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SSTN  # 113 - November 4, 2002

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1) Psalm craft   
2) Pastor Leaving   
3) Help for disruptive students?   
4) Donated Bibles for kids?
5) Puppet ministry   
6) Wanting to make our S.S. grow?
7) Fiery Furnace Craft Ideas
8) Age of Accountability
9) Helpers in Sunday School
10) Bible Carnival Idea?
11) Advent ideas
12) Hidden Pictures Book

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1) Psalm craft   

> We are using the Psalm series for JR Church. Here is a craft idea we are
> using for Psalm 51:10. Thought I would share it with you.

We used red and white construction paper.  We used half a sheet of each
child.  Fold them together in half so you have a quarter sheet size.  Cut
out a heart so that when you unfold them there is a white heart and a red
heart.  We glued the hearts together by glueing half of the white heart to
half of the red heart (right side of red to the left side of the white -
sure and glue the "outsides" together) so that when they were opened up we
had half red and half white hearts.  The glued together part was in the
middle.  Turning it over it looks like  a half red/half white heart.  We
then glued the outside part to bright construction paper.  This leaves the
glued together parts sticking out three-dimensional and if you fold it
you see the red heart and the white heart is hidden and if you fold it so
the white heart is visible the red heart is hidden.  On the red heart we
wrote sins that are in our hearts (murder, theft, lying, anger, hatred,
disobedience etc).  Opening the heart so the white heart is visible we
glued a red cross (made from the scraps of the red heart) in the center
fold of the white heart and wrote "JESUS" on the cross in both directions,
top to bottom and left to right, so that the middle "S" is in the center
the cross.  Then fold the cross so the red heart is open.  We wrote the
memory verse on the background construction paper.  The teaching was that
when we accept Jesus into our hearts we get "pure" or "clean" hearts and
the sins are gone (simplified - no room in our heart for sin with Jesus
there) and that is how God can create in us a pure or clean heart.  The
children especially enjoyed how opening the heart made it "change" from
to white and our Pastor and church members were very pleased with the

I had asked our Pastor for bulletin board space in the church foyer for
Church art and I put samples on it from the children - whatever craft we
make that week goes on there (the children can take theirs home or post
them on the bulletin board).  I usually have two or three different ones
there and take down the oldest ones when posting new ones.  It lets the
adults see what their children are learning and the children feel very
special because their art is displayed for all to see.  After I take down
the oldest ones, we post them in the Jr. Church room and the kids can take
theirs home if they want.  


--from SSTN: for those interested, the psalm series is available on our
Sermons and Object lessons page at:  http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com

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2) Pastor Leaving   

A scrapbook would be a nice idea.  Even if you don't have a lot of
pictures of activities, you could have members of the church write notes
on how they have been touched by this family.  There are web sites which
have religious ABC album ideas.  I am a scrapbook consultant.  If  you are
interested in this, I would love to help you.  I have a lot of ideas and
resources for ideas.  Shannon

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3) Help for disruptive students?   

I am new at teaching children's church, and I am having a problem that I
hope someone can help me with.  I have some children coming to church that
have not been in a Christian church allot in their young lives and don't
really know how to behave in church.  I have tried separating the boys and
placing them between the girls.  I have one little boy that when he is
good he is very good but when he is bad, boy is he bad.  He will not take
nice or firm direction.  I am trying very hard to make the class fun and
informative but it is very hard for the other children to concentrate
because of the disruption.  I really could use some hints and advise. I do
want him to come and I don't want to run him off.  He  needs Jesus in his
life.  HELP Please!!

--- Pam/Arkansas

--from SSTN: there are more helps in the Archives List.
Type keywords: "disruptive" and then "control" into the search box.

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4) Donated Bibles for kids?

I have anywhere between 1-12 kids in my class every week, age ranges from
4-12, only about 2 have bibles.  my church is very small and can't afford
to buy allot of things yet and I was wondering if anyone knows anyone or
an organization that might be willing to donate bibles for children.  Not
necessarily the KJV since these might be hard for them to understand.  Any


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5) Puppet ministry   

We to have recently began a puppet ministry in my church.  we created our
"stage" using pvc pipe that is held together with nails through the
couplings.  We found that black material works best for covering the
Black allows for all types of props to be used without having to worry
about recovering the "stage" for every show.

We have found that most pretaped skits are to long for first time
puppetters.  It takes a lot to hold those puppets in the right position!

I won't go into full details here because it would be to long of an email
to post.  If you would like more information on how we got started...
Please email me at le_le@ezworks.net

Le Ann

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6) Wanting to make our S.S. grow?

Hi!  This is my first time e-mailing to you.  I just added my name to
your list last weekend.  I'm sure it will be a tremendous help to me.

We are a struggling church and we have lost quite a few catholic
children this fall due to their parents wishes for them to do their
first communion.  We held a DVBS this past summer and ended up with
about 32 kids (This is great for us!)  Now we are fortunate if we have
at least eight for S.S.  Do you have any ideas for contests to help
bring the children in?  One year I did a "Fisher's of Men' theme and
each child who brought a friend for three weeks, received a goldfish,
bowl, and food.  Would like to try something different.

