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<>< <>< SSTN-Volume 1-Number 118<>< <><
November 10, 2000
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1) Thanks & Sign Language song?
2) Youth Round Up
3) Fund Raising?
Youth Round-Up
Children's special numbers
6) Teaching Children 3-10
Doesn't Celebrate Christmas (?)
T-Shirt ideas
The Friendly Beast

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1) Thanks & Sign Language song?

I want to thank you and the person contributing the ideas for the Harvest
Trunk Party. We did this for the first time this year and it was a
wonderful success. I was thrilled at the level of participation and have
received numerous comments on how we might add to it for next year.

I also would like to contact the lady who said she did a sign language song
under a black light for their church Christmas program. I teach sign to our
"Super Church", ages 1st-6th grade, and want to get some ideas from her and
discuss the logistics of pulling this together.

Thank you again for you ministry, it really is a blessing,
Sheri Gaul
Melbourne, FL

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2) Youth Round-UP

> Do you have any ideas for activities on Friday night?

Our church has a similar ministry for youth 13-17 and it is called "God
Squad." As I have two teens (ages 16 & 15) who have attended their
meetings faithfully, I can tell you this:

1) Always incorporate a short/brief lesson. Remember, we are to be about
our Father's business.
2) Our children were asked to bring a snack to share with others
sometimes. A favorite I remember was each child bought one ingredient
for ice cream toppings (nuts, cherries, whipped cream, etc.).
3) As this is an active group, they soon became involved in community
work (i.e., making XMAS cards for rest homes, shelter, preparing food
trays, raking leaves for the elderly, etc.).
4) The children may have a few ideas of their own to which you may be
pleasantly surprised. But remember you are the adult and to always get
your Pastor's permission.

I pray these suggestions will be a blessing to you.
Ahreita Griffin-Charlotte, NC

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3) Fund Raising?

I'm looking for some fund raising ideas for our ministry... something besides Bake Sales and Car Wash's and Chocolate sales ?

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: our youth group is doing something really different this year to raise money for camp and other activities. They have been selling flats of Impatiens flowers and planting them for church members. As of this past weekend, I heard they had planted 3600 annuals! They are selling the flats of 15 annuals for $20 which included planting them! (The plants were sold to them wholesale from a flower farm.) Also, every month they put on a pancake breakfast on Sundays. You can eat before or after services. Blessings, Sarah Keith-Moderator. <><

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4) Youth Round-Up

You can have a Bible "Scavenger Hunt". You give the kids familiar Bible stories and they search out the scriptures where it is found. You can do this individually or work in teams. We did this the other night and the kids really enjoyed it. Also, the "Limbo" is always fun for any age-all you need is some Christian music and a stick! It's in inexpensive and a "no-brainer" as far as having to plan for it. When you work with kids, you never know what is going to happen, so I use this as a "filler" in case the lesson that I have prepared doesn't last as long as I thought it would (in fact, I keep the stick in the trunk of my car for emergencies)! Good luck and have fun.

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5) Children's special numbers

Hi everyone! I'm a new Sunday School Supervisor (Kindergarten) in our small, but blessed church. We are in need of ideas or information about Children's special numbers. "Any songs" (not necessarily just christmas songs) and simple plays or skits. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you and be blessed!
Ella-Singapore Bible Baptist Church (Fil. Mission)

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6) Teaching Children 3-10

First I would like to say I love your newsletter. I get alot of great ideas from it. My problem is this. I help teach the younger children. Our church is very small so we combined the children, ages 3 to 10. We have a problem keeping them
all occupied and busy. The biggest problem is my child. The reason
is I guess, he demands all of my attention. He is very, very sweet
except on Sunday mornings. How can I get him to sit down and color with
the rest of the kids, and do you think this is to much of an age difference
for them to be in the same room. There is usually 9 children.
Thanks for your help.

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: the Archives List has much to say about teaching multi-aged children.

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7) Doesn't Celebrate Christmas (?)

Dear Friends in Christ, I teach 2nd and 3rd grade and I would like to do something special for Christmas. The problem is that I have one child whose family does not
believe in celebrating Christmas. I need all the ideas I can get.
Your sister in Christ, Lisa Tisone-McDonald Baptist

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8) T-Shirt ideas

Responding to: T-Shirt ideas? A few months ago, our Youth Church decided to purchase create a new design for our T-Shirts. Well, an attempt was made, but
what we ended up doing was purchasing T-Shirts from NewLife Industries.
They design and sell beautiful Christian T-Shirts with printing of your
church name on front and then whatever you would like printed on the
back. There telephone number is 1-800-443-9523 and their web site is:
www.newlifetees.com. Our summer camp, and Vacation Bible School
ministries have used this Christian organization with much success.
White T-shirts start at $5.95 & up each.
Ahreita Griffin-Charlotte, NC

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9) The Friendly Beast

TO: Laura Nash: Concerning "The Friendly Beast" - After much research I found
this song in "Beyond The Season" which was one of Garth Brooks first albums. I am
having a hard time find it. I am currently trying to get one off E-Bay. There
are a lot of people trying to find this album. I hope this helps. Sue Mayo

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