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SSTN # 117 - November 14, 2003

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--> Christmas FunPak...Order now for the holidays!

1) Teaching Preschoolers
2) Youth retreats?
3) Mouse's Tale skit?
4) Fruit of the Spirit for Boys?

--> Hands On Lessons of the Bible

5) Choir Appreciation Banquet   
6) Preteen Class:
7) Children of the Lord song?
8) Inexpensive    Christmas Gifts

--> Christ-filled Snowflake Ornaments

9) Christmas VBS
10) Music Machine play?
11) Christmas plays?   
12) Snow globes?
13) Thanks Theme?   
14) Thwarted Festival   

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1) Teaching Preschoolers

Dear New Teacher Rose,
My heart goes out to you, as last year I was a similar position with the
3-4 year class.  I found this terrific book called "Playful Songs and
Stories for Preschoolers"; it uses the power of simple melodies and music
to help children learn, remember and love God's Word for the 75 most
important Bible stories (2 CD's are also included.  But music is just the
Every Bible story provides a finger play for children to learn the story
they move their bodies.  The book's ISBN is 9780764425349.  Publisher is
Group Publisher Inc. of Loveland, Colorado.   I am now teaching the
kindergarten class, and I feel that the excitement for each class and
increased attendance is largely
due to adding the songs and finger play into each lesson.  God's blessings
to you, as you make this transition.

Faithfully in Christ's Service,
Edmonton, Canada

--from SSTN: type the title into the bookstore search box to locate it:

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2) Youth retreats?

We are looking for a one day - VBS style - retreat, for children in 3-5th
grade.  I need a resource -- any ideas?

--from SSTN: check out "Survivor-Temptation Island" in the Sermons section
Also, there are some great retreat resources in our bookstore,
Christian Education section:

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3) Mouse's Tale skit?

Good Morning, I'm looking for a skit. I think it was called "A Mouse's
Tale" or something like that.  We have a very small church about 8 kids.
Thanks, for any help you can give me.  Valerie Hancock

--from SSTN: you can find it in the Games and Skits section of the
bookstore at: http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 

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4) Fruit of the Spirit for Boys?

Dear SSTN,
I'm teaching a class of mostly boys ages 9-11, and this month we are
teaching about the fruit of the spirit, can someone help me on what crafts
we could do that wont take lots of time since we have about 45 minutes of
class and that are interesting for them? Thank you! Grace and Peace.

--from SSTN: there are a few resources in the site, do a search in the
ALSO, check out the Fruit of the Spirit Bingo game at:

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--> Hands On Lessons of the Bible

KID-tested and teacher approved! Can be used with rotation-type programs!
Learn more at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/curriculum.html 

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5) Choir Appreciation Banquet   

> There is a board game called Cranium that has a section
> kind of like name

Or you could also play pictionary......like charades but drawn on board or
paper.  You could think up songs that they have to draw.

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6) Preteen Class:

I founded a 'tween/pre-teen Ministry called God's Girls Ministries.
Birthed out of a Sunday School class I have taken this ministry into the
'streets' of Southern California reaching as many as 100 young girls each
week. I would be happy to share my ideas with you. Blessings on you as you
lead God's precious children.

Catherine Florey
Founder, God's Girls Ministries, Inc.

--from SSTN: please share with SSTN.

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7) Children of the Lord song?

Greetings from Alaska,
My request is for the words to the first(and/or) second verse(s) of
Children of the Lord.
I have the chorus and that's all.  It goes like this:  " We are your
hands, we are your feet, we are your people, children of the Lord, we
share the hope, we share the dreams, believers in Jesus, children of the
King."  My children's church kids are working on this song doing sign
language.  I really would like to include the complete song.  Would anyone
who knows the rest of it, please reply.  Thank You in advance!!!

Joyce Moldenhauer
Sterling, AK  

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8) Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

Hi Sarah and everyone,
This is in response to Annette O'Neil who was looking for an inexpensive
gift for her children to make for their parents for Christmas. It will
require some adult supervision.

Here it is, I call them draft dodgers,

Materials Needed; 
A durable peice of fabric  12 " x 45"
1 Yard of ribbon cut in half
a leg (full length from a pair of panty hose)
any type of material for stuffing
24" lace optional

take the fabric and fold in half   the long way, right sides together, sew
a 3/8 inch seam and then turn the fabric right side out. Take the panty
hose leg and stuff with fabric scraps,old clothing peices ect. make
approx. 38" long. tie off top part of leg, and slide into the fabric
sleeve, center as much as possible, tie off ends with ribbon.
If you want to use lace on the ends for extra decoration sew it on before
you sew the fabric together.
This project can be made for approx. $1.00 or less, especially if there
are members of your congreation who have fabric scraps that they can
donate. Otherwise you can usually go to the fabric department in your
local discount store and purchase fabric for $1.00 per yard, ribbon for
.50 a roll of 10 yards, and if you use lace lace can be purchased for
appros .33 yard. Members of the congreation can donate clean used panty
hose legs. I hope this project will work for you. I am using it this year
for my children's worship group for Christmas this year.

