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SSTN  # 120 - November 26, 2002

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1) Refurbished Computers
2) Disruptive students   
3) Song about Ruth
4) Free Info?
5) Showing Thanks to SS teachers
6) How Do You Reach The Youth?
7) Crayon song   
8) SS Teacher Appreciation   

--> Kids Can @ Christmas Time

9) Crayon Song
10) Angel Costume
11) Multi-aged Class
12) Group games for a family style gathering   

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1) Refurbished Computers

My husband used to own his own computer store while he worked his way
through Bible college, and I can tell you from experience that the
things you mentioned that were NOT included in the computer are the
things that are the most expensive, excluding the monitor.  The Windows
operating software will cost you about $200.00, although you might be
able to get an educational deal from Microsoft and save yourself a lot
of money, but it will still cost.  By law, you cannot install a program
off of the same CD/Disk on to multiple computers.  Also, some computers
can only use certain brand parts, and there are more than one variety
and size of memory chips, so you would have to know which one your
computer uses, although memory has come down a great deal and this will
be your cheapest investment, most likely.  Sound cards and modems vary
greatly in price, with the better ones in the hundreds of dollars and
the older ones being around $25-$30.  It really is a case by case thing
with each computer.  It's very difficult to give you a price on any of
those things because the prices are constantly changing.  You might try
to find out if anyone in your church has upgraded their computer and has
any parts that still work that they would be willing to donate.  Another
option is to check out the computer shows and local ads.   You can even
hardly buy the computer case for $50, and just barely a monitor for
that, so it isn't a bad deal, but it will take probably around $200 to
$250 to add the modem, CD Rom, sound card and a decent amount of memory
(Windows eats up a lot of memory), for each computer, if you are patient
and observant.

Teresa W.

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2) Disruptive students   

I have worked in Student Ministry 6-12th grades for 28 years in our church
and am now working as Childrens Ministry Coordinator.  One way I've found
to be effective with disruptive children/teens is simply folding a piece
of yellow and red construction paper into a square.  While teaching, if a
child begins disrupting a class, simply hand them the yellow square
(caution).  If the disruptive behavior continues, hand them the red square
(stop, now), then if it continues, I simply excuse the child to go to( or
be taken to) his/her parents and/or gaurdians. I must confess, I've
acquired a "look" over the years that speaks volumes to most of the
students who know me and with whom I can laugh about it now. Most often,
it works, but you always have one or two that want to "test" you. I've had
parents express their appreciation for our discipline in the classroom. 
I'm a firm believer in letting your students know how you expect them to
behave. After all, we spend countless hours in prayer and preparation for
class time each week, so why should we allow a disruptive child to create
a disaster in our classrooms?   We will be held accountable for the good
and bad class times!  May God Bless each of you as you continue to serve
w/children and teens.
Elizabeth, Alcoa TN

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3) Song about Ruth

>I am looking for a simple, easy-to-learn song about Ruth.  I have a group
>of elementary-school aged children at church, and we are studying Bible
>heroes. Can anyone suggest something?

The songs I use are copyrighted by Abingdon Press.  There is one song
about Ruth and Naomi and then another aboout Naomi's Lullaby.  The book
is reasonable and has a variety of songs about Bible people that you
usually do not have songs to sing about.  The songs are all easy words
and uses tunes of songs you already know.  For example, the two above
are to Are You Sleeping and Rock a Bye Baby.  If you do not know the
tunes, the music for them is in the back of the book.The name of the
book is "Bible Songs to Tunes You Know" and it is by Abingdon Press. 
It is probably in the book store at this website.    Peggy

--from SSTN: Thanks, Peggy. I've made it available in the Music section of
the bookstore:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html
ysic, sarah <><

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4) Free Info?

Hello there I attend Mbbc and I have a class where we need to have
a filing system and I was just wondering if you would be able to send
me some free information. My address is
745 W. Main St
Watertown, WI
Thank you very much
Amanda Martelli

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5) Showing Thanks to SS teachers

>I am looking for something to give to Sunday School teachers to thank
>for all their hard work.

I did some salt bags for the kids at camp.  I put a poem on it that said,
A "Refreshing" Preservation, When Christian life gets challenging and the
road too extensive to bear, here's a little something that's been prepared
for you, to wash away your aches and pains and refresh you for another
day. In Him, I give this to you! (Add contents of the bag to your bath
water!)  The ladies asked if they could use my idea and give it out during
the ladies retreat.  You could do the same for the teachers.  For the guys
you could get some shop rags and make a dog out of them or an elephant or
you could make a scroll.  I saw some on one of the craft websites called
Busy Krafters.  Had some cute ideas there for other things too.
Only through Him,

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6) How Do You Reach The Youth?   

