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<>< <>< SSTN-Volume 1-Number 119<>< <><
November 13, 2000
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1) Santa and the Christ Child
2) Giving Banks
3) Grow in the Lord?
Friendly Beasts by Garth Brooks
5) I Need Help!
Banner: We Are Blessed?
Santa/Jesus Drama
T-Shirt Ideas
Youth Round-Up

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1) Santa and the Christ Child

I have a book entitled "Santa and the Christ Child". I bought it online a few years ago but I also have the statue of Santa praying over the Christ Child to go along with it. The book was authored by Nicholas Bakewell. The publishing info is as follows:
Santa and the Christ Child
119 Agate Ave.
P.O. Box 5624
Balboa Island, CA 92662
(714) 675-5568
You may be able to get more info about the book from them. I hope this helps.
Blessings, Mahria-Valencia, CA

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2) Giving Banks

I have a class for ages 7-12 we took a food can, take the label off. you can cover with paper, paint or what ever you like. i took popsicle sticks and glued them around it they liked it a lot. good luck and god bless april :tn

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3) Grow in the Lord?

Hi I am teaching ages 7-12 in a small church we want to build our sunday school i do lots of crafts and want to thank everyone for their help. If any one has anything that would help us grow in the lord please let me know. God Bless april -tn

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4) Friendly Beasts by Garth Brooks

>Was just wondering on which CD was the song for the Christmas play -
> friendly beast...

"The Friendly Beasts" is on Garth Brooks' first Christmas album - "Beyond the Season" Becky Schumacher - Eagan, MN

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5) I need help!

I need help (suggestions) for recruiting Sunday School teachers. So far,
nothing has worked. I also need job descriptions for each area director (children, youth,
young adults, adults, CE Director and recommendations for forms related
to reporting, organizing, etc. Is there any one book for this?

My church needs prayer. We are in a connectional denomination that has
Itinerant Pastors. We just got our first new pastor in 7 years. All
things are being changed. I believe in keeping God in every part of my
life through thought, word, and deed.

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6) Banner: We Are Blessed?

Hi, there! I am looking for a quick idea for a banner with the theme of "We Are Blessed". We will be holding a program on the 18th and the original volunteer will not be able to do the banner. This is also our Thanksgiving banquet so I'd like to make something that ultimately will hang in the church fellowship room.

Thanks! Esther from Saginaw, MI

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7) Santa/Jesus Drama

Our older children at a former pastorate designed their own christmas drama with this santa/jesus theme. in it, they had santa's elves asking him what all the fuss was about at christmas, what was it for, and who is this Jesus anyway? aren't these gifts we make and distribute more important to the kids than some guy born in palestine 20 centuries ago? santa sighs and says he certainly hopes not. then he invites the elves to take a trip with him in his personal time machine (the kids made it out of big packing boxes and foil wrapping paper). they go back to the nativity and witness the drama we all know. santa explains that this is god, creator and judge, giving himself to us in love and forgiveness. all the fuss we make should just be a way to try to remind ourselves how this birth changed the world, changed everything. presents? nice, but finally irrelevant. Jesus is the first and best christmas present. if we forget that, we've made this holiday a sad time indeed. they return to the north pole and the elves hug santa and thank him for his lesson. then they all kneel and pray that they may truly love jesus this year. and to think, it was all (almost) designed by kids in Port Allegany Pa! - Hugh McKnight

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8) T-Shirt Ideas

> I have had a few ask when we would be selling more t-shirts. I would love to do this,
> but I can't think of any ideas. I would like to just have a generic one

One idea is to tie dye T-Shirts. My daughters Sunday School Teacher had a
60's party for their class. Each of the children carried a T-Shirt to the
party. The kids tie dyed their shirts using the rubberband and fork method
at the party. Each of the kids carried their shirt home after the party
and on Sunday most of the moms were up bright and early washing the shirts
so the children could wear them to church. The tie dye kits can be
purchased at Walmart in the craft section. Joyce Calhoun, Ga

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9) Youth Round-Up

You can modify a lot of the popular board games to be a Bible version. We
did pictionary a couple years back - instead of using their words, pick a

We have done this where instead of drawing you use playdoh. You can't do all categories but it is a riot trying to create and identify our creations. I might add, we did this with adults but I think youth and even older elementary would get a kick out of this.
YSIC-Diane Bracher :)

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