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SSTN  # 124 - December 11, 2002

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--> GREAT Stocking Stuffer!

1) How do you reach the youth   
2) Group games for a family style gathering   
3) Liquids in an object lesson?
4) Halos?

--> Kids Can @ Christmas Time

5) Job opportunities?   
6) Angel Wings 
7) The Crayon Song
8) Boys' confirmation song
9)  "Attitudes" Bulletin Boards
10) Multi-aged Class
11) Sheet Music for Happy Birthday Jesus
12) Bulletin board idea about attitudes   

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GREAT Stocking Stuffer!

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In the Curriculum section: 

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1) How do you reach the youth   

>I am really concerned that we are losing them to this generation of sin

One idea is to approach your pastor about having a youth service - either
every other week or once a month.  It's a plus to find a husband and wife
team to lead these, those who have a heart for teens.  You
could have actual church, but with teens leading the
songs, taking up the offering, playing the instruments
etc. You could also have some put on a skit or
something every so often.   Then the pastor or a young
minister could preach the message.  You could also
have some aspiring young men do a lesson for a
change. Afterwards, you could have snacks for some
fellowship.  Getting the kids involved is the key.
Also, have some other churches from other towns come
down every so often and have a big youth night.

One note of caution is to watch how you handle this.
Put the emphasis on the young people - from about 12
or 13 and up.  The  younger kids will look forward to
the day when they can be involved.  If you attempt to
put the teenagers and the smaller children together,
they won't necessarily want to be involved and they
will lose interest.

I heard a preacher make an interesting point at a
youth camp one year when he said too many people today
insult teenagers  by trying to entertain them during
church with finger puppets, etc. As a teenager myself,
I wholeheartedly agree. Regular services are good for
us.  It's also nice, as an additional thing, not as a
replacement, to do things such as the youth service

You could also have times of fellowship throughout the
month.  Have a game night where all the teens get
together and play board games.  Play baseball and
volleyball at the local park.  Have boys and girls
club.  This keeps the kids involved in the church, not
looking for other things that could lure them away. 

Anyway, I hope these ideas help you.  As a parent, the
home life is also important, making sure God is in the
center.  And don't forget the most important thing;


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2) Group games for a family style gathering   

<<<Does anyone have a fun, indoor game (teams
> or individuals) that can be played indoors?>>>

a. Divide group into two to four teams.  Put large
bowl of cotton balls (1 for each time with one cotton
ball per individual) on a chair.  Line each team up
and put a dab of vaseline on each nose.  Line them up
and at GO, the first one runs, sticks his head in the
bowl until he gets a cotton ball on his nose, and then
runs back.  Then the next one runs, until they have
all ran. First one to get done wins.

b. This one is a favorite at our church. Divide into
two teams.  Line up two rows of chairs back to back,
one for each person.  Give the first person a banana.
at GO, that person runs to the other end of the row of
chairs, everyone scoots down a chair, and that person
sits down.  When he sits down, he passes the banana
down the row until it reaches the last person again.
That person jumps up, runs down the the end of the
row, every one moves down a chair, he sits down and
passes the banana on again. Do this until every one is
back in their original chairs. Then the first person
who had the banana has to eat it! The first team that
is done wins.

c. Blow up a bunch of balloons, enough for every
person.  Put a command in each balloon, such as "say
your abc's backwards," "stand on a chair and sing
Jesus Loves Me, " etc.  Divide into two or four teams,
with a bag of balloons for each team. Do a relay
again, with each person running up and getting a
balloon, popping it, doing the command, and running

d. Divide the group into teams of two, and blindfold
each person. Give them one banana. One has to feed the
other - this is always fun. Whoever finishes first
wins. Make sure to have a camera for this one! You can
always do ice cream too.

e. This is an individual game. Give each person a
balloon, shaving cream, and razor.  Cover the balloon
with shaving cream and whoever shaves the balloon
without popping it first wins!

Hope these give you some inspiration!

Trinidad, CO

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3) Liquids in an object lesson?

I'm looking for the liquids used in an object lesson - first the liquid is
clear, then you pour in black (to represent sin), then red (the blood of
JC), then something that turns it all clear again.
Thanks, Karen

--from SSTN: check the Archives List. Use keyword "bleach".

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4) Halos?

I must make 45 halos for the "multitude of heavenly voices" for our
Christmas Program and I need help.  Does anyone know what material I can
use and how to make this number of halos easily?  Any assistance will be
most appreciated.
Hazel M. Mays

--from SSTN: the cutest halos I've ever seen were made by wrapping gold
and silver star garland around the top of the children's heads. They were
then bobby pinned on the sides. It couldn't have been easier and it looked
fantastic. I've also seen plain gold garland wrapped...but the star
garland was better!  ysic, Sarah K.

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Kids Can @ Christmas Time

An Advent celebration of 28 crafts and recipes. Some of the projects
include: Epiphany Ornaments, Ribbon Stars, an Edible Nativity, and the
Jesus in the Manger cupcake, to name a few! To learn more, follow the link


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5) Job opportunities?   

