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SSTN # 11 - January 27, 2003

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--> Armor of God Playing Cube

1) Adoption of 3 year old twins   
2) Disruptive children saga   
3) Temptation of Christ craft idea   
4) Blind Bartemaeus Idea

--> Ten Commandments Series

5) Adopting 3 year old twins
6) Blind Bartemaeus
7) Teaching Books of the Bible   
8) Youth Bible Activities?

--> Fun and Easy Easter Pageants

9) Esther ideas   
10) B.A.R.T...Blind Bartimaeus
11) Teen and preteen ideas
12) Teaching Respect

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Armor of God Playing Cube

Kids can make the Armor of God Playing Cube and take it home.
It's a great memory tool! Only $3.00 to download the pattern!
Print out as many copies as you need! Go to the following webpage
to get the free lesson and to learn more: 


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1) Adoption of 3 year old twins   

Rather than doing something to honor the family, why not have a baby
dedication on Sunday morning with an "Adoption Shower/dinner" right after
Sunday morning service.
  My sister abandoned her 3 daughters (age 8 months, 20 months, and 3
years old) 4 years ago this month. Believe me, it was difficult to come up
with bedding, clothing, diapers, bottles, formula, etc.. They came with
nothing we could use and we needed things immediately.  My husband and I
have 3 children but our youngest was 5 and we no longer had baby items.Our
family and church family helped us out and it was such a blessing. My
prayers are with you and the family.
  Love in Christ,

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2) Disruptive children saga   

Over the last several years I have been the Children's Ministry
Co-Ordinator for two churches. (I relocated).  We had, in our grade 3/4
class, three boys who, when together reeked havoc on the teachers and
their classmates.  On their own, they were wonderful boys but once
together, look out.  That said, I came up with a very creative way of
dealing with them.  And I was able to save their parents the embarassment
of having us bring their little darling up to church part way through the
I asked the parents of all the children grade 4 and up (the boys were in
4th grade) if they would like for their child to volunteer as a teacher's
helper for the younger children on rotating basis.  It was unanimous - all
the parents loved the idea.  The kids got to feel special when they helped
out, I made a schedule for them and they still had a lesson to learn from.
It worked wonderfully.  Maybe just another way of not trying harder, just
trying differently.
BTW - I am an adoptive parent of two special needs boys and am very used
to thinking outside the box.
Diane, Ontario Canada

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3) Temptation of Christ craft idea   

Our upcoming lesson is on the Temptation of Christ.  Try as I could, I
could not find a single craft for this lesson.  Then I thought of WWJD.
So I took my alphabet pasta, fished out a bunch of J's, W's and D's,
coloured them different colours with food colouring - one half the W's
blue, other half yellow, the J's red and the D's green.  Then I painted
penne pasta silver.  Once dry, I simply glued the letters WWJD on the
penne pasta and then strung it on a pipecleaner, folded and looped the
ends and - voila! - a WWJD  bracelet (wristband for the boys).  My
nearly 10 year old son thought it was great so I figure the kids will
love it - and for really pennies for the entire group.
Thanks for letting me share.
Diane, Ontario Canada

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4) Blind Bartemaeus Idea   

After recently teaching a lesson on Bartemaeus and talking about how many
people showed kindness to Bartemaeus and gave him coins, we played "Who
Showed Kindness?"   This is played similar to "Doggy, Doggy, Who's Got
Your Bone." One child played the part of Bartemaeus and sat in a chair
with his eyes closed.  The other children were each given a coin and sat
around on the floor.  I pointed to a child and that child slipped his coin
in the hand of "Bartemaeus." After the child returned to his spot, we
chanted "Who showed kindness?  Was it you, was it me? Open your eyes so we
can see!"  "Bartemaeus then tried to guess who had put the coin in his
hand.  My kids, ages 4-10, loved it.  Wanda, Wilmington, NC
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Ten Commandments Series

"God's Top Ten - Understanding God's Love In The Ten Commandments"
covers 10 two hour sessions, or 20 one hour sessions.
Get the first lesson free! Learn more on the following webpage:


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5)  Adopting 3 year old twins

> We have a couple in our church adopting 3 year twin girls.  We would like
> to honor them somehow since it has been a 3 year battle.  Do you have any

When my husband and I adopted 2 year old twin boys our church gave us a
toddler shower. We were given clothes which really helped out and also a
money tree to get some of the other things we needed...It was very nice
helpful......... Lisa

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6) Blind Bartemaeus

>Do you have anything on blind Bartemaeus? My next lesson is on "Faith
>Cries Out". And I need some ideas really fast. Thanks. Linda.

