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December 1, 2000
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1) Appreciate the prayers
2) Belated Thanksgiving idea
3) Zacchaeus and Bible Song?
Keeping children interested
Recruiting Sunday School teachers
Motivating teenagers
Reading level program
Working with five year olds
Invitation Ornament / Angel Costume

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1) Appreciate the prayers

My husband and I teach a 5th and 6th Grade Sunday School Class. It's a small class usually around 6 or 7 kids but we really enjoy them and what a blessing we receive just being able to share Jesus with them. We would appreciate any suggestions but would really appreciate the prayers of all who are Sunday school teachers. In His Love, Paulette and David

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: If everyone isn't already doing this, let us commit to pray for one another, and our ministry to children and youth! Your moderator, Sarah keith

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2) Belated Thanksgiving idea

Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. The "Squanto--God's Special
Indian" story is found at :

Another easy but very visual thing that can help kids understand the
story of Thanksgiving is a half-hour cartoon video by Nest Entertainment
called "William Bradford & the First Thanksgiving." It's a good-quality
cartoon that will hold the attention of kids about age 5 to 12. I found
it at a local library, but if you order it (www.nestfamily.com) it comes
with an activity book with xeroxable activities for 8 year olds as well
as coloring pages that match the video for any age.

Sorry it's a bit late to get this in a pre-Thanksgiving newsletter--hope
it can help someone for next year.
Dana, St. Clair Shores, MI

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3) Zacchaeus and Bible Song?

Does anyone remember the song about Zacchaeus? I know it goes" Zacchaeus was a wee little man and a wee little man was he. He climbed up in a sycamore tree to see what he could see." Then there is another verse or two then it goes "for I'm coming to your house today."

Also, does anyone know a song to learn the books of the bible?

--from ChristianCrafters.Com: "...and as the Savior passed that way he looked up in the tree...and he said... (talk this part:) "Zacchaeus, you come down from there!" ...for I'm going to your house today, for I'm going to your house today, for I'm going to your house today." Your moderator, Sarah Keith.

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4) Keeping children interested

> k-3rd children interested in our 15 min. of story telling?

Often if we are telling a familiar story I have the children help tell it. They pay more attention if they know they may have to fill in parts of the story. Or I may ask: Who knows what happens next.
Jenny Mathews IL

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5) Recruiting Sunday School teachers....

What our church have done the past two years (with great success) is to get
the parents of the children in the class involved in presenting programs and bible lessons. In our youngest class with 4 - 5 children, there are usually two to three mothers that does not mind presenting for the year. With the little ones (2-4yrs) they rotate every 6 weeks. We found that the little ones like to have consistency with
their teachers. We also get our pastor's wife involved in teaching classes. In the older
classes 11 - 14 yrs even the fathers get involved with their wives. Not all husbands are willing though. In the class age 5-8 we get one or two of the young ladies (16-18years) from our youth group involved to help present the program. That way in a year or two they have enough confidence to present a class on their own.
I also give out a monthly newsletter, (one page) with a little motivation on it. Whether it is a story or a poem, and a craft idea. A lot of the time the teachers come up with their own ideas that I then give through to the
others on the news letter. This way I try and keep them motivated and involved. Hope this will give you some ideas to work with. Liezl Fotiadis, Junior Teacher Division Coordinator, Orange Grove SDA
Church, Gauteng, South Africa

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6) Motivating teenagers

Try a book & Bible study such as "More Than A Carpenter". This book is a great tool to understanding who Jesus is. Was he a Liar?, a Lunatic?, or was he in fact the LORD? Read the book in class each week and look up the Scripture references as you go. Have them write their thoughts and discuss with one another.

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7) Reading level program

Here's what I find available thumbing through my shelves and homeschool
catalogs (there are a ton of Christian Homeschool catalogs online, so I'm
sure you could find stuff just surfing around.)

The Early Reader's Bible (Stories use public school word lists--for
reading kids grades k-2. Each story has questions at the end. Copyright
1991 by V. Gilbert Beers, Questar Publishers, Inc.)

A Mennonite publisher has put out a whole series of simply-designed Bible
story books that start out very simple and gradually become more
difficult to read. (I saw them displayed at a homeschool conference in
Michigan--sorry I don't have any more information than that.)

Some reading series that don't contain Bible stories, but they do contain
Christian values:
Pathway Reading Series (published for use in Amish schools, grades 1-8,
workbooks available too) McGuffey Readers (yes--the original 1830 readers re-published!--grades 1 to high school) (the above two series are available from Farm Country General Store: 1-309-367-2844, www.homeschoolfcgs.com)
A Beka Book reading program (grades 1-6, available only from A Beka
publishers--but see if local homeschoolers or Christian schools will give
or sell you old copies) I think A Beka may also publish a "Primary Bible
Reader" for grades 1-3. I know there's at least one more Bible Story reading series out there, but I can't think of what it is off hand. I hope you find what you need--I think you have a great idea! Dana, St. Clair Shores, MI

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8) Working with five year olds

I work with 3-5 year olds and yes they do love music. Last year we had them make their own "tambourines" they used pipe cleaners... bells and some beads... we twisted the ends together . and come music time they got to use them

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9) Invitation Ornament / Angel Costume

The invitation could be done from a rubber stamp and make it an ornament to give as the invitation. hopes this helps. Angel Costume: We have made them from plain white sheets. The wings were just from cardboard covered by foil and some we even made from coat hangers and put very thin cloth over them. As for the halo: we have used the garland you can buy at any store and just pinned it their heads with bobby pins. Hope it helps you out. Joelene from Jackson, Mi.

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