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SSTN # 129 - December 31, 2003

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--> Lessons For The New Year

1) Ocean Globes?
2) Used Curriculum
3) Rally Sunday


4) Play Survey?
5) Ornament Instructions?
6) Gift Exchange    

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--> Lessons for the New Year!

What will you be teaching this winter? Why not choose one of the series
from our "Hands On Lessons of the Bible" (for Kindergarten - 5th grade)? They are
easy to implement and are great for midweek lessons. Works with
rotation-type programs too!

Available at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/curriculum.html   

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1) Ocean Globes?

>I recently did some ocean globes and used baby food jars. 
Could you share with us what you put in the baby food jars to create the
ocean globes?

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2) Used Curriculum

I'm not sure if this is sent to the right place but here it goes.  While
cleaning out our church CCD supply closet I came across some old
curriculum books.  We have the teachers guides along with supplement books
(reproducible pages, letters for parents, etc) for grades K thru 8 with
the This is Our Faith series.  Because we bought new ones four years ago
these are no longer needed.  I informed our Priest about my find and he
said "toss em".  I have seen in your new letter where many people have
inquired about getting used curriculum.  I would be willing be not "toss
em" but to give them to a church or mission.  If anyone is interested
please contact me at wisdomnineeleven@insightbb.com.  Thank you!

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3) Rally Sunday

>This fall I will be co-superintendent of our Sunday School program. Over
the summer >we will be planning for the year. In the past our Rally Sunday
(first day of Sunday >school) has not been that exciting. We would like to
get the kids really excited. Does >anyone have any neat ideas or a format
they use for this day. Thanks!
How about "Friend Ship Sunday" as a promotion, using a cruise ship theme? 
I have to admit, this is not my idea - I am borrowing from our church
organization on this one! 

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"Revolve: The Complete New Testament" - A Bible that looks like a magazine
for teen girls! Revolve is the new look for teen Bible publishing. Special
features includes Blabs (Q & A), 12 month-long calendars, Love Notes from
God, Issue articles, Basics of Christianity Articles, Quizzes, Beauty
Secrets, Guys Speak Out!, Relationship articles, Truth or Dares,
Devotional Reading Plans, and more. In the Bibles section of our
Bookstore:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore_bibles.html 

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4) Play Survey?

Thank you for providing a link to our Christmas Play, "All I Want for
Christmas is to Know Jesus".  We had a great response to our listing to
which we are grateful to you and of course, to God.

I am going to attempt to have it published by one of the large publishing
companies, such as Lillenas but, I would like some feedback before the
is submitted for publication.

Would it be possible for you to request that subscribers review the play
and rate it (and then email the response to me)?

          (1-10 scale--   1 worst and 10 being best)

     How did you like the story?

     Is this play be suitable for your church?

      Were the characters believable?

     Did you find the message applicable to the present time?

     How would you compare this play to other (Christmas) plays?


Any help is appreciated!  
Joe Josh Burke

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5) Ornament Instructions?

I would appreciate having the more complete instructions to make the
"ornament" from Jan in Alabama. 

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6) Gift Exchange    

I send out cards to the members of the church and I like this gift
exchange. I would like to copy this and put it in the letters I send out.
You and your staff are doing a great job!
God Bless you all

--from SSTN: thank you, Joanne. I hope it was successful!

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