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SSTN  # 111 - October 30, 2002

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1) Bible Story Hidden Pictures   
2) PLINKO Board   
3) Christmas Programs?
4) Potato Lesson and Helpers in Sunday School

--> Kidzoo-Shuffle Playmat Game

5) Reply to negative feedback
6) Help for designing a training program?
7) Potato lesson...and a word about volunteers
8) Ideas for baby gift
9) Potato Lesson

--> The Sweetest Story Ever Told

10) Happy Birthday Jesus Sheet Music?
11) Job Descriptions
12) Job Descriptions

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1) Bible Story Hidden Pictures   

This information is for Kim H who asked about Hidden Pictures Books.
Shining Star Publications puts out 4 different books in their Bible Story
Puzzle Series.  They are Jesus' Life, Women of the Bible, The Easter
Story, Famous Old Testament Heroes.
I have the one on Jesus' Life and the ISBN number is 0-86653-460-1.


--from SSTN: you can find these books and more by typing "Shining Star
Publications" into our Bookstore search box:

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2) PLINKO Board   

This Plinko board is made from a peg board and wooden dowels (cut into 2
inch pieces) from Lowes hardware store.   The board is painted with
craft paint for wood. We used blue duct tape from Wal-mart to cover the
pegs with on each side and the top and bottom slots. The chips are
cheap, wooden drink coasters painted with gold paint (we got these from
the Dollar Tree).     See the photos for spacing the pegs apart. 
Reinforce the back with some strips of wood.    Secure the wood on the
back with flat head screws (so that they do not interfere with the
"chips" when they slide down).

In Christ,
Trevia Roseberry

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3) Christmas Programs   

I would like some ideas on a Christmas Program for a small church of
about 25 kids of which 15 are under 4th grade.Tina

--from SSTN: Check out our FREE Featured Resources on the home page,
and our bookstore:  http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com 

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4) Potato lesson and Helpers in Sunday School

I used this idea last year in my High school class (private school)
devotion.  I brought a bunch of potatoes, eyes, pipe cleaners, glue, and
other misc. craft supplies. I divided the students in groups, assigned
each group the name of one of the potatoes and they had 5 minutes to make
their potato look like it's name.  When they were finished I told the
story of the tater family. Lots of fun and it really got through to them!


"Some People Are Like Potatoes"

Some people are very bossy and like to tell everyone what to do,
but of course they do not wish to soil their hands.
You might call that type "Dick Tater."...

Here's some sites that talk about this subject:


Helpers in Sunday School

I think all Sunday school departments should have guidelines for teachers.
As for judging -- if the Bible calls it sin, then it is sin. That is not
judging, just obeying the Word. A lot of people use the "Jesus is the
catch net" thing to justify themselves if they fall. The Bible says if you
know to do good and don't do it, it is sin.  Yes, God is merciful, but I
believe He expects us to learn from our mistakes. We expect our children
to learn, that is why we discipline them, so they won't do it again.

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Kidzoo-Shuffle Playmat Game

Kidzoo-Shuffle is a blast to play indoors or out! While playing, children
will develop eye-hand coordination, depth perception skills and strategy
plays. Reduced price for Christmas! Developed by Sarah Keith for kids ages
5 and up.

Find it in the Products section under "Children's Exercise" at: 


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5) Reply to negative feedback...

