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<>< <>< SSTN-Volume 1-Number 124<>< <><
November 24, 2000
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Help for C.E. Director
Help for C.E. Director
3) Advent Sunday school lessons
4) Angel Costumes?
Joshua & the Walls of Jericho
Joshua & the Walls of Jericho
7) Thank You
Looking for Invitation idea?
Suggestions for working with five year olds

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Help for C.E. Director

> I need help (suggestions) for recruiting, job descriptions for each area director >(children, youth, young adults, adults, CE Director and recommendations for forms >related to reporting, organizing, etc. Is there any one book for this?

There is a book called "Let My People Grow" by Tim Massingale (available from www.upci.org/pph). The book is a fictional story about a young man who goes to start a church, and ends up spending time with an older seasoned minister. In each chapter the older man tell the young preacher how to set up a different area of the church (outreach, Sunday school, etc.) It is great reading! You can order the notebooks to go along with the book, and they include every kind of form imaginable. Job descriptions, report forms, etc. We found it very helpful.

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Help for C.E. Director

I found a great book which has planning ideas for Sunday Schools (both adult
and children) as well as recruiting ideas is "How to have a great Sunday
School" by Wes & Sheryl Haystead - PUBLISHERS - Gospel Light.

--from Christiancrafters.com: available in the Bookstore. Type the title into the search box when you get there.

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3) Advent Sunday school lessons?

I look forward to reading this newsletter and everyone's wonderful ideas! I am the Christian Ed Director and am in search of Advent Sunday school lessons for Preschool through 5th graders. Does anyone have any curriculum, suggestions? Thanks and God Bless!
Tamara Lipinski, 1st Presbyterian Church, Waterloo, IA

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: start by looking through the free resources in the Children's Sermon section, as well as the Craft section. Books to purchase are: 'Chrismon-Kids', 'Chrismon Snowflakes', and 'Countdown to Christmas', as well as many other Advent resources in the Bookstore! Blessings! Your moderator, Sarah Keith. <><

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4) Angel Costumes?

We are putting on a Christmas play and need some ideas for angel costumes, we do not have much time in between scenes so they must be simple, and easy to put on. Any ideas about wings and halos would be appreciated also. This is the first play i have ever put on with my children's group and I am very new to all this so any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks be to God for this site and the great people who participate. When ever I am in a dilemma your sweet readers come through. Thanks again, Kim Cole (Mebane N.C.)

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: the best angel costume I've ever seen was worn by my son when he was three. He wore a simple white choir robe, with cardboard angel wings covered in gold foil which were attached with two elastic loops to fit over his arms around his shoulder blades. For his 'halo' they wrapped star garland in gold and silver around the top of his head. (It clung to his head perfectly!) Copy and paste this url to see a picture:
(I just can't resist showing you how cute he looked. By the way, he's twelve now.)

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5) Joshua & the Walls of Jericho

> we will be enacting Joshua & the walls of Jericho. Any suggestions for an easy >trumpet craft for the children to make and use to blow down the walls?

I teach a preschool Sunday School class. I had a hard time finding a trumpet craft & made my own out of flexible foam. I used a piece of paper, and rolled it up with one end having a bigger opening than the other. I then cut the ends straight so that it looked like a trumpet. I used this pattern to cut out the foam. Then I rolled the foam and stapled it on either end. On the mouth piece end use a hole punch to make 2 holes opposite each other. I tied yarn (about 2 feet in length) to each hole. This way, they could wear them around their necks. We let the kids decorate them with jewels, pompoms and stickers.
We used the cardboard blocks, that look like fake bricks, to build our wall. We took a long string & placed it under the blocks. While the kids and 2 of the teachers marched another teacher held the string. After the marching was done and the horns blown, and after yelling (they loved that part), the teacher with the string, pulled the string and the walls came down.

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6) Joshua & the Walls of Jericho

Hi Diane:
We did two really fun things for this lesson. We made an easy trumpet out of paper, and then we built a wall out of marshmallows and peanut butter. (on a paper plate) After the wall was built the children marched around the table just like the story making noise and blowing their trumpets. Believe it or not the marshmallow walls came tumbling down! (We were amazed and enjoyed it as much as they did) God bless, Joni

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7) Thank You!

I have recently subscribed to your newsletter and am most impressed! With each issue there is one or two things which I can use. I especially enjoy the story of the cross (paper folding). It is excellent - I am thinking of doing it as our Christmas story in church, and bringing in the whole Christmas message with the "Cross Folding". Thank you for all the wonderful ideas.
Sanmari Luppnow

You can find pictures of this in the Children's Sermon section under "A Ticket To Heaven".

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8) Looking for Invitation idea?

I am a Children's Director and am looking for an idea. Our Christmas fellowship time with the adults is on the 11th of Dec. What I'm looking for is something to pass to the adults as a gift/invitation to invite other adults and to join the study. The thought I had is something that the adults could take but something small, added to remind or encourage them to invite. Thanks in advance for all your help. Sara, Phoenix AZ pottershand@uswest.net.

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9) Suggestions for working with five year olds

I work with five year olds in our Youth Church. They love to sing, clap
their hands, as well as work with their hands. Whatever your lesson for
Sunday, incorporate a song. If musical instruments are available, pass
them out. Secondly, try to find and make copies of a coloring sheet.
But don't limit them to coloring every Sunday. Simple crafts like gluing
cotton balls to construction paper with the outline of a lamb is easy and
quick! Don't forget to pray! The Holy Spirit will minister to you.
Hope this helps. Ahreita Griffin-Charlotte, NC

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