN: We may have something like this, check the Skits section of
the site:  http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com 

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10) Teaching Respect?

I need help/ideas on teaching kids ages: 3-9yrs.old:  RESPECT!
I have checked the archives and have gotten some ideas, but would like
more output as to teaching them, especially respect during church service.
Any help would be appreciated.

God Bless!

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11) Fiery Furnace Craft Ideas?   

I teach 5, 6 and 7 year olds.  We will be doing a lesson on Shadrach,
Meshach, and Abednego and I am needing craft ideas that are simple.  The
name of the lesson is When Fire Did Not Burn, and the memory verse is
"God... will deliver us" Daniel 3:17.  The aim is to teach the children
that God will take care of them.  I have searched the archives and haven't
found anything.  Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.  This newsletter
is always so much help in planning lessons.  Keep Up The Good Work.
May God Bless Always,
Amy, Alabama

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12) Age of Accountability?   

Do you know if there is such a thing on the bible. Huge discussion right
now among some sunday school teachers. If you are aware ... do have the

--from SSTN: It's been recently discussed here too. Check the Archives
List under the topic of "Unsaved Children". #106_Oct02, and  #102_Oct02.


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