about what I said for the parents teaching/helping in Sunday School:   
Yes, the lady that brought the beer is STILL teaching.  Her husband is
saved now and this is one reason because she refused to buy anymore for
him.  I believe in forgiveness too.  I believe in compassion and not
"kicking a person when they are down".  I believe in God's love.  Yes, God
can, I know that God can use unsaved people and people that may not even
be in His will. He used me after a painful divorce.  He used me after I
started drinking and all kinds of other sins.  I feel that one should not
have to degrade themself or sin againist God to serve him.
I got forgiveness though of my past deeds.  I John 1:9 says God will.
As far as, you guys saying that I am passing jugdement, no, I am not.  I
sorry that you think I am.  Forgive me, if I said the wrong thing.
What I was saying is that, do you really want your children to follow in
those footsteps?  If they see a grownup doing something, then should they
say, well, so and so did it so I can too.
I am sorry for making you guys mad.  Yes, forgiveness should be taught.
Jesus taught this a with Zaccheus, Mary Madgeline and a host of others,
including Peter for denying Him.  He forgave Adam and Eve and helped them
with life.  What about the prodigal son?  His father took him and loved
him, even though who knows what he smelt like.
Then there was the ultimate forgiveness.  His death on the cross.  Did he
die just for the people who did for Him?  No, but for me and you.
Like I said, I am sorry for not being able to put into words what I want
say.  Thank God for people who care enough to rebuke me.
So yes teach the children forgiveness but also for wisdom to know what way
to go.
If you want to discuss this anymore please email me:
Thanks and no, I'm not mad or thought anyone was fussin.
Praying for you,

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6) Help for designing a training program?

Hello,I was wondering if I could have the message below posted as part of
the sstn e-newsletter. I could really use the help from some of the
readers because I am having a hard time finding sources for the project I
am working on. I am a student at Florida Christian College and trying to
create a proposal for a training program for children's teachers. As part
of the project, I need to have information included from other churches on
what they have done to have a program like this in place. I have been
reading your newsletter for many months now and it is the fastest way I
know of to get help from other churches. If you cannot post it, I
understand but thought I would ask :). I'm working on designing a training
program for volunteer children's ministry teachers and helpers for a
college course I am taking as well as to implement at the church I am a
Sunday School teacher at. I am trying to collect information from other
churches that may have a program set in place to include in my literary
view section of my paper. If the church you attend has a program like this
and you (or someone in your church) are willing to answer a few questions,
please send me an email to jeifer@yahoo.com so I can send a list of
questions to you. Any information that is sent to me will ONLY be used as
part of my paper.Thank you in advance for your help :)!!!Jennifer

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7) Potato lesson...and a word about volunteers

hi, Sarah, this is in reply to Linda's question about the potato lesson
(SSTN #107, 10/21/02): have a look at Charles Kirkpatrick's website
"Sermons4Kids": www.sermons4kids.com/taterfamily.html-- it's the cutest
object lesson!

Could I also say this to my brothers and sisters in Christ who work, work,
work with the children and pray, pray, pray for some HELP and no one ever
volunteers and you just can't see any light at the end of the tunnel and
you're tired and you'd rather chew off your own foot as plan and hold a
lock-in for your youth group--don't fret, God's there! God knows what's
going on! God will hunt up some help!  God has sent us a wonderful,
enthusiastic, willing-to-go-the-distance husband and wife team as youth
pastors and this past weekend they had 38, count 'em, 38 kids involved in
a lock-in and I didn't have to do a thing! HA! Ha! Ha! God is good and I
thank Him and I praise Him and I give Him all the glory for ever and ever.
Zoe from Thompsonville (IL) Church of God
p.s. Hi, Cathy Bodell!

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8) Ideas for baby gift

You may want to consider making a small quilt. I purchase inexpensive
muslin and cut it into 18 inch squares. Each child then decorates a square
with markers. You will want to tape the squares to the table as the child
does their drawing. The art work varies with the age of the child - I have
used this with preschoolers 3 through kindergarten. Once all the squares
have been completed you will need to sew them together and bind the edges.
I have used large rick rack for the border or blanket binding for the
edges - colorful fabric would also be fun.   The quilt could be functional
- or a wall hanging.   Depending on the age of the children you could do a
'theme' quilt, or limit the number of colors - another idea would be to
create some patterns on the computer and print them to transfer paper, and
then to the quilt squares.   Lot's of potential for creativity - have fun
and I'm sure the Pastor's wife will enjoy the children's creation.

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9) Potato Lesson

Use your search engine (I use Google.com) for "Tater People".  There are a
number of websites that list descriptions of Tater People like Dick
Taters, Speck Taters, Comment Taters, Agie Taters, Hessie Taters, Emma
Taters, Sweet Taters, etc.

