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SSTN  # 126 - December 18, 2002

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--> Stocking Stuffer!

1) Christmas Customs Around the World
2) White elephant exchange?
3) Job opportunities
4) Group games for a family style gathering 

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5) Craft for Jesus' baptism?   
6) Bee Attitudes
7) Halos (three postings)
8) Santa vs. Jesus

--> Invite your friends and Coworkers!

9) Reproducible activities
10) Christmas Traditions?
11) Jesus More than Santa Chat?
12) "Snowball" - Group game

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In the Curriculum section: 

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1) Christmas Customs Around the World   

Some time ago i read that there's someone asking for christmas customs all
over the world.  While scanning an old Reader's Digest, i read that
article and i remember that one lady is asking for that.  It's a December
1981 issue.  It's pretty old but i hope it'll help.

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2) White elephant exchange?

We are holding our Adult Sunday School Christmas party on December
13.  There will be a white elephant exchange.  We are looking for new
ideas for opening white elephant gifts.  In the past the one  guest
selects a gift from the tree, opens it, second guest can take a gift from
the tree or from the first guest, etc.  We have also used the "left/right"
sequence with someone reading a story.  Are there any other suggestions
for this exchange. The group would consist of approximately 40-45 guests.
Thank you
..... Gloria, First Church of the Nazarene, Las Cruces, NM

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3) Job opportunities

IF you want a craft director position check with after school programs,
YMCA, daycare's, etc., in your area.

As for SS teacher, each church is different. In ours, you have to attend
faithfully for at least 6 months before you are put into a position.  This
helps us get to know you, proves you will be faithful and protects us (you
have to be careful who you let teach SS in this day and time).

La Marque, TX

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4) Group games for a family style gathering   

We have used two games for large groups that worked well, and especially
allow older members of the congregation to be involved. The first is a
bingo mixer game where special BINGO sheets are made up with each box
having some characteristic of a person in the congregation (grew up on a
farm, has been a member more than 20 years, sings in the choir, teaches
Sunday School, serves as an acolyte, etc.)  Adults and children get
others to sign the box that matches their characteristic.  You can't use
the same person for two different boxes, either.  The first to get 5 in
a row wins.

We also play BINGO with Christian symbols (or Advent or Lent, depending
on the season). We made our own BINGO cards from clipart.  Kids and
adults like this.

Chris, Pompey NY

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5) Craft for Jesus' baptism?   

I am looking for a craft for kindergarten level Sunday school to go along
with baptism of Jesus by John. I have coloring sheets but need craft
ideas. Thanks!

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6) Bee Attitudes

>I did a bullitin board about attitudes.  I called it the Bee Attitudes.
>made a honeycomb out of poster board and bought a writing pad from a

I also did a bulletin board of this type, but to make it stand out more I
made the hive out of cardboard (I think posterboard is better because it
is easier to affix to the bulletin board) and covered it with shredded
God bless,

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7) Halos (three postings)

-- We just had our program last week and we used gold garland.  They were
fitted for the children's head and just slid on.  They fit snug so they
would not have to have bobby pins on.  They looked really cute.
Yvonne Parsons

--A note on an EASY halo solution:   We usually put tinsel in the hair of
our "angels".

-- Take a headband and wrap silver or gold ribbon all the way around it
covering it completely and forming it into a complete circle.  Then cut
strips of ribbon and attach to the back of the headband (so that they hang
down).  I just used tape to secure the ribbon and it worked fine.  I
it to use the next year and it was falling apart by then, so you might
to use something more substantial like a glue gun if you plan on keeping
them to use again.  This looks nice and is sturdy enough to bobby pin to
your head and stay put.
In Christ,

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8) Santa vs. Jesus   

Santa Claus lives in the North Pole...
Jesus is everywhere.
Santa Claus rides on a sled...
Jesus flies over the wind and walks over water.
Santa Claus comes once a year...
Jesus is always present.
Santa Claus puts presents in our stockings...
Jesus supplies all our needs.
Santa Claus comes by the chimney without being invited...
Jesus is at the door and knocks and comes into our hearts.
We have to wait in line to see Santa Claus...
Jesus is always close when we mention his name.
Santa Claus lets us sit on his lap...
Jesus let us rest on his shoulders.
Santa Claus does not know our name, all he
can say is: “Hello Boy or Girl, what is your name?”...
Jesus knew our names before we ourselves knew them.
He knows not only our names,
he knows our story and future and he also
knows our hearts.
Santa Claus has a big belly...
Jesus has a heart full of love, grace,
mercy and forgiveness.
All Santa Claus can offer us is: “Ho, Ho, HO”...
Jesus says: “Let me solve your problems.”

Santa Claus’ helpers make toys...
Jesus makes new life and comforts our hearts,
fixes broken homes and builds hope.
Santa Claus may please us, but...
Jesus gives us joy with His strength.
Santa Claus puts presents under our tree...
Jesus became our present and
died at the cross for us all.
Of course there are no comparisons.
We have to remember to whom belong Christmas, indeed.
We have to put Christ in Christmas,
Jesus is still the reason to commemorate it.
Santa Claus is good, but Jesus is the best!
He is even better than Santa Claus.
Merry Christmas!

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9) Reproducible activities

Is this the site you're looking for?

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10) Christmas Traditions?   

How does your family or church family celebrate Christmas Day?
Do you have any special traditions?

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11) Jesus More than Santa Chat?

I do some of the children's chat during our worship service.. They
last about 7-10 mins. I am looking for something really good to bring
Jesus out more than Santa. I have done so many in the past I am
looking for something new. I like using objects and doing something
active that brings the children into the chat. Any ideas out there?

--from SSTN: make sure you check #8 of this newsletter.
ysic, sarah <><

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12) "Snowball" - Group game

This has worked great with college kids as well as multilevel ages and
family gatherings:

Divide the group into 2 teams. This competition can also be done as team
elimination if you have a large group that you want to divide into more
than 2 teams.

After the teams have been formed, give each team a different color of
paper - 1 for each perosn on the team. If the teams are making airplanes
from the paper - give them 2 minutes to complete their folding project --
if they just want to do "snowballs" (great for this time of the year) -
that can be done in an instant by wadding up the paper.

Have a dividing line down the middle of the area you choose to use for
activity. It can be a line of folding chairs or just a string on the floor
- it doesn't have to be high.

On the count of 3, the teams are given 2 or 3 minutes to sail their planes
(or throw their snowballs) across the line - into the opposing teams
territory. As soon as the object lands - the opposing team launches the
opponets projectile back across the dividing line. Keep this up until the
time limit is called. The team with the most of their ammunition on the
other side at the halting of the game is the winner.

You can see why having 2 colors of projectiles is an important factor.
NOTE: by the end of the airplane toss - most of them look like snowballs

Joyfully Serving HIM,
Emmalea Butler
Trafalgar, IN

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