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SSTN # 114 - November 7, 2003

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1) Jesus, He is the Son of God   
2) Christmas Board?
3) Bored In Sunday School   
4) Festival plan thwarted

--> Hands On Lessons of the Bible

5) Santa Christmas Skit?
6) Sewing Material?
7) Pockets the Kangaroo
8) Three Wise Men and a Baby   

--> Instant Christmas Plays

9) Oat Container Crafts   
10) Creative Ways To Learn Books Of The Bible   
11) Three Wise Men and a Baby
12) Making a harp   
13) Halloween and other resources   
14) Black and White picture of Jesus   

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1) Jesus, He is the Son of God   

I am responding to a post on your website requesting the words to a song
titled, "Jesus, He is the Son of God.  The one I am familiar with says,
"Jesus, Jesus, He is the Son of God.  Jesus, Jesus, the precious Son of
God.  Sweetest Rose of Sharon, came to set us free.  Jesus, Jesus, He's
all the world to me' yes, He's all the world to me.

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2) Christmas Board?

I am working on designing the Christmas themed bulletin board for my
Sunday school class.  I share the board w/ the kindergarten and second
grade classes.  (I teach first grade)  I have some reindeer, snowmen and
angels we can use but I can't think of a catchy title for it.  Does anyone
have any ideas??? betherfly82@hotmail.com
Thanks a bunch!!

--from SSTN: please share the info with SSTN.

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3) Bored In Sunday School

I had that problem with a couple first grade student in my class.  I
started doing some crafty activities with the children instead of a lot of
coloring.  Such as cutting and pasting activities or just letting them
draw their own pictures instead of making them color in ones that have
already been drawn.  I found that even the children who loved to color
really enjoyed these other activities, and then when it was time to color
a picture or something else they found "boring" it wasn't as bad because
they knew it wasn't something they would have to do all the time.

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4) Festival plan thwarted

Dear Festival plan thwarted, Turn matters around and call it a Hallelujah
Party.  Ask children to dress up as their favorite Bible character.  Be of
good cheer for the Lord sees your heart.  Never give up.  For whatever you
do for the children you are doing as unto the Lord.

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--> Hands On Lessons of the Bible

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5) Santa Christmas Skit?

I have read an adorable skit via email where Santa
gets on Stage and pulls out of his black sack...items and he tells the
children to not forget the cross, the staff, the baby, the heart....the
list goes on and on.  Santa is telling the adults and the children to
remember and not to forget all these items in his gift bag.  It just
brought the two thoughts together of Jesus and Giving ..and that Santa
believes in Jesus too!  If you have this skit ...we want to use it at our
Jesus Birthday Party during Sunday School.
A Blessed Christmas Early! 
Julie Knoefel, Fountain City United Methodist
Church, Knoxville, TN

--SSTN: check the Skits page at:

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6) Sewing Material?

Does anyone know a missionary who teaches sewing. I have a few pieces of
material that might be useful to them. I cannot afford to mail the
material to anyone so it would have to be close to TX

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7) Pockets the Kangaroo

SSTN received many responses to this and it will be posted one time to
save space. "Pockets" is part of a lesson packet from Group Publishing.

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8) Three Wise Men and a Baby   

This message is in response to the message about more information on the
Three Wise Men And A Baby musical. The Saint James Episcopal Church youth
group put on this production, and if you click on scrapbook on their
website you will find pictures of them making the sets and more. There
website is (http://stjamespotomac.org/youth/). I remembering hearing
someone talk about the production by another church in our area last year,
but I cannot recall the name of the church. If you contact the church
above through their website and let them know you are interested in doing
the same production, they might be able to point you in a direction as to
where to get started. Love in Christ, Sarah in California

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9) Oat Container Crafts   

This message is in response to the person looking for crafts that can be
made using oat containers. The round oat containers that products such as
Quaker Oats come in our a crafters gold mine. Here are just a couple of
ideas that I have used in the past.
Musical instruments- Cover the containers in construction paper, fabric,
or even plain white paper, and letting the kids decorate them with
stickers, fabric paint, glitter, etc. Put 1/2 cup of beans of any kind
inside of the container and put the lid on. You can glue the lid on if you
are working with younger children. Or you can skip the bean step, and
leave the container empty for a drum instead of a shaker instrument.
Teaching children about tithing-Oat containers are a great way to teach
children about tithing. Let them color and decorate the containers any way
they want, and then slice a hole in the lid of the container large enough
for coins to fit in. Encourage children to tithe using their allowance, or
to put pennies in the container to be donated to the children's ministry
at your church or to an organization that you decide on as a class (Adopt
a tree or adopt a family, missionary programs, etc work well for this
purpose).  If you would like a complete list of crafts using oat
containers, please feel free to e-mail me at
living_life_my_way@earthlink.net Hope this is helpful. Love in Christ,
Sarah in California

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10) Creative Ways To Learn Books Of The Bible   

To teach the books of the Bible to a group of 8-11 year olds, I came up
with a game similiar to Jeopardy. I typed out a bunch of themes, people,
places, and events from the Bible on index cards, and then I wrote the
name of a book of the Bible on a piece of poster board (one for each) we
would use 4-10 books a day depending on the number of children who were
there. Then I put dollar amounts on the back of the index cards, starting
with $100 and going through $1,000 for the second round. The kids would be
read the words on the card, and then given a set amount of time to put the
card under the right book of the Bible. For instance, a card with the
words Adam and Eve would be placed under Genesis. We used everything from
Adam and Eve to Jonah, to places like Ninevah on the cards, and quickly
found out that kids already know where the stories and people fit into the
Bible from verse memorization and stories throughout the year. Hope this
is helpful! Love in Christ, Sarah in California

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11) Three Wise Men and a Baby

I have the books for “Three Wise Men & a Baby” and I think I have the CD
for the sound track.  We have a video of our performance too.It is an
awesome musical!!  Contact me for a way to get it to you on loaner.
Blessings to you.  Jill Foster at sjhome99@comcast.net.

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12) Making a harp   

This may be hard for the age level you are teaching but maybe they could
do it. Or you could make the harps then let them paint them? Instructions:
Try using a "string art" concept.  Use a wooden triangular frame (you may
have to build it) and hammer in small nails with heads on two sides only.
Make sure you have them lined properly so nails are parallel.  Use fishing
line as a string.   Start at one end and tie the line securely. Go across
to the parallel nail and wrap around the nail head twice. Staying on that
side go to the next nail and wrap twice then go back across to the
parallel nail. Continue in this fashion until you get to the last nail
head. Tie off securely.  Remember...the tighter the line-the higher the

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13) Halloween and other resources   

Some infomation requested in recent posts can be found at these web sites:

Halloween background and facts: Dr James Dobson's "Focus on the Family"
(the folks who produce Adventures in Odessy and other great programs) is
at:  www.family.org

This is the link for a project for children under 16 to earn $10 for
learning the commandments: http://www.tencommandmentsproject.org/

My favorite children's resource is Child Evangelism Fellowship at
www.cefpress.com  They have a childrens web site at: www.wonderzone.com
Children can join the Mailbox Club and receive regular lessons by (snail)
mail and play Christian learning games online.

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14) Black and White picture of Jesus   

Dear Sherri Shelnutt,
if you'll send me your email address, I'll send some beautiful pencil
drawings of Jesus smiling and laughing with children.  They are
Sincerely, Karen Young

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