Sally in Wichita

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The Sweetest Story Ever Told

Begin a new family tradition of giving sugar cookies and sharing Jesus!
This book comes with five cookie cutters, a recipe card, and gift tags
that tell the Christmas story. In the Bookstore-Holidays section:


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10) Happy Birthday Jesus Sheet Music?

I was wondering if any one has sheet music for a Happy Birthday Jesus
Song: Happy Birthday Jesus I'm so glad its christmas the tinsles are nice
and the presents are to but the real gift is you. Happy Birthday Jesus
Jesus I love you. Or any Happy Birthday Jesus christmas songs thanks

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11)  Job Descriptions

>I am looking for some job descriptions for Sunday School Teachers. Got
>ideas or job descriptions? 

I don't do job descriptions but "Expectation Sheets" and here is how they
work. I divide the piece of paper in 4 quarters, 2 spaces on the top and 2
on the bottom. The top 2 are for the children's director to fill out and
the bottom 2 are for the Sunday School teacher to fill out. The top 2 are
titled "What you can expect from me" and "What I expect from you" and the
same on the bottom. Only you will be filling out the top and they will be
filling out the bottom. Here are some of the things I put in "What you can
expect from me space:
¨ Encourage and support you in your teaching.
¨ Help with any problems you may have pertaining to Sunday School.
¨ Provide curriculum and supplies, birthday cards, visitors and missing
you postcards.
¨ Provide monthly meetings to help us become a team of teachers working
together with unity of purpose but diversity of approaches to accomplish
this vast undertaking. To help and
encourage one another.
To provide training during our meetings. 
¨ List of substitute teachers.
¨ Provide seminars for training.
Pray for you.
What I expect from you: 
JOY  See your place of service as an opportunity for joyful service to our
Lord. Be a positive, enthusiastic, excited
supporter of our church. Strive to teach from the overflow of what God is
doing in your life.
FAITHFULNESS Be in your place of service each week during your entire term
of service, arriving at least 25
minutes early so that we have time to pray for the children and each
other. Meet at 9:00 AM for prayer. In case of
absence please find a sub and let me know. 
Develop personal relationships with your pupils; learn their needs and
address those needs in your teaching. Take
active responsibility for attendance in your class. Send out miss you,
birthday and visiting postcards. Help at parties
for children and make sure registration cards are filled out for all
Attend Teacher’s Meeting once a month.
  Usually when they fill them out, they will almost copy everything I have
said that I expect from them so it works out great. In some ways it is
still a job description but it seems more like a partnership relationship.
Hope this helps.

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12) Job Descriptions

>I am looking for some job descriptions for Sunday School Teachers. Got
>ideas or job descriptions? 

This is a job description that we use when extending a "call to serve"

Sherry Kosmalski
Livonia, MI

Sunday School Teacher (Regular Year)

Purpose of the Position
To support the growth and development of their faith in Jesus with the
children of _______Church through well prepared lessons, personal
testimony and actions.

1. Actively and thoughtfully prepare lessons for Sunday morning class
2. Be timely for Sunday school.
3. Be regular in personal study of the word and in worship attendance.
4. Attend regularly scheduled teacher training meetings.
5. Participate in special Sunday school events, such as Christmas program
and     Fellowship programs.
6. Help students and parents remember their Baptism through celebrations
of Baptismal birthdays.
7. Pray for your students.

1. Desire to instruct children by sharing stories and lessons that include
the basic truths of the Bible.
2. Sunday school teachers will also have a burning commitment to sharing
Jesus' name and love in their classrooms.
3. Be a member of ________ Church
4. Have an interest in and a commitment to the education of ________
Church's children in the Sunday school program.

Amount of Time Required
(2 1/2 - 4 hours per week) It is expected that teachers spend a minimum of
one hour studying and planning their lesson each week.

Training Provided
Training will be provided through personal time with both the Assistant to
the Pastor in Education and Department coordinator, regularly scheduled
teacher's meetings and a variety of children's ministry conferences.

Responsible To
Assistant to the Pastor in Education and Small Groups, Sunday School
Department Coordinator and collegially to other members of the Sunday
school staff.

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