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SSTN  # 121 - November 29, 2002

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1) Flannel graph?
2) Heaven and hell cutting sermon
3) Jesse Tree Song?
4) Crayon Song
5) Christmas Float Ideas?
6) Used Materials?
7) Children's offering?
8) This Fundraiser worked

--> Kids Can @ Christmas Time

9) Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Song?   
10) Confirmation Song?
11) "Attitudes" Bulletin Boards?
12) Angel Wings for a Christmas program

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1) Flannel graph?

I need to find a way to help someone who has never seen or used flannel
graph, know how to use this media. LJ Grimaud

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2) Heaven and hell cutting sermon

I used the heaven and hell cutting sermon, which was very cleverI made a
useful adaptaion which trook no time to doI printed the word invitation on
landscape Arial 150 in the centrethis meant that when you unfolded the
cross the word was written down the crossand at first I could hold up th3e
invitaion and say "i have been GIVEN an invitaiton to heaven, thent he
pestering person got his bitys by their own effort...it mayu be worth
adding these details as they worked for me.alex welby.

--from SSTN: for those interested in this sermon, you can find it in the
Sermons section of the site: 

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3) Jesse Tree Song?

I'm looking for a copy of the Jesse Tree Song. We are doing a Jesse Tree
Program in our church for advent. Thank You for your greet ideas and help
in carry out God's great plan.

--from SSTN: for those responding to this, please remember, I cannot print
copyrighted materials in SSTN without approval. I can print a few lines,
then reference your email address or website for more info.  ysic, sarah <><

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4) Crayon Song

Here are [some] of the words I know to the Crayon Song. Hope you like it!
for the rest of the song contact:   SafeForever@aol.com 

When I was just a little child no higher than your knee,
My momma bought a box of crayons, just for me.
I picked them up...
Red is the color of ...
Brown is for the crown of thorns...

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5) Christmas Float Ideas?

Our Youth class in our church want to prepare a float for our town
Christmas Parade.  Can you give us some neat float ideas?
Thanks a lot,
Gayle Johnson
Boykins Baptist Church, Boykins, Va.

--from SSTN: use keyword "float" in the Archives List:

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6) Used Materials?

I know before I have asked for SS materials--used or new.  I can always
use these and am always in need.  I am a Sunday School Teacher and have a
bus route through my church.  I help the poor and needy.  I buy for them
all year round.  I get school, personal, clothes and just anything they
need.  I help all ages, including adults sometimes.  Christmas is coming
and I need some help.  I would like to ask my brothers and sisters in
Christ in they would like to helkp me help these kids, then email me.  I
can use anything, even if it  is something you want to get rid of.  Please
if you can, help me show these kids what christians are about and what
Jesus' love.  I can even use coupons, soup labels, Betty Crocker's
education points and points and eplouds points from Frito lays.  They love
gift certificates and  ash too.
Please email me at:
Thank you,
Nancy Kitts

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7) Children's offering?

Our Church is a baby Church. We have just got into our own builing on our
property. Starting in January we would like to start a childrens offering
during Sunday School. I need to draft a letter for this , to be mailed to
all the parents. I am not certain what I should include in the letter. If
anyone has a idea I would love to hear it.

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8) This Fundraiser worked

Our Children's Ministries programming this year has exceeded expectations
and as a result, we have exceeded our budget as well. With major parish
wide events still on the calendar for this fiscal year and no money left
in the budget, it was time for a fundraiser. This was very easy to put
together and very successful as well. I purchased a few items,
representational of everything we would need for the planned events (a few
colorful felt squares, bags of beads for crafts, dry pantry ingredients
like bags of flour and sugar for a 'cookie mix in a jar' activity, a can
of spaghetti sauce and box of pasta for a meal, etc) and displayed them on
a table with finished craft examples and a list of everything we would
need to make the craft including the price of each item. During
announcements at the service, I explained that I was selling items after
the service that parishioners could purchase and then donate to Children's
Ministries for our use. The congregation was very receptive and while some
shopped the table for a specific item that fit their budget to purchase
and donate, most just opened their wallets and put money in the jar. In
the future it might be fun to have a borrowed grocery cart to move items
from the table to after a parishioner has 'purchased' it. Good luck!
Yours, Hillary

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Kids Can @ Christmas Time

An Advent celebration of 28 crafts and recipes. Some of the projects are:
Epiphany Ornaments, Ribbon Stars, an Edible Nativity, and the Jesus in the
Manger cupcake, to name a few! To learn more, follow the link below:


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9) Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Song?   

I am looking for a song that I sang as a child and would love
to teach my children in the Christian Education at our chuch.
I can't seem to find the music, and thought maybe one of you
would be able to help me.  The song goes like this....

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus
Even when your birthdays through
All year long we'll remember
These precious gifts we get from you

And we sing fa la la la...

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.
Thanks and God Bless,
Teri Neetz   (jtneetz@areabook.com)
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10) Confirmation Song?

My 8th grade son and 2 other boys will be confirmed in May (this is the
whole class, 3 boys)  The tradition of our church is to have the
confirmation students sing a song in front of the WHOLE church.  Well, as
you can imagine, the boys are a bit apprehensive about this.  They want to
find an appropriate song that is also FUN to sing.  We belong to a very
traditional Lutheran church, so we can't get to wild on the song.  Does
anyone have suggestions for them?
In Christ!
Lori ...Wisconsin

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11) "Attitudes" Bulletin Boards?

Does anyone have a bulletin board idea for the topic of "Attitudes" - the
kids are 5-10 years old.  I don't really have much to go on because I was
just told the subject should be "attitudes".

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12) Angel Wings for a Christmas program

>hi, i need the help to find an easy way to make angel
>wings for a craft play my church is doing for chrismas

Hi, to the individual wanting to make angel wings.  A year or so ago we
made angel wings for a school play from poster paper cut out like wings or
a heavier cardboard would probably work better.  After cutting the wings
out we glued White feathers all over the wings lapping over each other
from bottom to top with some overlapping the edge of the poster board on
each edge.    Then we put 2 holes in each wing mid way down where they
come together. You'll have 2 individual wings for each child. We then
criss crossed Gold and Silver cording long enough for the child to put
their arms through and laced through the holes and tied them together to
hold them up.  They were very pretty.Debby Keehn, Alabama

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