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SSTN  # 112 - November 1, 2002

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--> FREE Advent Crafts

1) A Shepherds Christmas?
2) October /November Bulletin Board
3) Lessons on missionaries   
4) Jesse Tree?
5) Youth room decor?
6) Getting Started on Camp ideas   

--> FaithShapes! ® Card Game

7) Armor shoes   
8) Blanket Trust Game
9) Puppet Ministry
10) Simple Christmas Program?
11) Puppet ministry
12) Puppet Ministry

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--> FREE Advent Crafts

Get ready for this coming Advent season with
"Kids Can @ Christmas Time", "Chrismon-Kids",
and "Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments". Follow the
links to download some free ideas too.
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1)  A Shepherds Christmas?

This Dec. our Sunday school is having a one room type lesson on the
Shepherds. It's called "A Shepherds Christmas". A look at Jesus' birth
from their point of view. Does anyone have any craft, game, snack or
devotional ideas for this topic? I would appreciate any suggestions.
Blessings, Jeannine

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2) October /November Bulletin Board

This Sunday we will be making Christian pumpkins which you can find in the
Archives.  In the past I have made regular pumpkins but with a twist on
feelings.  I have precut slips of paper in a hat that have different
feelings.  I have the children draw a slip of paper from the hat and they
make their pumpkin have that kind of expression.  Some of the things the
children have come up with are priceless!  I staple them all to the
bulletin board and put the feeling underneath.  November bulletin board I
always have a large turkey and each week they add a feather (construction
paper-different colors) to the turkey of something they are thankful for.
I start this at the start of the month.  By the end of the month the
turkey is beautiful!
God bless,

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3) Lessons on missionaries   

Dear Shannon,

This summer our 1st-6th graders spent three weeks learning about and
serving missionaries.  One idea that worked well was creating "prayer
pins".  These pins were made by our 1st-6th graders using a safety pin
w/out the middle loop and multicolored beads.  They made the prayer pins
with children in mind and wrote a small note saying "I prayed for you"
which was pinned on.  The prayer pins were given to missionaries our
church supports.  We decided to do this project because they mail easily
and are something religious children in other countries can were without

---Deb Gurney
CE Director at New Community in Maple Valley, Washington

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4) Jesse Tree?

I would like to make a Jesse Tree for a sunday school project any
suggestions on how to go about it I have a small Sunday school only 10
students between the ages 5-12 also looking for a simple Christmas program
for them

--from SSTN: there's a complete description in our Sermons section:

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5) Youth room decor?

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to decorate our Youth Classroom.
Would like the kids to be able to do it (middleschoolers); maybe paint
based on a theme?  Can't seem to come up with something that exciting and
do-able.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


--from SSTN: Have the kids bring in their favorite designs, or find
appropriate ones you like. Copy them onto overhead sheets and project them
onto the wall. Pencil in the designs onto the wall, then have the kids
paint them. (Make sure the designs are copyright-free, or you obtain
copyright approval, first)

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6) Getting Started on Camp ideas   

I have already started getting ready to do camp crafts for the kids next
year.  An idea I had was to get the little pop up mirrors.  I wrote a poem
to put on the outside that says:

Just flip me open
and you will see
a significant person
to Christ is . . . . ME!

When they open up the mirror they see themselves.  They turned out really
cute.  I ordered them from Amsterdam printing.  You should not have to
order the set-up because they are already set up.  If you need more
information please contact me at djech@samson.com

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FaithShapes! ®

FaithShapes! ®  is a fun, must-have, game for Sunday School classes!  The
64 cards are beautifully illustrated with historical explanations and
Scripture verses. Use them for family game night, during Sunday School, or
for personal enrichment. Shape your faith playing FaithShapes ®.  A great
stocking stuffer for Christmas!

In the Curriculum section: 

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7) Armor shoes   

This is in reference to the question you asked about shoes for the armor
of God.  Our church of christ did a vbs about the armor of God and we had
obstacle course they had to go through and they would get hit or wet or
something  on their body, but at the end of the obstacle course they got a
new piece of armor  and each time after that they went through the course,
they had a different piece of armor on. So when they went through the
course each time with their new piece of armor on they didn't get hit or
wet or whatever.  On the last trip throught the obstacle course they
didn't get hit at all, because the had on the armor of God.  We asked a
hospital to donate hospital scrub booties.

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8) Blanket Trust Game

We have a ministry that involves working with "at risk" kids and families.
Quite often the teenagers come to us with hardened attitudes.  We play a
blanket game.  Tell the group that full participation is
it is going to be tough.  Place a strong blanket on the floor.  Ask a
volunteer to lie down on the blanket. All participants lift the blanket
rock the person. This is a pleasant activity, and trust building.  It is
good for the person being rocked to see all the faces of the people that
are rocking him/her.  It is also good for the people holding the blanket
to feel connected.  Everyone will probably want a turn, young and old.
When the last person has had a turn, ask the participants to sit around
the blanket, and give a little lesson on how God is willing to hold us up,
rock us and nurture us, and place us into the church for fellowship.  At
times in life we go through ups and downs, but God and His people are
always ready to help us if we Trust in Him.  The old hymn Trust and Obey
for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey...is
a great song to end the session.  We have seen even the most hardened gang
members softened by this game, and much more incline to listen to the
gospel after participating.

PS Just make sure that the participants understand that they are not to
silly and drop the person in the blanket.

Please visit our website:  www.no-excuses.co.nz

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9) Puppet Ministry

This is for Evelyn H , who send in a question regarding the puppet
I am also intrested in this I too have the puppets.
If you don't mind emailing me directly regarding the puppet I would love
to talk about this .
Any why you can email?
Santa Perez

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10) Simple Christmas Program?   

I am looking for a fairly simple Christmas skit/play/program for a very
small amount of children.  I have eight teens (two girls, six boys) and
six younger children (two boys, four girls -- three that are only five).
I would appreciate any helpful ideas.

In Christ,
Tam Brown
Heritage Baptist Church
Wichita, KS

--from SSTN: check out the Instant Skits in our Bookstore-Skits section:

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11) Puppet ministry

A great web site that has lots of good puppet scripts free is Fishers of
Kids.  http://www.fishersofkids.com/  it is probably the one I use the

If you can have someone videotape the puppet play, you can then watch for
your moves, and that will help you to make improvements.
Puppets are so much fun!  We have a puppet theater that a creative church
member made of an old tv cabinet.
I preface our puppet shows by reviewing the rules, which are "Be quiet
and listen, you may move close so you can see and hear, but NO TOUCHING!,
and no closer than an arm's length from the stage.  That has helped the
chaos that sometimes happened.  The kids do love the puppets, and even the
littlest ones stay focused during the skits.

God bless!

--from SSTN: check out our links page too:

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12) Puppet Ministry

We are starting a puppet ministry as an afterschool club in 2 weeks. We
have used an already existing puppet program in the past and are ready? to
go it alone. We pray for God's Guidance. We will give any guidance we have
learned.  dianewright@starband.net

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