Hi Linda,The following is a link from www.rotation.org. The lesson is on
the paralytic and the blind beggar. To get to the lessons, click on the
message board/lesson exchange on the main page.

Hope it helps,Cheryl

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7) Teaching Books of the Bible   

I acquired  "Bible Break- A totally cool way to learn the books of the
bible" - a tape produced by Troy and Genie Nilson from Bridge Building
Music, Inc.,  several years ago.  It is very catchy, has a nice beat, and
forces one to memorize the order of the books of the Bible in a delightful

--from SSTN: Bible Break is available in the music section of the
bookstore: http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 

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8) Youth Bible Activities?

I lead a junior youth group at my church.  when we are not in church the
group goes on trips, activities etc....  I am running out of low-cost
bible themed activities to with the children.  Please send in ideas thank

--from SSTN: check out the Christian Education section of our bookstore
for some great Youth Ideas:

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--> Fun and Easy Easter Pageants

Get "Fun and Easy Easter Pageants- with Soundtrack CD",
in the Games and Skits section of the Bookstore at:


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9) Esther ideas   

When I taught the Esther story I got some beautiful dress up clothes and
chose one student to be queen, and then the king, Haman, etc...  The king
had a sceptor, of course, and then we filmed it with my video camera.  I
would divide the story into about four scenes.  Afterwards, we would all
watch ourselves on tv, then switch roles so all the kids had a chance at
different roles, and watch ourselves again!  The kids loved it.  Using a
video camera has been the best way for me to teach my class the bible
stories.  They love to see themselves on tv and it really re-inforces the

N. Georgia  6-9 year olds

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10) B.A.R.T...Blind Bartimaeus

Firstly, the story lends itself to a good skit, with the children only
having to learn or read out a few lines.I am sure you will find it easy
enough to write your own version.

Secondly, I use this story to teach on Prayer, by using the first four
letters of the Beggar's name. :- B.A.R.T.

B.  Stands for Bold and Persistent. Bartimaeus refused to listen to the
crowd who tried to put him off, but just kept on calling out until Jesus

A.  Stands for Ask and be Specific. Bartimaeus knew exactly what he wanted
Jesus to do for him "I want to see." And that is what he got.

R.  Stands for Remember to Believe. Believing is the only way we can
receive from God. Even while he was still blind, Bartimaeus really
believed he would be healed, and proved it by throwing off his coat. (This
would have almost certainly have been a special Beggars coat - given to
him by the authorities, thus showing he was legally allowed to beg.) If
Bartimaeus had remained blind, it is unlikely he would have found his coat
again. However, he was so convinced Jesus would heal him, he basically
threw away his old source of income.

T.  Stands for Thanksgiving. After the miracle, Bartimaeus followed after
Jesus praising God.

Maurice Sweetsur

--from SSTN: that was great, Maurice! A refreshing name change from that
popular cartoon character! ;o)) ysic, sarah keith <><

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11) Teen and preteen ideas

This is for the lady who was looking for ideas to get the teens &
preteens in her very small church more involved in the service.  She
mentioned having involved some of them as ushers.  If any of them are
musically inclined, this would be a great way to get them involved.
Either a solo on an instrument, or a special song they could do as a group, would
work.  If any of them play the piano, they could accompany the
congregational singing, or play an offertory.  Another thought would be a Scripture
reading; talk to your pastor and see if he would like to include one in the
service. An individual teen could read Scripture, or you could have your group
practice a choral Scripture reading.

You also mentioned needing to find good Bible study ideas for a small
group of teens.  My husband uses the Regular Baptist Press teen materials.
He especially likes their youth group materials -- he uses these for
teaching Sunday School.  Sometimes he does have to adapt for a smaller group, but
it's doable.  Just a few ideas -- hope they are helpful.

---- A Sunday School teacher from New England

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12) Teaching Respect   

I am just starting to teach Kid's Praise and found some excellent
resources in a book called The Power of True Success. It is by Focus on
Character. Our first lesson is on Attentiveness which I am dividing up
into 5 separate lessons. There is an another book that complements it
called Character First. This is used in home schooling. The binder is more
secular but has the crafts, games, etc., in it. The hard back book has
scripture, etc., in it. You really need them both. I bought it last year
at the Christian Worker's Conference in Spokane, Washington and I think it
was 45.00 but there around 80 lessons. If you are interested, their e-mail
address is focharacter@characterlink.net.
God bless,

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