Thanx so much.  God bless
Mavis Rice,
Montreal, Quebec

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7) Fiery Furnace Craft Ideas

Hi, I did a lesson on the fiery furnace and couldn't find anything I
to use on the net either.  So, I went straight to the source (the bible)
and by the grace of God came up with a pretty good lesson using handmade
puppets (including a fiery furnace!) to act out the story for the kids.
Then the kids took pver after the first telling and acted it out with the
puppets themselves.  They loved it, the puppets were easy (albeit a little
time consuming) to make but they are sturdy enough to be used for a few
years. If you would like the puppet templates & instructions for making
them along with my lesson outline, then please email me at
drkatz@telus.net and type "Fiery Furnace Lesson" in the subject line (so
you don't get deleted as junk mail!)

In Christ's love, Kristine

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8) Age of Accountability

I am not sure that I understand where this idea stems from.  We are sinful
from the time we are conceived(the sins of the father shall be visited
upon his children, grandchildren etc etc).  Only through baptism do we
become children of God, and even though a young child sins he/she is still
forgiven by the grace of God.  No one including children is held
accountable for their sins because God forgives their sins.  No one can
accept Jesus into their heart by their own will because our sinful nature
makes this impossible, only through the work of the Holy Spirit do we
become Christians....people may THINK it was their decision but really
it's the Holy Spirit working in them.  No where in the bible does it refer
to anyone, even children choosing of their own accord to accept Jesus.  It
refers to them being filled with the Holy Spirit.  We are all sinners but
God forgives ALL of our sins ALL of the time.....we will judged on whether
we believe rather than what our actions are....although being a Christian
does require that we try to live our lives in a God pleasing way albeit
our lives will always be sinful.

--from SSTN: Hi Esther: check out two recent threads of discussion from
SSTN (#102 and #106 under "Unsaved Children"). The thief on the cross
believed and it was credited to him as righteousness...he was saved. (He
had no opportunity for baptism, or for that matter, good works or
communion.) You are right that we cannot come to God unless the Spirit
draws us. (John 6:44) Salvation is always by God's grace. However,
wouldn't you agree that the Scripture also tells us to ask, to confess, to
believe, in order to obtain salvation? (See Romans 4 and Romans 10:9-17).
Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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9) Helpers in Sunday School

I thought about this for a long time before responding.  I did not want to
write in anger, then I thought it perhaps best not to write at all.  But I
have decided that I have something that should be said.  I say it with a
prayer that it will be heard with an open heart.  I think we should be
teaching kids (by word and by example) about God's Grace and Love.  God
forgives us our sins, and we are charged to forgive one another (Matt.
6:14-15, Mark 11:26, Luke 6:37).  We should not continue sinning so God
keep forgiving us (Romans 6) but at the same time realize that no
is perfect.  We all make mistakes.  Of course, that is not to say that we,
as Christians, mustn't  learn to recognize our sins and repent, for we
(Luke 17:3-4).  That is the nature of God.  We screw up, He loves us
He sent His One Son so that we may live!  I don't think children should be
taught that they must never make mistakes (because they will!) in order to
stand in good stead with God and His people.

I also have a question.  You say you teach the children that drinking is
wrong.  The former SS teacher you spoke of was cast into shame for buying
her husband beer.  My question is this: what do you say to the children
regarding Jesus turning water into wine?

Please don't take my comments harshly, they are made in love.  I am
concerned that indeed there is a danger of turning people away from
But I think the danger lies not in failing to live a perfect example of a
Christian life (only Jesus has done that), but in failing to show love and
grace to all our fellow sinners.  That judgment (and who may judge except
God?) may turn away someone who is a addict, a stripper, what have you.
And who needs God's Love more than they?  It may also turn a child who
makes a mistake away, since they have seen, by example, that those who
make mistakes are treated differently.  Remember the Pharisees' comments
on Jesus' behaviour (Matt 9:10-11, Matt. 11:19)

Of course I am not saying that those whose lives are morally questionable
should be teachers.  If they are Christian, they are still in their
as such, and only mature Christians should be teaching.

Pleaes, take this in the love in which it has been sent.

In Christ's love, Kristine

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10) Bible Carnival Idea?

>Kids play games and win a colored index card with the name of a book of
>the Bible on it. On the wall are headings: Books of Law, etc. Each
>division a different color scheme. Plus to make it easier, I put the
>names of the books of the Bible in order on a small strip of paper

Audrey this sounds like a wonderful idea.  Could you expand a little more
on your idea?  Do you have the entire Sunday School do it or just your
class, and what type of games do you play for the carnival?  It sounds
like you might have to have a few helpers. Please tell us more.
God bless,

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11) Advent ideas

Hi Bonnie:
Our church has an Advent Event every year with great success.  We always
have crafts that everyone can make, from young children to adults. The
adult projects we do ask for a donation since their things are more
expensive.  We also have the Advent wreaths that the family make and then
we have a meal together.  Many times we have had "stone soup" where you
put a stone in the bottom of a BIG kettle of water and have everyone bring
vegetables to throw in, and cookies for dessert.  Amazingly enough there
always seems to be enough for all and boy is it yummy!  The church
provides the rolls and butter.  Hope this helps.
God bless,

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12) Hidden Pictures Book

My Daughter goes to a christian school and bought home a book called "
Where's Sami" which is a bible based hidden picture book like wheres
There where two. One was the Bible ABC's and one was one old testament
It is published by thomas nelson publishing. They also have a learning
series called Samies learns to count, Samies learns mnumbers but these I
don't think have the christian theme.

I hope this Helps.
Rebecca - Australia

--from SSTN: the "Bible ABC's" is available in our bookstore. Type the
title into the search box to find it:

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