I would like some input on the subject of how to reach the youth at our
church. They seem to be going no where spiritually. I am not the youth
Sunday school teacher, but I have a daughter which is twelve and I am very
concerned about her growth in the Lord.They seem to have no reverential
fear of God. I have brought this matter up to the pastor , but he feels
they are getting what they need during the services. I am really concerned
that we are losing them to this generation of sin and deceit. Please give
me some advice as to what we could do that would get them on the right
track again. Please don't get me wrong. My pastor is concerned about them
also, but he doesn't feel we should take them out of the services other
that Sunday school as I had once suggested. I just want them to feel loved
and to know that we care about them and are concerned about their lives.
Thank you and God bless.   Sarah

--from SSTN: A Scripture verse which continually comes to my mind is this:
"Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God." (Romans 10:17)
We cannot establish faith in the hearts of our youths, or anyone else for
that matter, without the consistent teaching of the Word of God. I believe
this is accomplished by making the most of every opportunity through
Scripture reading, prayer, creative lessons, music, Bible games, planning,
and sheparding/discipling by our Youth Leaders, pastors, and parents.
Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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7) Crayon song   

I am not sure if this is what you are looking for but this is the Crayon
song that I know. I do not have music for it except that it is in my head.
I learned it years ago when I was part of a Christian Day Camp. It was a
farorite of everones.

The Crayon Song

When I was just a little boy no higher than your knee
My mother bought a box of crayons just for me...
Red is the color of the blood that He shed...

I hope this is helpful

--from SSTN: without copyright approval, I cannot post the entire song.

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8) SS Teacher Appreciation   

>Any new ideas for showing Thanks to SS teachers?

Our church recently held a Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Breakfast
before Sunday school.  We posted a sheet with categories of breakfast
items for people to sign up to bring.  (We listed breakfast casseroles,
breads/pastries, fruit, drinks/anything else.)  This gave us a great
variety of food.  By the way, teachers were not allowed to sign up to
bring food!  The entire church was invited to come.  Our teachers were the
honored guests for the morning and received a handmade card and lapel pin
and bookmark.  We also honored our nursery attendants on this day.  Though
it was an earlier than usual morning for most, the breakfast was
well-attended and provided a wonderful fellowship time for everyone.

Kim Eckels
Great Bend, KS

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Kids Can @ Christmas Time

An Advent celebration of 28 crafts and recipes. Some of the projects are:
Epiphany Ornaments, Ribbon Stars, an Edible Nativity, and the Jesus in the
Manger cupcake, to name a few! To learn more, follow the link below:


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9) Crayon Song

>does anyone have the bible song kids sing about the color of crayons.

Jan Rowan here teacher at Trusville Community Church.
Former (early 1970's) Child Evangelism teacher.  The Worldless book song
from Child Evangelism has colors there is a link in this to get the music
to the song

CEF site:
Child Evangelism Fellowship® Inc. Website - Want to know more about the
Wordless Book? Check out: The History of the Wordless Book: If youre
curious where it came from, then read about it here! ...

Wordless Book is brought to you by The CEF Kids Page.

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10) Angel Costume

Go to Goodwill or a thrift store and buy a white Graduation gown.  These
make great angel costumes. If you can't find one you can order them online
for about $15-20. Angle wings are everywhere now because of Halloween and
little girls dress up stuff. Oriental trading has wings.

We made white robes from fabric.  Sewed 2 long strips of Velcro to the
back of the robe.  We made wings from white satin, inside of them we put
quilt batting and buckram (for stiffness). We topstitched some details on
the wings. There are strips of Velcro sewn on the wings, so they hook on
the robes.  The wings can be folded, or.. we hang them form skirt hangers,
when not in use. We have used these for 6-7 years now and they still look
hope This helps

La Marque, TX

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11) Multi-aged Class

This is a reply to the person who has the group of  12 children, ranging
in age from 2- 12. I have a somewhat similar situation. I keep it as simple
as possible . I teach the lesson trying to involve as many students as
possible and accept all answers. I give everyone a chance to pray aloud.
One toddler even went though a lot of gibberish ending with a loud amen.
I will give out activity sheets to accompany the lesson at  about two
levels. The very youngest may just want to scribble. They all turn in
their sheet for a draw of a small prize.   We'll sort of chant our memory
work together. Crafts involving painting, stringing beads. etc. cross the
age barriers. Throughout the class, I  assign an older child to help the
younger ones. I found I had to avoid videos  as it would not hold the
attention of the younger ones. I never felt that I could do justice to the
needs of all the kids, I only do my best.
Fredericton NB Canada

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12) Group games for a family style gathering   

Hi - we have an annual fundraiser (auction - this year we are auctioning
gift baskets and "goody tins" [Christmas tins with cookies, candy etc]
with dinner in December which I am in charge of.  We always have some
games (free) for the kids to play and I like to get the adults involved as
well. We do a cake walk too.  Does anyone have a fun, indoor game (teams
or individuals) that can be played indoors?  It is ok if there is action
involved, running, jumping, or whatever.  I have read some of the ideas in
the archives but if anyone has any more ideas I would appreciate it.
Everyone who participates in the games gets a prize for each game.  Thank
you and blessings


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