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SSTN # 125 - December 4, 2003

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--> Amazing Miracles of the Bible ... NEW SERIES!

1) Children's furniture    
2) Children of the Lord song    
3) Christmas symbols and meanings    
4) Christmas Invitation

--> Kids Can @ Christmas Time

5) Happy Birthday Jesus Party    
6) Children's ministry resources
7) Christmas Bells
8) Santa's goody bag?

--> Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments

9) Christmas / Easter poem?    
10) Books of the Bible Poem?    
11) Jonah Song    
12) Two Year Olds   
13) Angel Messenger?
14) Help for P.K.
15) Lessons for January?

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--> Amazing Miracles of the Bible ... NEW SERIES!

God's glory and love are revealed through the miracles he performed and
were fully realized when he came to earth in the form of a man to save
mankind. By studying the miracles of the Bible children will gain a better
understanding of God’s love and faithfulness and how he continues to be
loving and faithful in miraculous ways to his people today. Great for
rotation-type programs! (K-5th grade)

Learn more in the Curriculum Creatives section:

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1) Children's furniture    

Try school and library supply catalogs.

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2) Children of the Lord song    

try this site

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3) Christmas symbols and their meanings    

You could have a lesson on these see the meanings below:

The Star:  A heavenly sign of prophecy fulfilled long ago--the shining
hope of mankind. A Star shines the way for the path to receiving Jesus as

Red:  The first color of Christmas symbolizes the Savior's great
sacrifice, the shedding of his blood.  (Pass around something red, such as
a red cloth.)  Red/ represents the blood of Jesus

The Tree:  Evergreen needles.  The second color of Christmas shows
everlasting life.  The needles point upward.  Green is for our growth in
our walk in the Lord

The Bell:  Rings out to guide lost sheep back to the fold.  Signifies that
all are precious in his sight. Use the Bells to announce the birth  of

The Candle:  A reminder that we are the light of the world.

Gift Bow:  Tied as we all should be together in the bonds of love.
Jan: Red Ribbon/ The blood of Jesus that is threaded from Gen. to Rev.

Candycane:  The Shepherd's crook.  Reminds us of the Shepherds who were
there that first Christmas.

Wreath:  A circular symbol of neverending eternal love.

Balls: Ornamemts / That God loves us all on this earth

Stocking: OUR God is a big God.

Garland: We are wrapped in the LOVE of God

Gifts: God gave us the Greatest gift of all, Jesus

Gold/ streets in heaven are made of it
(there is something more precious then gold there, Jesus)

White/ we are forgiven are seen by God pure as white, not spot or wrinkle

Blue/ We have the GRACE of God (this is a mighty forces)

Yellow/Jesus is the light of the world

Baby Jesus:  (small doll)  The true meaning of Christmas is Jesus.

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4) Christmas Invitation


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An Advent celebration of 31 crafts and recipes.
To learn more, go to:


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5) Happy Birthday Jesus Party    

I work with mostly poor kids now, but at another church I had all the kids
bring a $1.00 present and we exchanged gifts. (although $1.00 doesn't
sound like much)

I couldn't help but pick up on this post that mentioned at another church
she had the kids bring in a $1 and they exchangedg gifts during Jesus'
birthday party. Now, though, she is working with poor kids.  I have worked
with a mixture of kids -- sometimes all wealthy, sometimes mostly not,
sometimes a mixture of both. I always encourage all the kids to add to our
class donation. This is offf the subject, but it makes everyone feel good
to help others. Early in the year we decorate the box or can that will
collect our donations. Then we decide what the money will go to. Every few
weeks we count the money. I try to have them work toward something
tangible that we can buy with the money (I work with the ministry folks to
figure out some costs. Say, a pair of mittens costs $7, a hat $5, etc.)
Then, we see how much we collect and how much we can buy. I just think we
sometimes underestimate how much "poor" people can and are willing to give
(remember the parable of the widow who gave her last pennies). I have
found all my children (and their families) willing to do whatever they
can. I tell them I don't expect a donation from everyone every week. This
is such a valuable lesson for all involved. It even strikes a note with
children who see their less well off classmates giving what they can. I
have never had a child or a parent embarrased by it. Usually, they are so
happy to be part of giving.

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6) Children's ministry resources

    Hopefully you have a way that you can get in touch with the person who
wrote the message that appeared in the newsletter. I have all of the
resources that I could send to her, but they are in attachment form due to
their length and therefore are far too long to post to the network. If she
wants to contact me directly at: living_life_my_way@earthlink.net  I would
be more than happy to share all of the ministry resources with her that I
Love in Christ,
Sarah Hearn

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7) Christmas Bells

>Hi, I am a Sunday School Teacher and I am looking for direction to make
>bells for the kids to ring out during their Christmas play. 

