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February 8, 2000
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< I am looking for craft or cooking ideas (for K-4th gr.) that would help teach
< environmental responsibility - anyone have any ideas?

I went to the library and got that book "Help Save God's Earth" by Jean Franklin. In it there are recipes, crafts, lessons, all kinds of great ideas. Here is one I think would work well with K-4 come springtime.

Litter-ly speaking: Litter Lasts, and lasts, and lasts!
To decompose: It takes one piece of paper two to five weeks; tin cans 100 years; plastic six-pack rings 450 years; glass bottles and plastic foam indefinitely! What kind of problems do these things cause?

The things God has created decompose naturally over periods of time and help other things grow. The things people have created take much longer.

Biodegradable: Capable of being broken down into harmless or helpful products by the use of living things such as microorganisms.

TRY THIS: See how things decompose:
1. write "we all want to save God's earth" in ink on a piece of paper
2. dig a hole about six inches deep and toss the message in, then cover with dirt
3. check out the message periodically, covering it back up each time

Can you read the note after one week? After two weeks? After six weeks? Eight weeks? Is paper biodegradable?

The book teaches how to make compost, and recycle. It quotes scripture. It has a song to spread the word about recycling. Games to play where you get points such as "returned bags to supermarket:10 points. Crafts to make using recycled materials. It even uses a recycled shiny frozen dinner tray, cuts out the curved smaller section, makes a slit to slide a popsicle stick into tapes over slit, and fills it with applesauce and green food coloring ..pop it into the freezer...when almost solid removes tape and slides in popsicle sticks, back to the freezer , and Wa-la...ICE PICKLES! I know this book will help you!

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>Looking for church curriculum to follow, that's really exciting-anymore ideas?
>Where can I get more information about the Dangerous Devotions and More
>Dangerous Devotions?

I purchased both books by Jackie Perseghetti at a local Christian bookstore.
Each cost approx $13. The books are written to be used by children ages 8 &
up as a daily devotional but I am able to use alot of the material for my
class K-6. I especially think the questions are great to get kids thinking
about the stories.
Holly, Bpt, CT

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A BUTTERFLY and a FROG teach transformation. Just like an unsaved
person who changes into one who trusts God to wash away his sin and has
God living in his heart. The verse for this is 2 Corinthians 5:17,
"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ he is a NEW CREATION, the old has gone,
the new has come, he is a new CREATION!"

Love in Him, AbbaGail

(From ChristianCrafters.Com-check out the Craft Showcase page for a butterfly craft with this object lesson. Anyone know of a 'frog craft' to make the same point of transformation?)

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Pokemon - What a Tool!

Are you familiar with the "Pokemon" craze sweeping across the kids of America. Some say, "It's gobbling our children". Others say, "The game teaches kids memory skills." There has been much good and bad said about Pokemon. I have been in children's evangelism for more than 17 years. I want nothing but the best for our kids. Here is my perspective on Pokemon.

I for one, am not quite ready to jump on the "alarmist" band wagon. Yes, it is a craze consuming our children and street kids, but I believe it can be used to win people to Christ. These little "pocket monsters" die to their old selves only to become something better. Brett Pearson attributes this to the "Egyptian Book of the Dead". I, however, seem to remember something in the Bible on this subject. Although,I personally doubt the creators of Pokemon ever consulted the Bible or the "Egyptian Book of the Dead" when creating this series.

Something exciting. In my 17 years as being a kids' evangelist, I have never quite been able to get the concept of "dying to yourself" across to kids in a way I was satisfied. "The grain of wheat" works, but most kids now-a-days don't relate. Repenting, doing what's right, and making Jesus you're best friend, is what I mostly stuck with. But now, thanks to Pokemon, I have a unique tool to teach kids about being born again.

It's easy to tell kids they can make Jesus their best friend. But the concept of dying to yourself is a separate issue. It seems with the right preaching, but not endorsing, Pokemon can be used in a positive way. Unchurched kids are able to relate.

Before The Alter Call:
Here is a typical illustration I sometimes use before the alter call or invitation. It is just a general and abridged one, I change it to meet the needs. It is great, especially with unchurched kids. If you are not familiar with Pokemon, you may not understand the lingo. But kids, they'll know. This only comes after a clear cut presentation of the Gospel. By the way, the cartoon frequently uses the word "evolve", I use "reborn".

"Hey kids, who here likes Pokemon? Really? What are some of your favorite characters?" (Allow kids to respond.) "When a Pokemon dies to his old self, what happens? He becomes better. Look at Pikachu (Pe'-ku-choo, the most popular). He becomes a new creature. He becomes better than he was. When you give your life to Jesus, you die to your old self. You become a better person. Not like a cartoon character, but you now have the Spirit of God living in you! Now when Pikachu dies to his old self, what does he become? Raichu (Ri'-choo). What is different about Raichu? He becomes better and more powerful. "

"When we become born again, we become more powerful. We don't become Raichu, we become righteous!" "Sometimes reborn Pokemon can't do things they used to do. They must leave the old behind. When we become born again there are some things we can no longer do. It is different for each person. Let me explain. Whatever comes between you and God must be laid aside. It could be bad habits, sports, it could be video games, or even Pokemon. If you like to play a game of Pokemon once in a while, great. But if you are so obsessed with it, then it's time to let it go."

"Let's look at Raichu , a new creature. He needs to keep his tail in the ground, to keep him grounded and avoid shocking or hurting himself. Kids, we need to be grounded. We need to be grounded in the Word of God. God's word is what we need to keep from hurting ourselves."

I then proceed with the invitation. This is one more illustration I now have in my arsenal. Not the only one, it's one of many. Kids get extremely excited when you mention Pokemon, so never use it as part of an altar call. Simply use it as a discussion before. Whether it is 12 kids in a small room, or 1200 kids where you go out into the audience with a microphone. Jesus was a master at making illustrations from common things. Why not speak to our millennium kids on a level they understand?

Many people have great fears over Pokemon. Some real, but many over blown. My biggest fear is that it will go away before kids' pastors and Sunday school workers really realize what a powerful tool they have at their disposal. Yes, Pokemon is a very powerful tool, let's use it for the glory of God. My goal is, when kids see a Pokemon character, they will think about being born again. And yes, that's my final answer.

P.S. A Pokemon Sunday may be a little radical for some churches. However, just a few giveaways, with proper advertising, you could set record attendance. It's hot!

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