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November 20, 2000
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Doesn't Celebrate Christmas
2) 10 Plagues of Egypt
3) Teaching Multi-Aged Children Ages 3-10
Doesn't Celebrate Christmas
The Friendly Beast
6) Teaching Multi-Aged Children Ages 3-10
Need help motivating young ladies!
Doesn't Celebrate Christmas

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1) On not wanting to celebrate Christmas

I'm not sure why this family doesn't want to celebrate Christmas. I would definitely want to find out the "whys". However, I can't understand why someone wouldn't want to acknowledge AND celebrate the birth of the Messiah, Jesus. It's a glorious thing! His birth was for HIS death, His death is for OUR birth! This is something to CELEBRATE! Dec. 25th is probably not the actual day that Jesus was born, but it is the day most Christians observe it. Being sensitive to this family's concern is important. But to take the celebration and importance of this day away from our Sunday schools and churches? NO WAY! This is what the secular world is doing. Keeping Christ in Christmas is of the upmost importance. In fact, this is how this very site began! (You can read more on this from the "ABOUT" link in my site.)

ALSO...check out The "Christ Tree History" page in my site for some great info about how the tradition of decorating Christmas Trees began. Click the link in FREE FEATURED RESOURCES. In His eternal grip, Sarah Keith-Your Moderator <><

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2) 10 Plagues of Egypt

I want to share how I brought a 5-6 grade Sunday School lesson to life. I
wanted to read from the Bible how Moses communicated with God and submitted to
His will to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, but I didn't want the kids to
become bored. (I pared it down as much as I could.) First, I spread a sheet on the floor and had the kids sit on it. As I read the story, I surprised them with the following plagues:
1. Nile River turns to blood - Put pink hair gel in a gallon-sized baggie, add
red food coloring and plastic fish or a skeleton hair comb. Flatten the bag
before sealing. (Prepare ahead of time.)Pass around.
2. Frogs - Toss a bag full of plastic frogs on the kids.
3. Lice - Toss rice on their heads.
4. Flies - Toss out a bag of plastic flies.
5. Cattle - Toss out plastic cows and other farm animals. Make them look sick
or dead, if you can.
6. Boils - Spread a thin layer of hair gel in a flat plastic container. Set
cotton balls in the gel and seal. You will pick up the cotton ball and place
one on the back of each student's hands. The gel will make it stick to them.
7. Sun Blackend - Turn out lights and tape a sun cut out of black construction
paper on the window.
8. Hail - Drop marbles.
9. Locust - Toss plastic locust.
10. Death of first-born - a plastic skull.
I bought the plastic animals at the party store, but you can borrow them
too. Peggy Phx, AZ

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3) Teaching Multi-Aged Children Ages 3-10

>Teaching Children 3-10 and the biggest problem is my child

Praise God, been there and done that! My child was part of my first
Youth Church Class also. I found the following to be very helpful: (1)
Reiterating to her on Sunday mornings that she was to set an example for
the other children, (2) allowing her to be a part of my lesson plans at
home (some times making the sample craft), and (3) She really loved being
my assistant on Sunday mornings! As far as teaching ages 3-10 year olds, well it is difficult because of:
(1) attention spans and (2) age appropriateness (i.e., I would not give a
three yr. old a cutting activity, but would a six yr. old). My
suggestion is this: Prepare the same lesson plan for all, but at
different levels of difficulty and challenges. Just think about it for a
moment. During Vacation Bible School for example we all share the same
theme and bible scriptures. But the difference is the lesson plan is
modified for age appropriateness. This may create more work for you
personally, but I believe the results will be well worth the effort.
Yours in Christ, Ahreita Griffin-Charlotte, North Carolina

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4) Doesn't Celebrate Christmas

How about doing a service project to provide clothing or food to some
needy children. While it is great that the world wants to focus on Jesus at
Christmastime, there is nothing wrong with choosing not to consider
Christmas Jesus' birthday. The Bible says nothing about the date of Jesus
birth and does not give us directions for celebrating it. In contrast, he
does tell us how to celebrate His resurrection. In a Bible class setting,
it is important to teach what the Bible teaches. Saying Christmas is Jesus
birthday is saying something that is not in the scriptures. Focus on the
unselfish giving aspect of the season. The Bible teaches us to feed the
hungry and cloth the needy. Or have the children bake something for the
senior citizens of your church. Sherry, Indiana

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The Ticket To Heaven story has been posted in the Sermon section
along with illustrations for cutting! I needed those pictures! ;o)) Sarah K

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5) The Friendly Beast

TO: Laura Nash and Sue Mayo concerning The Friendly Beast. I also researched for some time before I found the Garth Brooks' CD Beyond the Season. I found it and already received it from - www.musicrecyclery.com. Good luck!
FROM: Deb in North Dakota

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6) Teaching Multi-Aged Children ages 3-10

>Our church is very small so we combined the children, ages 3 to 10. We have a >problem keeping them all occupied and busy.

I am the Christian Education Director of our church. During the summer, I run a program for 5 year olds to 5th grade. (I have found that the 3 and 4 year olds are too young to keep up with the older kids.) During the time that we are together, we have a fun, interactive game, coloring sheet or craft, Bible Story and snack. The variety of activity seems to meet the needs of the different age groups and personalities of the children. As far as keeping your child focused with the rest of the group, I might try an incentive for him if he behaves. (Maybe allow him to have a very special treat in the car on the way home) Sue B. , Pennsylvania

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7) Need help motivating young ladies!

I really need help with keeping young ladies motivated, ages 16 -25, most of whom are new Christians, even our SS lessons are basic. I am not complaining because some times we grow stronger by reinforcing our foundation. I just want them to grow & become strong in the Lord.

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: besides all the free resources in the site, there are many resources for your ministry in the Christian Education section of the Bookstore!

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8) Doesn't Celebrate Christmas

Regarding the child that didn't celebrate Christmas. I am a nurse, & one of the things that I find very useful is allowing people to express what their cultural belief is. All religions have some type of celebration. One of the doctors that I worked for was muslim, during the month of Dec. they have Ramadan, they fast for a full
month with celebration afterwards, but it is to help them be compassionate
with people who are less fortunate. Jewish people have Hanukah, & so forth.
There is always the theme of Christmas around the world. Thanks again. May God continue to use you in mighty & strong way. Sundra

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: Ramadan runs from November 27 through December 26. Last year some 20 million Christians were estimated to have prayed for Muslims during Ramadan. Only God knows all of the wonderful answers to those prayers. You are invited to join with individuals, families, prayer groups, and churches praying together this year for Muslims around the world. See the press release from Hope for Europe: http://www.hfe.org

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