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SSTN # 115 - November 10, 2003

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--> Christmas FunPak...Order now for the holidays!

1) Two and Three Year Olds
2) Pastor Appreciation
3) Secret Santas   
4) Puppet Stage Pattern

--> Hands On Lessons of the Bible

5) Christmas Gift ideas   
6) Proverbs and Psalms
7) Baptism Bulletin board?
8) Gospel treats?

--> Instant Christmas Plays

9) Being a new teacher   
10) Creative ways to learn the books of the bible   
11) Christmas Gift Ideas
12) Christmas Gift Ideas
13) Christmas Play
14) Books of the Bible   

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1) Two and Three Year Olds

Chariot Victor Publishing has several books that I used a lot when I
taught 2s and 3s : 100 Action songs for toddlers and 100 more action songs
for toddlers (ISBNs 1555134556 and 1555131468) , 100 Activities for
preschoolers and 100 more activities for preschoolers (ISBN 1555134548 -
apparently the other one is no longer in print), 100 action songs for
preschoolers and 100 more action songs for preschoolers (ISBNs 1555138675
and 1555134564).

The songbooks are simple songs set to familiar tunes, so not a lot of
musical ability is required :)

I haven't actually seen their Creative Bible activities for preschoolers :
100s of songs, games and more! (ISBN 0781439663) but it looks like it
might be helpful, too. The promo says it includes games, projects and

Also, any fingerplays you can find would be useful. I used to make 'cheat
sheets' (write the words on poster board or chart paper) and hang them
where I and the other teachers could see them, so I could use them any
time throughout the classtime. I did a quick search (fingerplays Bible) on
Yahoo, and came up with a Praise rhyme
and links to other sites, as well as books.

Hope this helps!
Linda in Cedarville

from SSTN: Type the titles into the Bookstore search box to find these
books:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 

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2) Pastor Appreciation

>I was interesting in finding something for our pastor's appreciation
>banquet that is sponsored by our youth dept. any ideas?

I'm not sure how much time you have but one year we had all of the
write a letter to the pastor and his wife explaining why they appreciated
them.  When then took those letters and transferred them to a desktop
publishing program and printed them on nice paper.  We place these letters
in the book by age and class and we had the binder covered like when they
make baby books it was really nice they really enjoyed it and they still
have the book to remind them how the children felt about them.  We
to of the best letters and presented them at the appreciation service. 

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3) Secret Santas   

Seems every church has a different title for this.  We have Prayer
Partners for the year.  We remember birthdays, anniversaries, etc. with a
little gift or a card and remeber to pray for our partners always.
A bible school had "Secret Angels" for a month or so around Christmas. 
Reguardless, of the title, the intent is the same, to let someone know you
are thinking of them and praying for them.  To know someone is upholding
you in prayer, can make all the difference in the world!

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4) Puppet Stage Pattern

A free puppet stage pattern is available at:

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--> Hands On Lessons of the Bible

KID-tested and teacher approved! Can be used with rotation-type programs!
Learn more at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/curriculum.html 

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5) Christmas Gift ideas   

Responding to Christmas gift ideas on SSTN 109

I give our students big red apples from the grocery store.  The kids love
them, not too many people are allergic to fruit, plus they aren't very
expensive around the holidays.  Parents appreciate them much more than
God's Blessings on the work you do. annette

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6) Proverbs and Psalms

I asked recently if anyone wanted worksheets on Proverbs and Psalms and
was flooded with requests.  I put the worksheets in files and sent them
but many didn't get them.  I will appreciate it if you tell them to e-mail
me again if they didn't, and tell me which they wanted and I will send
them but I will have to just send a few at a time because the large volume
is what caused them not to go through, I suppose.
Helen setser


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7) Baptism Bulletin board?

I've already checked the archives, does anyone have ideas for a bulletin
board on baptism?
Thanks, Karen Young

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8) Gospel treats?

I know this is very last minute but I was wondering if anyone had new
ideas for treats that include sharing the gospel.

We used lifesavers with the wordless book last year and I'd like something
new this year to share a small treat with our friends and neighbors who
don't know Christ.

