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SSTN  # 117 - November 15, 2002

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--> Pre-Christmas Sale! 

1) Music for Stranger in the Manger?
2) Angel Costume?
3) Youth and education ministry?
4) Qualifications for teaching, etc.

--> Christmas Fun-Pak!

5) Crayon Song?
6) Any new ideas for showing Thanks to SS teachers?   
7) Happy birthday Jesus
8) Experience required for teaching

--> Kids Can @ Christmas Time

9) Recruiting and Involving?
10) Mary's Treasure Box   
11) Angel Wings   
12) Angel Wings

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--> Pre-Christmas Sale!  --> Pre-Christmas Sale!

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1) Music for Stranger in the Manger?

I'm doing "Stranger in the Manger" for Christmas.  Does anybody have a
copy of the accompaniment cd or cassette they would be willing to sell me or
loan me?
God Bless!

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2) Angel Costume?

Hi Everyone.  I am a single working  mom who is musical not artistic.  I
need an angel costume for me for our Christmas play.  I live in NJ.  Any


--from SSTN: check this SSTN, #11 and #12 below, and the Archives
List...lots of ideas there:  http://christiancrafters.com/archives.html 

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3) Youth and education ministry?


I'm currently serving as the youth director (part-time) at my church. I
actually will be resigning from my position after the first of the year
because I will be graduating from college and student teaching (and then
looking for a full-time teaching job). I'm currently serving on the
"search committee and task force" to find my replacement. The congregation
is also considering the possibility of hiring a part-time Education
coordinator, or hiring one full-time youth/ed coordinator, other options
are also being considered. After tonight's meeting we are still in the
"Brainstorming" process and are wondering what works in other churches
similar in size to ours (about 1,000 baptized members, approx 75 kids
6th-12th grade)... if you would be so kind to answer the following
questions about the youth and education ministry at your church. We really
appreciate your prayers and input as we begin this transition phase in our

a. Who is responsible for the youth and/or education ministry in your

b. If this person is someone other than a pastor, how did you go about
hiring him/her?

c. What qualifications does this person(s) have? (Education, strengths,
abilities, etc.)

d. What is(are) the salary(s) for this(these) positions?

e. What are the main (everyday) responsibilities of this person(s)/what
is the job description(s) of this person(s)?

Thank you so much for your time and assisting us with this task at our

God's Blessings,

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4) Qualifications for teaching, etc.

> I have noticed in different posts that teachers are expected to get
their own subs and inform the CM director who is subbing.  Is this the
norm in your church? 

I have a list of subs they choose from. These subs have filled out all the
necessary paperwork.

>  What are the qualifications to be a Ss teacher at your church?

You must sign the statement of faith and fill out screening application
and be in our church for 4 months. Attend Teacher's meetings.

> How many hours per week do you spend in preparation for your class?

I'm not sure, I would say 1-2 hours.

>  Who pays for the supplies you use - you or the church?

Depends, sometimes the church...if it has been included in the budget and
sometimes the teacher. Depends on the teacher. The church is ready to pay
for all supplies but some teachers want to pay for their own.

> What programs/ideas are set by your department regarding teacher child
relationships outside the classroom? In other words - do you see the kids
anytime beside Sunday morning? What do you do to foster that relationship
with the chidlren/family?

Teachers send thank you for visiting cards, miss you cards and Happy
Birthday cards. This is probably a personal ministry if they want to
pursue the relationship outside of the classroom.

Hope this helps,

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--> Christmas Fun-Pak

Contains over 90 patterns and ideas! Purchase the Christmas Fun-Pak
in our curriculum section:


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5) Crayon Song?

does anyone have the bible song kids sing about the color of crayons. the
colors represent the colors for jesus I'd like to find it thanks brenda
oh yes and the song two shoes one of my favorites

--from SSTN: you might try the Archives:

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6) Any new ideas for showing Thanks to SS teachers?   

I am looking for something to give to Sunday School teachers to thank them
for all their hard work. We do something each month to show how much they
are appreciated and being that this is the "Thankful Month" I just wanted
to see if anyone out there had any ideas.  Thanks!

--from SSTN: type keyword, "Appreciation" in the Archives Search.
also, check the Crafts section of the site:

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7) Happy birthday Jesus

I have one copy of the sheet music in front of me.  Words and music are
by Carol Cymblala.  It is in a SAT(B) arrangement. I'll send it if you
email me with you address, I'm not using it anymore.  mgholland@juno.com

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8) Experience required for teaching

I have taught sunday school for two years, and honestly the only reason
that I ever started was the lack of a teacher for fifth grade three
weeks into the session.  It was kind of a pity thing for me.  However,
being twenty one, I didn't have any training teaching sunday school,
just a deep belief in my faith.  From there it was a learning experience
for both me and my students.  I think I learned as much about myself and
what I wanted as they did about Christ.  Looking back, I thank God that
there wasn't any prerequisists, if you will, to follow, and that our
religious director took the time to help me prepare for teaching.  This
is my second year teaching and I still hold a positive attitude about
welcoming fellow teachers who are scared to teach because they don't
have the experience, but they follow Christ and embrace that fear.

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Kids Can @ Christmas Time

An Advent celebration of 28 crafts and recipes. Some of the projects are:
Epiphany Ornaments, Ribbon Stars, an Edible Nativity, and the Jesus in the
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SALE lasts thru Nov. 30, 2002

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9) Recruiting and Involving?

Need ideas that will help get more people involved in our Christian
Education Class?

Lynn Dennard

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10)  Mary's Treasure Box   

For Maureen, from her posting in SSTN #115, 11/8/02: the book is Mary's
Treasure Box by Carolyn Walz Kramlich, Thomas Nelson, 1998 (ISBN
0849958342). And, don't we serve an awesome God? Zoe, Thompsonville (IL)
Church of God

--from SSTN: I received many of the same replies for this post. Therefore,
to save space in SSTN, I'll post it one time. Also, this book is available
through our Bookstore under out-of-print book sellers. Just type the title
into the search box to find it:

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11) Angel Wings

hi, I need the help to find an easy way to make angel
wings for a craft play my church

Our problem with angel wings in the past has been the storage of bulky,
difficult to store wings in the attic (terrible heat, humidity, palmetto
bugs had ruined past efforts). Our solution was to use yards of white
netting from the fabric store; very inexpensive and easily folded up and
stored in one box. With angels robes already on, a length of 2-3 yards of
netting is gathered a mid point and starting behind the child's neck,
draped over their shoulders wrapped beneath their arms and back up
underneath the starting point behind the neck. At this point the fabric
barely touches the floor and was fluffed by hand. Our angels love the
effect! And I love not having to cringe when opening the stored wings each
year! Yours, Hillary

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12) Angel wings   

One way to make angel wings is to use white netting. The size of the child
will determine how many yards of the netting you will need. Probably at
least 3 yards. And you want to make sure you use the fine netting with the
very small holes. You can buy this at Wal-Mart for less than $1.50 a yard.
If you fold the netting in half and then in half again and again, you
will then tie very fine white floral wire in the center. Spread the
netting out a little on each side and spray with adhesive glitter spray
and Voila. Angel wings. You may have to practice a couple of times to get
it right. I had too. I hope this works out well for you.
In Christ

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