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December 4, 2000
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1) Angel Costumes
2) Christmas Music
3) Nail Story?
Armor of God and Class Themes
Armor of God
Christmas Games For Kindergarten?
Service Projects?
Ladies Group Games
Christmas Star Countdown Chain

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1) Angel Costumes

>We are putting on a Christmas play and need some ideas for angel costumes,
>we do not have much time in between scenes so they must be simple

When we first made our costumes for angels this is what I had done. WINGS- I took bristol board and made a great big heart and cut it out and then cut the heart in two. I then took glitter(gold) and went around the outside of the shape then hot glued the bristol board unto plastic hangers. I then but elastic around the hanger so that it would stay up on the child. HALO- I used gold garland, measured the childs head and cut enough of the garland
that I could make a circle out of it and it would sit nicely on top of the child's head. For the outfit i did two things. 1. they wore a white shirt/blouse and I made a floor length full circle skirt (old white bedsheets) for them to wear. Before I made those costumes that we kept at the church for the following years we just used white robes. I hope that these ideas might have been of some help to you. Yours in Christ. Cindy Caldwell (Paradise, Nova Scotia, Canada)

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2) Christmas Music?

HELP!!!! I was just asked to teach a class of children from the ages of 4-11 songs for our Christmas program. I have never done this before and my problem I have is finding songs that all of the children can sing. I want the songs to all be Christ centered. Not just the traditional jingle bells or rudolph which would be easier for the younger children. I found a wonderful split track CD;however, it would be too difficult for the young children. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you

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3) Nail Story?

Hi, I need the story that goes with the nail that you hang on your Christmas tree to remind you of Jesus. I teach 1st and 2nd grade Sunday School and thought tying a pretty red ribbon on a large 10 penny nail would be an easy craft for Christmas for my kids but I need the story to go with it. Thanks! Debbie, Sun City, Ca.

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4) Armor of God and Class Themes

Check out www.childrensministry.net and do a search on Armor of God. click on forums, then on ideas. When you get to that page do a search. You can search current or archives.

We are in the midst of Quarter Change, when we change all Sunday school decorations throughout the department. We do this every 3 months. Everyone helps, even those who don't teach. From Mon morning until Sat night there will be someone at the church working on this. It's neat, we don't let the kids into the classrooms until next Sunday, so it is a whole new world when they walk inside. Last quarter our Beginner class did Friendship, they built (with a PVC pipe frame and corrugated paper) a large ship, complete with a gangplank. The chairs were inside, and the kids had to get their ticket punched each week to enter. The walls were covered with blue paper, then darker blue and white waves were added around the bottom. We do whole wall decorating, so all walls were covered. We had an island (burlap) with a palm tree. We also had piers (the gift shop was on a pier). Each class has a different theme. We have a great time doing this and the kids love it! Teresa

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5) Armor of God

Our school had that verse as our school theme last year...each Chaple once a month the class having chaple had to do a skit to portray the piece of armor they had...Then they had a drawing(each class) and they added a hand drawen peice of Armor each month. Have fun. Kim-Indpls. IN

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6) Christmas Games For Kindergarten?

I love this web site!! Keep up the good work. My daughter is in Kindergarten at a Christian school and I am looking for a couple of fun games for their Christmas party. Nothing too complicated. Any suggestions?

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7) Service Projects?

Hi, I teach 4th 5th and 6th grade Sunday School and am looking for good service projects that can teach them the importance of helping others and being in mission. Any suggestions. Thank You. God Bless Patty

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8) Ladies Group Games

I have a couple of party games that are fun. The first one ~ I pass out a piece of paper with the instructions on it while, at the same time slapping a label on their back with a name on it. The idea is to ask people 'yes' and 'no' questions until you figure out what name is one your back. Here's the instructions:

You have assumed a new identify. On your back there is a famous person (living or dead) that is known in Biblical or Church history. Your challenge is to determine who you are. The rules are simple. You may ask others in the room any question you wish,
however, their answers my only be YES or NO. When you correctly guess who you are, please move the name tag to the front. Have fun!

Names to use are: Adam, Eve, Jesus, Noah, Pope John Paul II, Peter, Mary, you pastor's name, Mother Theresa, St. Francis of Assisi, etc. Use your imagination! It's loads of fun. The first time I played, the man who had the hardest time figuring out the name on his back was "the apple on the tree in the Garden of Eden"! P.S. - this can also be used for other subjects such as famous people, musicians, politicians, etc.

The second game is a sort of get to know you game. Make a grid on a piece of paper with about 25 squares, depending on the number of people you expect at the party. The party-goers walk around asking their friends and neighbors questions and filling their names in the squares until everything is filled. The squares say things like "someone who lives on your street", someone married the same number of years as you", "someone with the same number of children as you", "someone who married their high school sweetheart", "someone born out of state", "someone wearing red", "someone who has traveled out of the country", "someone who is an only child", "someone who speaks a foreign language", etc. Use your imagination! The only catch to this game is that you may not use a person's name more that once on your paper. That way, you have to talk to practically everyone in the room. I have lots of fun with this game at the women's club that I belong to in my church. I have gotten to know more about the people that I have been acquainted with for years. If my instructions aren't too clear, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me! PamKub58@aol.com Peace! Pam in PA

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9) Christmas Star Countdown Chain

We've all seen the paper chains with the cute little santas and poems where children can countdown the days until Christmas by removing a link every day. I liked the idea, but wanted to focus on the real significance of Christmas, so I modified it. I put the following poem on large yellow stars. (I could only cut one yellow star from a piece of construction paper. I ran the poem through the photocopier on smaller stars and glued it to the yellow stars that I precut for younger children and let the older ones cut their own.) The kids used the precut red and green paper strips to make a chain. Here is the poem:

He is the reason for the season,
Excitement's in the air.
We celebrate in festive ways;
There's many gifts to share.
Gifts of the heart, gifts of yourself,
And gifts brought from the store.
But all these pale when we reflect
On that first Christmas morn.
Our Savior came down to this earth;
In a manger He was born.
When you can't wait, and you can't tell
How long until the day,
Look at this chain ~~
Each night take a link away.
When you get closer to the star.
His birthday's drawing near.
And when you reach it finally --
Celebrate our Lord so dear!

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