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SSTN  # 114 - November 6, 2002

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--> SALE begins this Friday on Christmas items!

1) Fiery furnace
2) Kids' Christmas musical?
3) Crusade/ Olympic theme Response   
4) Newcomer/visitor bags   
5) St. Nicholas Night/Parent gift idea request   

--> Kids Can @ Christmas Time

6) Advent Family Fest/Calendar request   
7) Age of Accountability   
8) Fiery Furnace Craft Idea
9) Song: From the Manger to the Cross?
10) Job Descriptions
11) Qualifications for teaching, etc.?
12)  Happy birthday Jesus

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--> SALE begins this Friday on Christmas items!

Beginning this Friday, November 8 - November 30, 2002,
all Christmas / Advent books and booklets will be on
sale in the Curriculum Creatives section at:


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1) Fiery furnace   

Recently my class made this craft.  The background is a black piece of
construction paper.  They cut flames out of orange and red and yellow
construction paper and glue them to the black construction paper.  Do you
know how you can cut paper and make paper dolls that are hooked together?
We made a 3-person paper doll chain out of brown construction paper and
glued it over the flames.  I hope I explained this okay.  It is actually a
pretty simple craft.  Shannon

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2) Kids' Christmas musical?

Dear readers,
I am looking for a church that has put on Christmas at Hope Central and
has the books, accompaniment CD and anything else just laying around.  If
you have any of these and would be interested in letting us use them,
please get in contact with me very soon.  We can work out the details.
Joyfully Serving Him,<><  <><  <><  :)))))

Sonia Williams
Children's Ministry Coordinator
Argos United Methodist Church

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3)  Crusade/ Olympic theme Response   

Years ago the "Church of the Nazarene" used a "Bible Olympics" program.
It was great.   I'm not sure it is still available.  But I did this making
up my own study sheets using the story of Joseph and his coat of colors
one year.   We spent 6 weeks on this.  Several teams of children with
adult or teen leaders for each.  Each team created a name and a 'cheer'.
Weekly take home study guides were given out and leaders called at least
once to be sure they were studying.  Points awarded for wearing team
colors, bringing Bibles, friends, giving the loudest cheer each week, etc.
  Each team chair had a number and Children's Church Leader would call a
number.  The team member from EACH team with that number comes to front
and sits in the "hot seats" (one for each team).  A question is asked
about the take home sheet and each team member would write down there
answer on a wipe off board. Smaller children had a helper. Members who got
it correct got several points for their team(maybe 100), those who did
not....well.....Team 'Olympic" games were played to earn points as well.
Example: High dive-each child on each team climbed a ladder and dropped 3
clothes pins into a jar.  Each diver in got 50 points for the team.
Relays were good too.  Usually one team game per week plus all the
questions and cheers were all the time we had.

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4) Newcomer/visitor bags   

Adult newcomers and visitors are given a gift bag when they are introduced
during the service in church. The bright red gift bag has information
the programming at our church, a pretty note pad, pen, refrigerator
and coffee cup. For parishioners, the gift bag is a way to identify the
visitor so that they may greet and welcome them after the service. I
thought a bag would be welcoming to our Sunday School visitors as well.

I used a diecut machine to attach a tag with ribbon to a bright yellow
added a simple foam and felt sunflower kit I purchased from a mail order
catalog, a related theme coloring page copied from a reproducible activity
book with a handwritten invitation to come back to see us again, crayons,
stickers and candy. This cost less than $2.00 for each bag. Money I think
well spent!

I will change the crafts to reflect the seasons of the year and use
leftover craft materials from Sunday School lessons in the future as well.
Your suggestions are welcome! God Bless! Hillary

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5) St. Nicholas Night/Parent gift idea request   

Our church has had a St. Nicholas night for several years where our priest
reads a variety of Christmas stories, carols are sung and a costumed St.
Nicholas arrives to give gold coins to the children. This event has become
stale  and poorly attended. This year it is being moved from the sanctuary
to the parish hall and parents are encouraged to leave their children
(birth-5th grade) in the care of the parish youth and their adult advisors
to enjoy an evening out to Christmas shop, etc. for three hours.
Programming will include supper (chicken nuggets, apple sauce etc),
stations around the room that feature games (bingo, large puzzles,
Faithshapes playing card game, fish pond), story reading and display of a
collection of St. Nicholas' statues and dolls, cookie decorating, and
carol singing as a group.
Childcare for our youngest participants will be in the nursery with paid
childcare workers. Since there will be few parents present I thought this
would be an ideal opportunity to make a Christmas gift for parents. I am
looking for age appropriate craft ideas that do not necessarily need to be
completed that evening as the crafts could be distributed at Sunday school
later in the month. Your suggestions are welcomed. Yours, Hillary

--from SSTN: for those interested in the Faithshapes cards, you can
purchase them in our Curriculum Creatives section:

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Kids Can @ Christmas Time

An Advent celebration of 28 crafts and recipes. Some of the projects are:
Epiphany Ornaments, Ribbon Stars, an Edible Nativity, and the Jesus in the
Manger cupcake, to name a few! To learn more, follow the link below:


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6) Advent Family Fest/Calendar request   

We are having an Advent Family Fest after Sunday services the first Sunday
in Advent.  Parishioners attending the Advent Family Fest will share a
spaghetti lunch and participate in making crafts meaningful to the season.
Last year we had great fun making placemats using Christmas cards
previously collected from the congregation (we cropped the cards, pasted
them to 12" x 18" piece of red construction paper and laminated it) hot
chocolate mix from scratch (with directions for making it at home for
gifts) a wreath made from green spray painted puzzle pieces and a darling
clay pot nativity (the pattern came from Christiancrafters.com last
year!). This year we'll substitute a cookie mix in a mason jar, and a
craft stick nativity. I am looking for an Advent calendar idea that is not
too complicated (there are 24 days!) 24 pieces of candy tied on a small
felt banner would be fine but I have not found an appropriate poem to
attach to it. Your suggestion is welcomed! Advent is the season of the
church year that prepares our hearts for the coming of our Lord. Advent
Family Fest is a great way for families to engage in a variety of fun
activities and discover the true meaning of this wonderful season
together! Yours, Hillary