Martha Black, Missouri

--from SSTN: draft dodgers are placed at the base of a door to keep the
cold air out.

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--> Christ-filled Snowflake Ornaments

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too! Click on "Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments" in the Curriculum Creatives
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9) Christmas VBS

YEP! Last year our church planned a special children's activity for the
week following Christmas. The children in our area were to still be on
vacation from school and would be getting bored from too much time on
their hands.
With the direction from God, and the help of many church members, we
planned a Vacation Bible School for the children for that additional week
of vacation. We held it in the afternoon, Monday through Friday -
including New Year's Eve!

Naming it "Camp Christmas" was our start. The members of our church were
very supportive. We asked for everyone in the congregation to help in some
way, if they could - and they did! They brought white sheets --- lots of
white sheets! We used them to cover the stage, the floors in the different
"camp" areas, and to make "snow drifts" by covering unwanted furniture

They also brought lots of undecorated trees the day after Christmas. A
nearby nursery gave us their trees that didn't sell. We transformed the
stage and classroom camps into a forest!

The congregation donated twinkle lights, camping equipment, and even their
leftover Christmas goodies provided for the daily treats.

We did a rotation based program with camps for memory verse games (Camp
Hide-away), crafts (Camp Crafter), our main lesson was held in Camp
Discovery. We also had Bible Games (Game Camp), Missionary Camp, and a
Mess Hall for treats.

We simplified things a bit by having one craft that built daily to
completion on day 5.

There was only one memory verse for the week and the kids learned not only
to say the verse - but also to say it in sign language.

Camp Missionary highlighted 2 children from another country coming to the
US and seeing the differences between their country's Christmas
celebration and ours. One day, a native Chinese gentleman, that is
attending Christian college nearby, spoke to the children about his

These are a few highlights - but the best part is that we had 3 children
accepted Christ as Savior and several others recommitted their lives with
clearer understanding about the meaning of salvation and what it meant for
their lives.

I write this to encourage other smaller churches to reach out to the
children during their Christmas vacation. The children will fill their
time with many activities, but chances are, things they are apt to choose
to fill their time will not improve their understanding of the Bible, nor
draw them closer to Christ.

Jesus IS the reason ----- for each and every season of the year. Why not
help the kids think more about that Truth for longer than just a few days
this winter?

If you have further questions or need more encouragement you may email me
at  joyfullyservingHIM@nlbaptist.com

Joyfully Serving HIM,

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10) Music Machine play?

I am not sure if I'm doing this right.

I am 30 years old and when I was around the age of 6
or so, we did a play in our church to the record
called "Music Machine".  It was about a little girl
and boy getting lost in Agapeland and learning about
the fruit of the Spirit.  Does anyone know where I can
find that?  I am now helping with the Children's
ministry in my church and have not been able to find

Thank ou
Dawn Koehler

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11) Christmas plays?

Hi, I would like to find a short skit or play a small group of kids could
preform at the nursing homes for Christmas. I know someone out there can
come up with a great idea to lift up their spirits or songs to. thanks

--from SSTN: check out all the skits and plays at:

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12) Snow globes?

I need a set of directions to make a snow globe.  Can you help?  Thanks
you in advance for your efforts :~)

May God bless your day in a delightful way!
Terri Maldonado

--from SSTN: believe it or not, you can find this in the archives list at:

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13) Thanks Theme?   

I am teaching a group of 2 and 3 year olds during church on Sunday
  I am new at this age group and am having a bit of difficulty coming up
with things for them to do.

There are 6 to 12 chiildren (an even mix of boys and girls).  Some of the
children are quite active and like to run around the room.  I have
channeled that energy toward marching songs and other movement songs but I
would like some that are specifically for giving thanks or being thankful.

Other forms of activity would also be useful.

Thank you.

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14) Thwarted Festival   

To thwarted festival:

Hi, I'm the Sunday School Superintendent at my church. We knew that we
needed something to do for the kids during Halloween. The whole church got
involved when I got together with the Youth Directors, and we made a whole
church event one Sunday evening. Adults were to dress up as a Bible
character, and during their service were to each (or volunteers) stand and
talk about why they chose that character (or thing) from the Bible, and
the story behind that.

Meanwhile, the children were also allowed to dress up - guidelines were
instilled - nothing "scary" or "unethical" (we had football players,
clowns, puppies, and even wise men and angels). While the adults had
service, the children had a devotional relating to something (can't
remember) and then played some games in the back. At the end, the adults
lined up in the church, and the children trick-or-treated down a line.
They left with lots of candy and prizes from the games backstage, and had
loads of fun.

I know it's too late for this year, but I believe it was a fun atmosphere
for our church. We were able to turn something some see as "bad" into a
fun Biblically-sound adventure for everyone. You should try it next year,
Good luck.


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