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SSTN # 110 - October 29, 2003

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--> Hands On Lessons of the Bible

1) Creation activities   
2) Need Help   
3) Need Help
4) Creation Activities   

--> Kids Can @ Christmas Time

5) Creation Activities
6) Secret Santa or Secret Admirer
7) Creation Activities
8) Creation Activities   

--> Instant Christmas Plays

9) Horse and Rider Song
10) Teaching Genesis To 1st Graders   
11) Trunk or Treat decorating ideas?
12) Christmas children service

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--> Hands On Lessons of the Bible

Can be used with rotation-type programs! KID-tested and teacher approved!
Learn more at: 

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1) Creation activities   

We just did this one, I also teach 1st and 2nd grade. I scoured the
supplies room and got a wide assortment of items, pipe cleaners, colored
papers, sequins, feathers, glue, hole punches, etc. and let them make
their own creations. We also went around the circle when they were done
and had them each talk about their creation and give it a name.

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2) Need Help   

It is hard to not want to tell the parents but this MUST be the girls
responsibility. Whatever the problem is between her and her parents will
only get worse if you intervene.
Instead use your motherly instincts to talk with her and try to put your
life into perspective with hers. Helping her to find out why she has low
self esteem and to encourage her to seek better for herself will help her
so much more than telling her parents. They will find out in due time.
I too have had the angst of having a daughter who left home at a young
age. She is now 20 and has a one year old daughter. She is growing up
slowly and comes to me for advice now where before I didn't know what she
was going through. I've also helped other girls through some bad times
with parents by relating my own experiences.
God bless you as you seek to help her. My prayers are with you.

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3) Need Help

To need help (youth Teacher)

You have put yourself into a most compromising situation.  I appears that
neither of the youth are repentant.  My suggestion is to demand that they
go to their parents.  Tell them if they don't you will and stick to it.
Make sure you catch the opportunity when they are going to be present and
stick to your word.  It is not going to be easy because you are not
blameless at this point.  You have been a part of a very unfortunate
scheme.  You have protected sin without meaning to add to a situation, as
you are realizing this, because it is making you very uncomfortable in the
parents presence.  Remember David.  One quick look over the wall at
Bathsheba.  A ball began to roll that created more and more deception.
This is what is happening to you but remember David was "a man after God's
own heart."  This had to be dealt with no matter the hurt.  This is a very
unfortunate situation because you began as an innocents bystander and
meaning well by trying to be friend.
I wish you the best in working out your problem.  You are hurting very
much.  There is no pain as great as the dealing with the consequence of
sin. The advice I gave to you is in no way meant to make matters worse.  I
am a senior and have seen many heartaches.  I have grown children and it
believe me, it takes all the Grace of God to raise children with all the
love and guidance you can give them.  You must make your own decision.  I
will lift you up in prayer as you deal with this.  God always has the

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4) Creation Activities   

A Christian organisation called "Answers in Genesis" is a great place to
look for creation games, activities etc.  Their address is
http://www.answersingenesis.org/   You should find some curriculum things
straight away, others you may have to search.  Last night I was at the
site and found some sheet music.   If they don't ahve exactly what your
looking for, the site should be of some help.

Lisa, Sydney Australia. 

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An Advent celebration of 31 crafts and recipes. Some of the projects
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5) Creation Activities

>Our first topic is Genesis, the creation, and ideas for
>fun crafts or activities with this theme??

Here are some websites that you may find useful, and will have to adapt to
fit your young students.  They should be good for ideas for the rest of
the year too!
In His Service,
Donna in Little Rock, AR


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6) Secret Santa or Secret Admirer   

To Lori in Wisconsin,Our church does a 'Secret Pal' to reach out and
involve the young kids with the elderly, widowed, etc.  At the beginning
of the year (it's not too late!) we gather of list of older members and
ask if they would be interested in participating in the program with the
children - most say yes!  Throughout the year, both the kids and the older
members involved send notes, cards back and forth revealing info about
themselves (birthdates, family, school, grandchildren, etc.).  The cards
and notes are left with the church secretary in an envelope with the name
of the person sending it.  The cards/notes are then given to the
coordinator of the Secret Pal program to give to the other secret
pal...for the coordinator is the only one who knows who is matched up with
who.  Little Christmas gifts are sent, seasonal cards, etc. are sent back
and forth all year.  At the end of the year there is a luncheon where the
secret pals get to meet each othe! r.  The family of the child, the child
and the older member are seated together to meet each other, enjoy lunch
and get to know each other more.  A great time is had by all, and it
develops relationships between the generations.  Hope this helps.God
bless! Kathy, Virginia

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7) Creation Activities

Check out www.kids4truth.com  They have fantastic dynamations.  I just
taught a creation series and developed a craft from their site.  Click on
their "creation" dynamation.  It is the one that looks like Nemo the fish.
It is really cool.  If you like it then click on Great Christian
resources or Chrsitian stuff.  Then click Art.  From there you can print
pages to color--one for each day of creation.