Blessings from the little farm,

--from SSTN: make sure you check the Yummy Devotions in the Crafts section
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Instant Christmas Plays

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9) Being a new teacher   

Dear Rose,
If God has called you, He will bless you.  I never thought I would be a
teacher.  In fact I couldn't even call in on the radio action--where you
call in to sell something you have--without shaking after I was done.  And
I never liked to babysit kids either.  But now I serve God teaching 3rd &
4th graders and have a van ministry and love it !!  It is such a blessing.
In God's perfect timing He brought a wonderful talented teacher in to
work with to help me learn to teach, then in His plan she was needed to
teach another class so now I'm teaching, and God has blessed me with a
wonderful, kind, loving helper.  The Lord just keeps blessing me with
ideas and resources and I know He will do the same for you.   Have fun! 
In Christ's love, Debbie

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10) Creative ways to learn the books of the bible   

I have been teaching my junior church class the books of the bible in
order for nearly a year now.  My class ranges in ages from 4 to 14.
The kids like to learn while having fun, so we use several games to learn

First, I took large craft sticks and wrote one book on each stick.  I used
black marker for the old testament, and blue for the new testament to help
them.  I divide the class into two groups and divide the sticks into
random piles of 33.  The first group to get theirs in the right order

I also play a game, Simon.  I make a copy of the books of the bible on a
sheet of paper to use as a guide.  We pick one person to be 'Simon'.
Simon reads off the books one at a time and the group repeats it only if
it is in the right order.  Simon's job is to try to trick them into saying
the wrong book next.  The person who repeats a wrong book has to sit out
until next round.  The last one in the circle is the winner.
We also like to play "duck, duck, Jesus".  We play it like duck, duck,
goose, only instead of calling "duck" they have to call out the books of
the bible in order.  When we first started playing, the entire group
helped to call them out.  When the person who is it tags a person to
chase, they call 'Jesus' instead of goose!
I purchased inexpensive candy treats to use for winners of the games!
Hope this helps.

In God's love,

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11) Christmas Gift Ideas

> I am looking for a Christmas Gift idea to give to my kids in Superchurch
> grades 1-5th grades for boys and girls that won't cost too much. I also
> want the kids to make something for their parents.

You can find recipes for hot chocolate mixes on the Internet or
in holiday cookbooks or magazines.  Just a single serving of homemade mix
in a snack size ziptop bag with a few marshmallows and maybe a mini candy
cane is a cute gift to give kids.  If you can find really inexpensive
mugs, place each packet of mix in one for giving.

  For the parents, ornaments are always a hit.  Again, the
internet & holiday magazines abound with ideas, many of them quite
inexpensive.  Another thought is to have the kids make layered homemade
cookie mixes for their parents.  Use recycled jars or those plastic cones
to layer the ingredients.  The recipes for these are easy to find on the
Internet.  If you do this, you will want to have the ingredients
pre-measured for the kids.  Top off the jars with a circle of holiday
fabric or wrapping paper; tie with raffia or curling ribbon.  Have the
kids make decorative gift tags with the baking instructions.  Have fun!


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12) Christmas Gift Ideas

The "Kids Can @ Christmas Time" book has many simple-to-do, gift-giving
ideas. You can find it at:

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13) Christmas Play

Here's an original play that I wrote that anyone may use (but
please don't put your name in the area where it says written by....please
keep my name intact. >>>>


Joe Josh Burke

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14) Books of the Bible   

I teach Sunday School to 3rd-4th grade students and, along with our
regular lesson curriculum, we attempt to learn all the books of the Bible.
   I've received this newsletter for a few years now, so I've gotten tons
of ideas and suggestions (thank you!!), and recently reading all the
"candy land" ideas, I've come up with this one:  I want to make a big
poster with the names of the books of the Bible on colored squares,
similar to a game board.  Then I would like to fill up the rest of the
space like a collage - with pictures from different Bible stories, and
different Bible verses, etc.  The kids have been learning the books of the
Bible starting at the beginning of the Old Testament, and each week, I
want to have a "game piece" that has their name on it that can be moved to
the square of the book up to where they've memorized.  Kids this age seem
competitive, and the motivation to compete to be the furthest on the game
board might be what they need to learn the books of the Bible.  Has anyone
done anything similar to this, that could give me more suggestions or
ideas?  I have divided up all the books of the Bible and we are learning
so many each week, till almost the end of the year.  We're also using
small cereal boxes as actual "books" on a bookshelf, to see if the kids
can keep them in order throughout the year.  I have a song for the New
Testament, so those seem so much easier to learn.  Any and all responses
are welcome!

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