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November 15, 2000
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1) A Very Special Thanksgiving Turkey
2) Biblical Christmas Plays and Musicals
Folding Paper Cross Story & Bible Games
Joshua & the Walls of Jericho?
Any suggestions?
Baby or Parent/Child Dedication?
Folding Paper Story
Tearing Tree
Paper Folding Story: The Secret To Happiness

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1) A Very Special Thanksgiving Turkey

Need: white sheet of paper, paint, crayons, construction paper, various colors

Paint each child's palm and thumb with brown paint, then paint the other
four fingers with whatever color they choose -these are the feathers. Place
their hand paint down on the white sheet of paper that has this poem already
printed on it:
"This isn't just a turkey
As anyone can see
This very special turkey
Was made by hand by me!"
Have them sign and date it at the bottom. After the project dries, add the turkey's features (beak, feet, eyes,etc.) with crayons or markers and choose a color of construction paper to mount it on. Cute gift for the parents!
Contributed by: Ann Miller- from: www.theideabox.com

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2) Biblical Christmas Plays and Musicals

I came across a cool book at a local public library (Mt. Clemens,
Michigan) that those putting together Christmas Plays might be interested
in--check to see if your librarians can get it for you. Title: Biblical
Christmas Plays and Musicals (from the Christian On-Stage Series from
Shining Star Publications, copyright 1989). Author: Rebecca Daniel.

The plays are of varying lengths, and original songs are included for
those who want them. (I plan to offer a few of the short scripts to the
fifth grade girls who just finished the Puppet Ministry badge at our
Missionettes club. They can pick one to perform when we do Christmas
caroling at a nearby nursing home.) Dana Gagnon, Michigan

--from ChristianCrafters.Com:
This book is available in the Skit section of the Bookstore.

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Folding Paper Cross Story & Bible Games

> Does anyone know about a story having to do with folding and ripping a piece of paper >so that when you unfold it it is in the shape of a cross.

Ralph Dewey has several Paper tear books. His email is balloonz@flash.net. I think One Way Street carries his books too.

> You can modify a lot of the popular board games to be a Bible version.

You can purchase Bible Pictionary, which has everything you need and the work is already done!

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Read about the History of the Christmas Tree in the Children's Sermon section,
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4) Joshua & the Walls of Jericho?

In my pre- k & kindergarten class we will be enacting Joshua & the walls
of Jericho. Any suggestions for an easy trumpet craft for the children
to make and use to blow down the walls? Thank you.
Diane - New Jersey

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5) Any suggestions?

This year is the first time I have taught a Sunday School Class. I have
between 5-10 five year olds every week. Our church is short on teachers
so my class has children who are going to enter Kindergarten next year
and children who are in school this year. Any suggestions would be
helpful. Stacy

--from ChristianCrafters.com: past issues of SSTN, in the Archives List, has lots to say on teaching multi-aged classes. Also, it isn't unusual to have grades combined. ie. pre k-k, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, then many highschool groups are combined entirely.

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6) Baby or Parent/Child Dedication?

I'm looking for Baby or Parent/Child Dedication ideas-Quick! Thanks,
biljoyce@alaweb.com God Bless You!

(Remember, if you email directly, please carbon copy to the rest of the network. Thanks! Sarah Keith-Your Moderator.)

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7) Folding Paper Cross Story

I just used this for Awanas for my 2-4year olds. Use legal size paper. Fold rt corner down/across and left corner down/over, should look like a house. Put paper down flat flip up one fold, looks like a sail. Fold house in half and fold back wings, looks like a plane. Tear off wings, looks like a rocket. Open up and its a Cross. I can't recall the site I found this in but I will post tomorrow. The story was "the only way to true happiness is Jesus." Not homes, boats, planes or rockets. I hope this helps.

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8) Tearing Tree

I have such a story about a paper tearing talk of a tree that Linda Lee
wanted. It is too old to try to send over the net. I will be glad to send it to her.
Thanks, Gladys Walton. email: GWa6480902@aol.com

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9) Paper Folding Story: The Secret To Happiness

This is a good way to illustrate that our only hope for peace and happiness is

MATERIALS NEEDED: One (1) piece of rectangle paper. {Copy paper works great}

There once was a man who was searching to find true happiness. So he began to
think of things that could make him happy. (Fold paper into an angle {Top corner
to the edge of the opposite side-then another angle to resemble the shape of a
house.) He decided to build a house. For sure he would find happiness if he had
the perfect house.

And he was happy-for awhile, but he began to get bored and thought what he really
needed was a sailboat. (Unfold one angle to resemble the triangular shape of a
sailboat.) He sailed all around the world and saw a lot of really interesting
things, but then he began to get bored again.

He saw a jet fly overhead and wanted his own plane, so he got himself an airplane.
(Fold paper back into house from, fold paper together, bend sides down like wings
to make a paper airplane.) He flew from country to country, yet he still find the
peace he was searching for.

He sat down one day and thought and thought. He finally got a wonderful idea! He
would make a rocket and go into outer space! Surely he could find happiness
there! (Completely tear off wings from plane. The paper should resemble a
rocket.) So he flew off into the sky and flew around the moon.
Yet he still could not find the happiness and peace he had longed for.

Finally, when he came home, he met a man who seemed to have this peace and
happiness. He asked the man, "How can I find this peace and happiness? I have a
house, a sailboat, an airplane, even a rocketship, but I still am not happy.
Where can I find what I am searching for?" The other man smiled and said, (Unfold
paper. It should be a cross.) Until you find Jesus, you will never find true joy
and peace." Emily Bradley-Franklin, Indiana

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