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7) Age of Accountability   

I've read all the postings about this subject but haven't seen the one
which I have always used.  Isaiah 7:14-16, a prophecy about Jesus, says
there will come a time when "he (Jesus) knows enough to reject the wrong
and choose the right."  Obviously, there must be a point in time in a
child's life where he is able to reject the wrong and choose the right.
If Jesus came to this point in His life here on earth, I believe all of
us do as well - an age of accountability.

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8) Fiery Furnace Craft Idea   

"I teach 5, 6 and 7 year olds.  We will be doing a lesson on Shadrach,
Meshach, and Abednego and I am needing craft ideas that are simple."

You will need: 1) a picture of the three men.  2) a paper plate.  3)
something to make the flames out of.
**Make a furnace from a paper plate -- cut it in half.  The straight edge
will be the bottom of the "oven".
**Cut a half-circle "door" out of one of the straight edges.  
**On the inside of the other half, decorate with flames (either color, or
glue colored paper).
**Now tape or staple the curved edges of both halves together so the
"oven" is hollow.
**A picture/sketch of the three men may or may not be glued inside.

(Other ideas:  Make the project simpler by replacing the paper plate with
a large beverage cup, oatmeal container, or anything similar.  Make a
puppet theater by adding sticks to the figures and cave, and by adding
additional story characters.)

~~Vicki Logan

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9) Song: From the Manger to the Cross?

Sarah our church is planning to use the Year 2000 Christmas Play written
by DiAnne Lamb for our children’s Christmas Play this year (thanks to your
wonderful site)!  I need the words and music to the song "From the Manger
to the Cross". A note in the play says that it can be found in the Racing
for Jesus VBS songbook. Unfortunately, I haven’t found that either. Does
anyone know where I might find this book, or could someone possibly
furnish me with this?? We have already began practicing, but are
by-passing this song for the time being. Many thanks!! If anyone has this
information, my email address is kpoynor@hotmail.com. Kathy

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10) Job Descriptions

>I am looking for some job descriptions for Sunday School Teachers. Got
>any ideas or job descriptions? 

Here's a job description I used for our Kids Church Ministry:


POSITION TITLE:  Kids Church Teachers

DESCRIPTION:  Long-term team players needed for challenging work in an
chaotic environment.  candidates must possess excellent organizational and
communication skills, including but not limited to, putting the same
of pretzels on each plate during snack time and deciphering artwork with
much love and patience while still being capable of choosing a line leader
at a moments notice.

RESPONSIBILITIES:  Must be willing to enforce rules - resulting in not
being liked, at least temporarily, until someone wants to participate
first in the lesson or needs help opening their drink.  Must posses the
physical stamina of a pack of mules and be able to go from zero to 60 MPH
in three seconds flat.  Must be willing to face stimulating technical
challenges, such as small gadget repair, stuck zippers and knotted shoe
laces.  Must always hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.  Must
assume some accountability for the quality of the end product.

POSSIBILITY FOR ADVANCEMENT:  Virtually no temporal advancements but the
eternal advancement is immeasurable.  Your objective is to remain in the
same position for years, constantly retraining and updating your skills
while planting seeds along the way so those in your charge can ultimately
surpass you, growing to their full potential. 

EXPERIENCE: On-the-job training offered on a continual basis, however,
preferred that you are experienced in prayer; praying often and specific.
Drawing strength from the Lord is recommended.  Knowing the Lord is
required.  Special skills include judging each day not by the harvest
reaped but by the seeds sown.

COMPENSATION & BENEFITS:  Free hugs and buckets of giggles!  Your heart
will be over-flowing with love and excitement!  You'll develop such skills
as enduring patience and vast knowledge.  You'll have the awesome
privilege of introducing Jesus into young lives and unleashing potential
to serve a King! If done well this job supplies limitless opportunities
for self-fulfillment, personal growth, and most importantly, the
opportunity to provide a solid foundation for this generation and future
generations.  "Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he
will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6

Come join us in creating appetites in kids to experience God for
themselves! When we feed them God's word, it will not return to Him void.
Isaiah 55:11 Call us, we'd love to pray with you.

"God has a purpose for each one of us, a work for each one to do, an
influence for each one to exert, a likeness to His dear son for each one
manifest, and then a place for each one to fill in His holy temple."  -
Arthur C.A. Hall

In His Grips,
Monica - Alabama

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11) Qualifications for teaching, etc.?

1. I have noticed in different posts that teachers are expected to get
their own subs and inform the CM director who is subbing.  Is this the
norm in your church?  As CM director I find the subs. I have a list of
qualified subs and use them.  Just wondering what kind of problems others
run into when people choose their own subs.

2.  What are the qualifications to be a Ss teacher at your church?

3.  How many hours per week do you spend in preparation for your class?

4.  Who pays for the supplies you use - you or the church?

5. What programs/ideas are set by your department regarding teacher child
relationships outside the classroom? In other words - do you see the kids
anytime beside Sunday morning? What do you do to foster that relationship
with the chidlren/family?

La Marque, TX

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12) Happy birthday Jesus

I have one copy of the sheet music in front of me.  Words and music are by
Carol Cymblala.  It is in a SAT(B) arrangement. I'll send it if you email
me with you address, I'm not using it anymore.  mgholland@juno.com

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