This message is in response to the person who was looking for ideas to
make Christmas bells, there are many different ways to do this. The
easiest way to make bells is to make the bracelet kind. You can do this by
threading anywhere from three to six (or more depending on your
preference) silver or gold small jingle bells onto a length of ribbon. Tie
a knot in the ribbon before each bell and after each bell to hold the
bells in place. Then simply tie the ribbon around the childs wrist, or
pre-make them ahead of time. You can use a longer string of ribbon, and a
larger jingle bell in the same manner to make a jingle bell necklace. For
a more traditional jingle bell, you will need small paper cups (such as
dixie), a small jingle bell, and a wooden dowel cut in half with the top
and bottom edges sanded. You simply poke a hole in the top of the cup the
same size as the dowel rod...start the hole using a thick sewing needle
and than push the dowel rod in for a snug fit, than push the dowel rod
into the hole, and tie a ribbon to the bottom of the dowel rod with a
jingle bell threaded on the ribbon. You can also use cardboard egg cartons
that have been painted, use one egg "cup" for each bell and string a large
bell through a hole in the top using yarn or ribbon. Leave a loop of yarn
or ribbon at the top for holding. If you still need more ideas, visit
http://www.dltk-kids.com and type the word bell in their search box. They
have complete instructions for an easy cup version, and a few other kinds
of bells as well. Hope this helps! Love in Christ, Sarah in California

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8) Santa's goody bag?

I'm trying to find out what items are used in the Christmas Play where
Santa lets the children pull goodies from his bag and explains the real
meaning of Christmas or how these things are symbloic of Christmas.  Could
someone PLEASE let me know what items to use and if you have a layout of
how you've done this I'd love to see it.
Michelle, NC

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--> Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments

Do you remember the fun of making paper-cut snowflakes as a child?
This holiday season relive the nostalgia with friends and family by making
my Christ-filled, Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments. To see a video of the
Angel Snowflake being cut, go to:


Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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9) Christmas / Easter poem?    

there is a poem that is read at christmas and easter time.

i cannot recall the name of the poem but the contents needs two narrator. 
one reads about christ on christmas and the other reads about him on
  i would like to see the poem for an upcoming chritmas production at my
church on 14 De. 2003.

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10) Books of the Bible Poem?    

As a child I visited my cousin's Sunday School while they were learning a
poem about the books of the Bible. The poem begins like this: "In Genesis
the world was made by God's creative hand. In Exodus the Hebrews marched
gain the Promised Land." Unfortunately I am unable to remember any more of
the verses and can't find the poem or anyone who knows it. Please Help!!!

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11) Jonah Song    

Hi, Just wondered if anyone might like this, I made this Jonah song up for
my group, it went down well and the children always seem to remember
when things are put into song (plus lots of actions of course!). It's to
the tune of 'Old McDonald had a farm'

Jonah didn’t obey God
And tried to run away
In a boat to sea he hid himself
But our God knew the way
He tossed the boat up
He tossed the boat down
He tossed the boat all around
Jonah, you should have obeyed God
And travelled on God’s way

Jonah didn’t obey God
So overboard he went
A great big fishy swallowed him up
In his belly, three days he spent
He prayed in the day
He prayed in the night
He prayed to God to help his plight
Jonah you should have obeyed God
And gone where you were sent

Jonah didn’t obey God
And now he’s in a fish
So he prayed to God to help him out
and our God granted his wish
The fish spat him out here
The fish spat him out there
The fish spat him out at Nineveh
Now Jonah’s going to obey God
Helping Nineveh’s people live


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12) Two Year Olds

Hi Everyone,
I just had to write to say that some very good and creative ideas are
posted and wanted to acknowledge the two below.  They will work well with
my 2y/o class.
Thanks! Elaine, Aurora, IL

--Story Can
      Something I have found that my pre school's - 1st graders enjoy is
"story can."  Before class place an object that pertains to the story in a
large tin can. 
--Creation Lessons
    The most fun (& messiest) was the separation of the waters from the
I made blue Jello in bowls for each child. They then spread chocolate
pudding on part of it for the land, then sprinkles & cookie crumbles for
features of the land & finally coolwhip for the clouds. It was great fun.

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13) Angel Messenger?    

Do any of you have a suggestion for 3-9 year olds for an activity relating
to the Angel Gabriel delivering the message to Mary re her baby Jesus, or
about Angels in general. 
I sure would appreciate it.
Thank you

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14) Help for P.K.

>"Can anyone recommend or suggest any type of literature, book, speaker,
>to help this girl and change her way of thinking. "

This is the LAST "thing" the young girl needs... more literatures, more
books, more speakers....

My suggestion ...  is "give her YOUR time."   She needs a friend.  She
needs someone who will listen to her; let her share her view of things;
lead her in a special relationship between yourselves and God... sort of
like a "love triangle."  Your, her, and God."

Let her be a part of YOUR family.  Let her see how YOU deal with
situations by including her into your confidences, and praying together.

It has worked for me.... at present.. I have four young PK children under
my wing.  We are not related.. but each gal has her special time with me. 
I do not "blab" to parents what they share.  If it is important enough for
parent to know... we go together... I as a support for the child.

"Your time" is the best help and gift you can give.

brenda from Canada
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15) Lessons for January?

Was wondering if there was anything that someone could suggest for the
month of January.  Lessons for the 4,5,6 years old in Sunday school will
have the class for 4 weeks.  IM getting ready for it now.  Would
appreciate all the input that I get to get it started.

I have started a bulletin board and have some Christmas bows stapled on to
a red piece of material thinking of a title like.  Celebrate a new year
with Jesus with not sure right for sure need a little impute on things.

thank you for all your help

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