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November 6, 2000
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1) Santa and the nativity?
2) 'Bees' from the word of God
3) Friendly Beasts by Garth Brooks?
Christian pumpkin carvings
Gifts For Parents At Christmas
6) T-Shirt Ideas?
7) Christian pumpkin carvings
Gifts For Parents At Christmas

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1) Santa and the nativity?

I'm looking for a story to present to children that would tie together
Santa and the nativity or Jesus' birthday. I remember seeing one years
ago, but have not been successful in locating it now...Anyone with
suggestions? contact me at tkoichthys@juno.com
Thanks, Tammy O'Kerns

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: Make sure you check out the free Christmas plays in the Skit section of the site. One of them does have a 'santa' in the play. Also, as always, if you email Tammy directly, make sure you carbon copy to SSTN!

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2) 'Bees' from the word of God

Someone was asking about Bees from the word of God. I have an old magazine from teachers swap shop that dates July 1980. It has the Hive of Bible Bees in it. I'm sure if you wanted this exact article, all you would have to do is e-mail them at slmtss@aol.com and ask them about the article from the July issue about the Bees. They will be more then glad to help you out. Here are the Bees from the Bible: Bee believing, Bee blameless, Bee cheerful, Bee joyful, Bee faithful, Bee content, Bee gentle, Bee kind, Bee obedient, Bee ready. It has Bible references for each one of these Bees. They will help you. Joelene from Jackson

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: There is also a BEES resource in the Children's Sermons, Games, and crafts section of the site!

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3) Friendly Beasts by Garth Brooks?

(re: Have you ever listened to the Christmas song the friendly beasts by
Garth Brooks?)

Hi, Was just wondering on which CD was the song for the Christmas play -
friendly beast by Garth Brooks was on. I hope I can get it in Australia as
it sounds just perfect. - Laurie Nash - Brisbane, Australia

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4) Christian pumpkin carvings

We had a contest one year and each family carved/decorated a pumpkin to represent a Bible Character. We had a whale with Jonah inside, Jezebel, and a bunch more,. Everyone voted for the most authentic, favorite, etc. We awarded ribbons and prizes. Lots of fun!

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5) Gifts For Parents At Christmas


Last year the kids in this age group made Snowmen Jars. They used canning Jars (mayonnaise jars will work). They used 2 sided adhesive squares, stuck one side to white fabric and cut out the face. They peeled the backing from the other side and stuck it to the jar. They attached the nose the same way using orange fabric. The eyes were glued on and the mouth was made with a marker. The hat was a circle of fabric. Glue a handful of fiber fill tot he lid, position the circle over it and tie a piece of jute string around the lid to hold in place. They made their own Hot Chocolate mix and filled the jars.

Another thing we have done is to mix all different kinds of beans in a bowl. Pour Elmer's white glue (not school glue) into the bowl and mix together. Draw (or copy) a heart shape about 4" across at the widest point onto paper. Make one of these for each child. Tape it to the table and cover with wax paper. Give each child a handful of beans and tell him to shape the beans around the heart. The beans should be about an 1" in diameter and be shaped around the outline of the heart. This forms a wreath. Let dry (leave until the next Sunday). Peel off wax paper and spray heart with clear sealer (Wal Mart clear paint works well). Let dry. Hot glue a hanger made of ribbon to the back of the heart. On the front left hand side glue a looped bow (1/4" ribbon looped 6-8 times). In the center of the bow glue a small button, or other mini item (small wooden items, etc). Hobby Lobby has button packs with all sorts of shapes in them. These make wonderful gifts. We have made them at church camp with several hundred kids. Also have made them for fund raisers. Teresa

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6) T-Shirt Ideas?

I am the Children's director at a small country church in McLeod, TX. The
kids (and adults) love t-shirts. We have not done one since I have been at
this church (I came in January of this year), and I have had a few ask when
we would be selling more t-shirts. I would love to do this, but I can't
think of any ideas. I would like to just have a generic one (not holiday
related) with our church name on the front, and then something on the back.
Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for your help! Teresa

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: Our Club 56 kids (5th and 6th graders) meet every wed. evening. They are reading through the 'Silver Chair' from 'The Chronicles of Narnia'. Their teacher asked them to draw 'Aslan, the Lion', (the symbolic Christ figure in the story). Then, she chose one of the drawings to be printed on T-shirts to be worn by their club! This gave them a feeling of ownership and was fun!

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Christian pumpkin carvings

My Sunday School class, 4-5-6th graders, carved pumpkins last Sunday and we placed them around the alter for the congregation to enjoy. Instead of a "Halloween" tradition, we called it a harvest blessing. The alter guild has asked us to continue carving the pumpkins and dressing the alter until Thanksgiving is over. We carved Christian symbols into our pumpkins. We had a great lesson around what the symbols meant and where they came from. The kids really enjoyed it. Here are some of the symbols we've done so far:

dove and out-reached hands (peace, community)
dove inside a water drop (holy spirit and baptism)
dove with water waves underneath it (ditto)
dove with 7 flames above it (7 gifts of the holy spirit)
The 10 commandment tables divided into four sections seperated by a cross that was inside a flaming wheel (Moses, the Cross, and Elijah's Flaming Wheel)
monograms - like IHC, IHS, and the Chi-Ro
a flame and out-reached hands (the holy spirit, community --- or Moses)
a shell with three drips of water coming down from it, representing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (baptism)
chalice (could also do grapes, bread, etc.)
2 fish and 5 loaves of bread
a Cross with three steps leading up to it

Hope that gives you some ideas.
Danielle- Mother of 3, Proud to be a Sunday School Teacher!

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: sorry your posting didn't make it in this year. BUT, it will be ready next year in the Archives List!! Thanks for sharing, Danielle. I'm proud to be a Sunday School teacher and mother of three too!!! Your moderator-Sarah Keith. <><

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8) Gifts For Parents At Christmas


Last year, I took a picture of every one in my class. We cut out different Christmas shapes from construction paper (stars, trees, bells, etc.) then cut the photos to match. The children wrote their name and a little Christmas greeting on the back and put the year on the front side under their photo. We laminated (with clear contact paper-very inexpensive and found at any craft store) We punched holes at the tops of the "ornaments" and hung them on our classroom tree. The students took them home for Christmas. The parents loved it! Have fun and God bless.
Kathleen from DeWitt, MI

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