I am looking for a position as a Christian Craft and Sunday School Teacher
in the New York Area.  I have been in the areas churches and they don't
need someone right now their positions are filled.  I have a bachelors
degree in Youth Ministry. It has been a while since I was looking for this
type of position and was hoping that you might directed me to the right
site or someone that might help me. Thank you for your time and help.   <}}}}}><

Thank you very much for your help in this matter. 
God Bless you.
Patricia Ann Basch

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6) Angel Wings   

Our church has done them a couple of ways.  A very simple
one was to take 2 wire clothes hangers, stretch them out to resemble half
a wing, then wire two together.  We then purchased the fluffy, tinsle
type,  tree garlands and hot glued them to the wire.  To make then
wearable, we found that you need to use a harness style wide ribbon
through the wings and around the child.  Or 1/2 inch wide elastic for
shoulder straps, a ribbon to tie around the waist.

Last year we made them more "Beautiful" by using the same type of frame,
but purchasing gauzy, nylon like fabric with glitter on it and gluing that
to the frames.  Depends on how much you want to fuss.  Hope this helps.

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7) The Crayon Song

I don't recall the names to these songs, but both relate to colors and
their lyrics have stuck with me for almost two decades now:

"Red is the color of the blood that flowed,
Down the face of Someone who loved us so....

Keith Green:
"We are like windows,
stained with the colors of the rainbow,
set in a darkened room..."

...Vicki Logan yogieg@heme.ffni.com

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8) Boys' confirmation song

For Lori in Wisconsin regarding a song for boys' confirmation:

My 8th grade son and 2 other boys will be confirmed in May ...They want to
find an appropriate song that is also FUN to sing...

We belong to a Methodist Church and our boys go to a Methodist Summer
camp.  One of the favorite songs they learn at camp and have performed in
church for all of us is "I Will Call Upon The Lord"  Words and music by
Michael O'Shields.  This song says A LOT and it is so easy to learn.  When
you find the words and music to it you can see what I am describing here
but....after the part where is says "The Lord Liveth" they boys have been
known to give an exuberant "UH!"  and then after it says "And Blessed Be
The Rock" they clap two times.  It makes it a lot of fun for the
congregation and if you print the words in the bulletin or have them
posted somewhere for the chorus of it, you can have the congregation join
in on this one because it really moves people to sing.  It also makes the
kids feel more like they are LEADING something instead of PERFORMING.
This really adds to their comfort level.
Another great song our boys have sung at camp ( and at home since we are
such huge Rich Millins fans) is "Step By Step"  They love to sing this one
too.  It is very easy to learn and it is somewhat short.  Again, the
congregation can join in on your last chorus or all of the choruses of
this one too.  Being so entwined with the music at our church our boys are
often up there with me singing and playing. But their friends do take a
cue from them and will join in if they know they are doing it.  So try to
find a couple that think it is "cool" and "fun" to do and get them hyped
about it.  The others will follow.  It is amazing to see how God moves
kids to move other kids! Good luck with this.  There is nothing like
hearing the voices of children singing in church!
In Christ,
Beth/ New York

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9) "Attitudes" Bulletin Boards

Have you thought of making it a "B" "attitudes" bulletin board?  There are
lots of ideas here for that.  Toye Malm Lethbridge Canada

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10) Multi-aged Class   

One option you masy wish to consider is to divide the class into preschool
and elementary.  I have a similar situation.  I take the preschoolers out
at the beginning of our service (we only have 2 regularly).  They have a
short attention span and we are usually finished with everything in about
1/2 hour.  Then I take the elementary kids out 1/2 way through the service
(we have 4) and we have a little longer lesson.  I miss almost the entire
service this way - but we only do it twice a month as I am the only one
interested in teaching.  I find the 2 year olds just can't stay with the
program for the length of time the older kids can.  Toye Malm Lethbridge

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11) Sheet Music for Happy Birthday Jesus

I know that this song is part of a play because our elementary school put
it on several years ago.  I'm sorry but don't know the name of the play.
It was about different people worrying about gifts and parties, etc and
forgetting the real meaning of the season.  Toye Malm  Lethbridge Canada

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12) Bulletin board idea about attitudes   

I did a bullitin board about attitudes.  I called it the Bee Attitudes.  I
made a honeycomb out of poster board and bought a writing pad from a
teacher's store that was a picture of a bee.  There were 50 big bees on
that pad. You can laminate the bees to last longer, or use them plain.  On
each bee I wrote a specific attitude or character trait.  bee kind, bee
gentle, bee obedient... etc. I placed these bees on the bulletin board
with a dotted line behind each to make it look like they were buzzing
around.  This was a cute bulletin board that stayed up for 2-3 months.
You can also have specific scripture references on the board.. don't
forget to use the bulletin board to teach.  Maybe you can take 5 minutes
of each Sunday to focus on a specific attitude giving biblical examples.

--from SSTN: there's an entire section in the website devoted to "Bees".
Find it in the Sermons and lessons section:

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