I cut & pasted, then copied the 6 days onto 11x17 paper.  On one side on
the bottom I wrote "Day 7 God rested" and had a clip art of a sky and sun
(Microsoft Clip Art Gallery).  On the other side across the bottom I wrote
"Gad saw all that He had made and it was very good."

I had the children color this, then I mounted it on black construction
paper (12x18--get it at a teacher or art supply store)  If you have photos
of the kids, you can cut out their faces and place it near Adam and Eve on
"Day 6".   I also got stickers and let them decorate--leaves, animals,
fish, planets, etc.

Next, I covered their artwork with clear contact paper (or you can
laminate).  Their artwork became a placemat that was personalized.  It is
a reminder of the days of creation and carries the message that God
created them "very good".

By the way, I also used the coloring pages for my visuals.  I enlarged
each day, colored it and mounted it on regular-sized black construction
paper.  On the top of each day I wrote the day number in white gel pen.

Hope that helps
Terri-Downingtown, PA

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8) Creation Activities   

There is a cute project at www.daniellesplace.com

A song/project that my coteacher had.
The Days of Creation

Day one, day one
God made light when there was none,
Day one, day one
God made light when there was none.

Day two, day two
God made clouds and sky of blue
Day two, day two
God made clouds and sky of blue

Day three, day three
God made grass and flowers and trees
Day three, day three
God made grass and flowers and trees

Day four, day four
God made sun, moon and stars galore
Day four, day four
God made sun, moon and stars galore

Day five, day five
God made birds and fish alive
Day five, day five
God made birds and fish alive

Sixth day, sixth day
God made animals and man that day,
Sixth day, sixth day
God made animals and man that day.

Day seven, day seven
God rested in his heaven
Day seven, day seven
God rested in his heaven.

There is really no tune to a familiar song, so you can either make one up
or just say the words.  Print this out on a piece of paper (flush to the
left) and then on the right side you will put stickers or pictures or clip
art pertaining to the actual verse.  For example, on day one cut small
squares of construction in yellow and black for dark and light.  Then on
day seven, put a cloud sticker on with some Zzzzzzzzzzz's next to it.  The
kids love to do this type of thing and it really gets them involved.  I
usually sing the first verse then do the stickers, then sing the second
verse and do stickers and so on.  I have also made some other songs to the
tune of Mary had a little lamb about Noah's ark and the Tower of Babel if
you are interested in those.

The last one is a creation wheel.  I believe they have one at
www.daniellesplace.com or I can send you a copy of one for your class.

I hope this helps.

Lisa Kenyon
Santee Church of Christ in San Diego, CA

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9) Horse and Rider Song

Thanks to all of you who have submitted web sites for the Horse and Rider
Song.  I have had the words for this song in a book, but never the piano
accompaniment.  Now I have both!  Thanks again, because I'll be using
sites to find other msuic as well.    Karla

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10) Teaching Genesis To 1st Graders   

This message is in response to the person asking for Genesis teaching
ideas for 1st graders, I hope you will find one or more of these
suggestions helpful. Nature walks work really well for this theme, if you
have the means to take the children outside. Walk around the church
grounds, parking lot, or sidewalk and let the children point to things
that God has created. Ask them why do you think God created (tree, flower,
dirt, etc). Remind children that God has a plan for everything. Children
can also make a creation book by folding two or three pieces of
construction paper (white works well) in half and stapling up the edges to
look like a book. They can then fill each page with things that God has
created. You can use blue plastic wrap or tissue paper to represent water,
let the kids glue on sand, small stones or pebbles, leaves, cut out
pictures of animals and people from magazines, etc. An easy craft (great
one if you live in cold weather climate) is to have the children spread a
thin layer of peanut butter on a pinecone and then roll the pinecone in
bird seed. Find a place either on the grounds at church to hang them, or
let the children take them home to attract birds in their own back yards.
This is just a few of the many ideas that I have come across for teaching
the book of Genesis. If you would like more song, recipe, and craft ideas
for this unit, please feel free to e-mail me at:
living_life_my_way@earthlink.net. Love in Christ, Sarah in California

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11) Trunk or Treat decorating ideas?

I was wondering if you have any websites that gives you any decorating
ideas for Trunk or Treat.  This is the first year our Church has been
involved with this and I do not know where to begin in decorating.  The
decorations have to be bible related or fall festive, nothing scarey at
all.  I am passing out life savers candy with tracks and had possibly
thought about doing my trunk just in that life saving.  If you know of
anywhere I can get some ideas I would appreciate it very much.

Love in Christ,
Robin Davis

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12) Christmas children service   

Hello Barb;
Last year we put on a program for the first time.  We had about 10
children and they didn't want to do much talking.  I had one of the older
children read a simple version of the story of the birth of Jesus (out of
sight so they didn't mind).  The rest of the children played the parts of
Mary and Joseph, the innkeepers, the shepherds, the angels and our 2 boys
who were almost 3 played the parts of the sheep.  Those who were
innkeepers were also either shepherds or angels.  The reader read slowly
and gave the others the time to play their parts with a minimum of
speaking.  It went over very well and the children loved doing it.  Hope
this helps spark an idea for you.  Toye from Canada

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